Coming to Hue, surely everyone wants to visit An Hien garden house. This house has a large campus covered with many trees. This place bears the mark of ancient feudal times, so visitors will feel a bit nostalgic and evoke memories. In this article, We will share details about this place to give you more information before coming to explore.

1. Some main features of An Hien garden house in Hue city

An Hien garden house carrying values, located on the banks of a quiet river, painting a picture of Hue land. With more than a century of history, this house has witnessed the changes of time but still retains its unique and unique beauty. At first sight, everyone is captivated with the beauty of the blend of nature and architecture.

An Hien Garden House - Enjoy a quiet, nostalgic space

An Hien garden house in Hue There is a large campus surrounded by cool green trees. The comfortable feeling is like immersing yourself in the past, where time passes more slowly. The architectural style of aristocratic houses is preserved and developed through each generation. Solid walls, curved tile roofs and strange wooden columns are all unique features of the garden house. An Hien garden house It is also famous for storing many memorabilia from the past, living witnesses of the aristocratic era.

An Hien Garden House - Enjoy a quiet, nostalgic space

Every year, An Hien attracts a large number of tourists to visit. They not only come with a passion for traditional architecture but also to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and learn about the history and culture of the mysterious land of Hue. An Hien Garden House ticket price Only 20,000 VND/person so please visit once.

2. Address and how to get to An Hien Hue garden house

  • Address: 58 Nguyen Phuc Nguyen Street – Xuan Hoa village – Huong Long commune – Hue city, Thua Thien Hue province

Only 5km from the city center, visitors can easily get here. If you want to save money, you can take the bus. However, the most convenient means to visit An Hien garden house still motorbikes and cars.

An Hien Garden House - Enjoy a quiet, nostalgic space

The route to the garden house that you should consider is as follows: Hue center – Bui Thi Xuan street – Da Vien bridge – Le Duan – Kim Long street – Garden house. A special thing to note is that if traveling by personal vehicle, remember to find a parking space to ensure safety.

3. Explore the most unique spots at Hue Garden House

3.1. Learn about ancient architecture

An Hien Hue garden house has a traditional style, imbued with memories of the beloved land. This house is likened to an ancient wooden artwork. With a system of columns and rafters sculpted with ancient floral features, this place is attractive with its noble and elegant beauty. The house has a structure of 3 rooms and 2 wings. Each space has its own function.

An Hien Garden House - Enjoy a quiet, nostalgic space

The middle space is reserved for the worship area, a very spiritual place. The two adjacent rooms are used as a place to receive guests, cozy and polite. Stepping inside the house, you will be fascinated by the sophistication of ancient Vietnamese architecture. Each pattern detail is meticulously and delicately carved.

An Hien Garden House - Enjoy a quiet, nostalgic space

An Hien garden house considered a relic. This is a living witness of the wealth and nobility of Hue's nobility. Preserving and maintaining will help the garden remain strong and continue traditional culture for the next generation.

3.2. Admire the poetic scenery of the campus

Since entering An Hien garden house in Hue, the impression on visitors is probably the arched gate that takes you into the wonderful world of peace and harmony with traditional beauty. The garden is extremely large, planted with countless plum trees and ash trees. The shade of the trees is cool and nature is harmonious, so everyone wants to come to relax and enjoy life

An Hien Garden House - Enjoy a quiet, nostalgic space

Campus of An Hien garden house decorated with colorful flowers, creating a fresh picture. Every little corner in the garden house brings familiarity and comfort. The most attractive to tourists is still the ancient screen with traditional motifs, taking people back to the mysterious past and contributing to highlighting the beauty of the house.

An Hien garden house - Enjoy a quiet, nostalgic space

Right before An Hien garden house also owns a large lotus pond. The clear blue water of the lotus pond reflects every ray of sunlight. Visitors can sit by the lotus pond, admire the harmonious natural picture and relax before the beauty that An Hien brings.

3.3. Precious souvenirs at the garden house

The memorabilia at the garden house is considered to preserve and inherit ancient culture from the Nguyen court. Spanning decades, these treasures are vivid memories of a nostalgic past. In particular, there is a complex of horizontal panels hanging in the middle space that was awarded by King Bao Dai. Looking at it, people can immerse themselves in the solemn and magnificent atmosphere of the ancient court.

