The pearl island of Phu Quoc is the most popular tourist resort destination not only because of its poetic pristine beauty with blue beaches and long stretches of white sand but also because of the unique architecture of the resorts. Andochine Resort Phu Quoc is a prominent resort in the chain of Phu Quoc resorts and hotels with impressive design. Specifically, what is attractive about Phu Quoc resort? Where is the address? How is the road? Together Find out in the article below.

1. Some details about Andochine Resort Phu Quoc

Just started operating not long ago but Andochine Resort Phu Quoc has attracted a large number of tourists to visit the resort. With the advantage of being next to the romantic Long Beach with pristine coconut trees, the resort offers a wonderful space to enjoy your vacation.

Andochine Resort Phu Quoc - Green oasis in the heart of the coastal city

In the open sky and sea scenery, visitors will experience many interesting activities such as fire dance, DJ show, mixing class… to attractive events such as beach party, Taste the Sunset show,…

The most prominent green oasis Andochine Phu Quoc Build a large-scale project in an ecological garden of up to 5 hectares with a 150m long coastline.

Relaxing here, you will enjoy a 5-star utility system, a high-class amusement park, comfortable rooms, and friendly and enthusiastic staff. Therefore, this place will definitely not disappoint you.

2. Destination address Andochine Resort Phu Quoc

Andochine Resort Phu Quoc located in Duong Bao, Duong To, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang.

With a prime location, located in the high-end resort complex Sonasea Villas & Resort in the Bai Truong area. The resort is less than a 20-minute drive from the airport and high-speed train station. Currently there are quite a few taxi companies such as Mai Linh, Vinasun, etc.

3. Space and design style Andochine Resort Phu Quoc

3.1. Andochine Resort design style

Andochine Resort Phu Quoc is an impressive intersection of classic inspiration with modern beauty in a paradise oasis. The resort designed 32 adjacent Phu Quoc villas with many bedroom choices and space directions, so visitors can choose according to their own needs and preferences.

Andochine Resort Phu Quoc - Green oasis in the heart of the coastal city

Each Villa here has a private swimming pool, garden area for walking, and BBQ area. Some special apartments have basements for entertainment and recreation – the only outdoor Spa area at Bai Truong.

In general, the villa block Andochine Resort There are 4 categories with outstanding, distinct designs:

  • Beach Front villa – Modern, elegant with ocean view.
  • Indochine villa – Indochina style blends with Asian aesthetics.
  • Rustic villa – Close, warm Nordic style.
  • Modern villa – Modern equipment in enchanting contemporary architecture.

Andochine Resort Phu Quoc - Green oasis in the heart of the coastal city

Located next to the romantic Truong Beach, The resort has a private beach space to organize many outdoor activities such as soccer, beach volleyball, kayaking, Sup boats and many beach activities according to the resort’s schedule.

These activities will not incur additional costs because the organizers are included in the room price. In addition, a private beach is also an ideal place for dates, windy strolls, catching the sunrise, or watching the sunset every golden afternoon.

Andochine Resort Phu Quoc - Green oasis in the heart of the coastal city

3.2. Room system at Andochine Resort Phu Quoc

3.2.1. Beach Front Villa

Beach Front Villa offers a modern, elegant space with deep blue ocean views. The room’s interior is designed in an impressive style with many aesthetic decorative items that highlight the living space in the middle of a green oasis.

You can spend your vacation time contemplating good books, cooking your favorite dishes, or having fun at the outdoor swimming pool. With an area of ​​340m2, guests can comfortably enjoy the room space.

Andochine Resort Phu Quoc - Green oasis in the heart of the coastal city

Every day you can listen to the roaring sound of waves to immerse yourself in the endless symphony of the blue ocean.

With a view of the beautiful Gulf of Thailand, guests resting in the room can not only admire the romantic sky and sea scenery but just open the door and the whole room will be filled with the scent of garden flowers and grass mixed in the wind. The passionate sea blows in from the bay.

3.2.2. Indochine villa

Standing out with its Contemporary style mixed with Asian aesthetics, Indochine Villa provides a sophisticated, elegant space to enjoy your vacation.

The rooms are harmoniously designed with a modern interior system that brings a contemporary breath. All functional rooms and bedrooms are intelligently designed in an area of ​