Every thing at An Hien Hue garden house From wooden tables and chairs, tea cabinets to tea sets, they are all works of art bearing the mark of the aristocratic period. Garden house interior arranged delicately and neatly, following the feng shui elements of traditional Vietnamese architecture. Stepping into here, you feel like you are reliving a golden age in Vietnamese history.

3.4. Enjoy the music show when visiting the garden house

In An Hien garden house There are often music concerts that are typical of Hue. Everyone will be fascinated by the gentle music of the guitar and the singer's voice. The singers wear traditional ao dai, belting out sweet melodies.

Hue music is a cultural heritage, conveyed through every note and every verse. The melodious voices with the sounds of drums, whistles, and traditional instruments create a unique space that awakens the soul. Traditional songs often tell about love, daily life, and historical stories of this land. Through the melodies, visitors can feel the enthusiasm and passion of the successors An Hien garden house in Hue.

3.5. Visit and enjoy fruit at the garden house

An Hien garden house It's also attractive with its green garden, full of fragrant fruits in every season. You will be quite excited by the ripe red plums, mangosteen, lychees, dragon fruit or sweet jackfruit. You can eat fresh fruits directly from the garden. Each fruit is eye-catching, just looking at it makes you want to try it right away. Ticket price for An Hien garden house For only 20,000 VND, you can experience many interesting things that are rare to find anywhere else.

4. Places to visit near An Hien garden house

4.1. Truong Tien Bridge – famous check-in point in Hue

  • Address: Phu Hoi Ward, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue Province

More than a century has passed, Truong Tien Bridge has gone through major events, from the devastation caused by war, through the process of construction and restoration, still standing firmly on the Perfume River as a resilient symbol of time. The bridge witnesses history, preserving memories and stories of a cultural city.

Rustic edges, unique shapes with dark brown bands, create a lyrical and mysterious image amidst the calm water. A color-changing light system installed on the bridge makes it sparkling in the evening. The light from the bridge reflects on the Perfume River, creating an attractive picture. Truong Tien Bridge has become a solid symbol, connecting the two banks of the Perfume River.

4.2. Thuy Xuan incense village

  • Address: 84 Huyen Tran Cong Chua, Thuy Xuan ward, Hue city, Thua Thien Hue province

A location close to An Hien garden house but I want to suggest to you that it is Thuy Huong incense village. The village's incense products are famous for their excellent quality. The artisans of the incense village here have passed down production secrets from generation to generation, creating incense products imbued with the traditional spirit and culture of Hue. This incense village is also attracted by the vibrant colors of incense sticks. The eye-catching fresh scent creates a romantic check-in scene, making it difficult for anyone who comes to refuse.

4.3. Thuan An Beach – the most beautiful beach in Hue

  • Address: No. 8 Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, Phu Cat District, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue Province.

To return to nature and the charm of the sea, there is nothing better than visiting Thuan An beach. This beach will heal anyone's soul. The feeling of sinking into the calm ocean waves and feeling the breath of the ocean is truly refreshing. Dawn on Thuan An beach brings shiny golden sunlight, awakening the soul and bringing a new feeling to each new day.

Watching the romantic sunset as the sun gradually sinks is equally peaceful and serene. Here, visitors can freely be creative and record unique moments.

4.4. Ho Thuy Tien

Address: Thuy Bang commune, Huong Thuy town, Hue city.

Thuy Tien Lake is attractive because of its mystery. Located on Thien An hill, this lake is famous for its captivating scenery. From fresh flower gardens to entertainment areas, Thuy Tien Lake promises to fully satisfy the desires of visitors who want to explore. The impressive attraction of Ho Thuy Tien makes many young people who are passionate about creative arts and love virtual space come to visit.

An Hien Garden House - Enjoy a quiet, nostalgic space

Standing amidst the quiet picture of the lake, its dark corners and enchanting light, visitors can freely take photos. It seems like every place here is extremely mysterious, so please come once.

So has revealed to you all the information about An Hien garden house. We hope that in the near future, visitors will have the opportunity to set foot in this land to explore. Wishing you a trip full of memories.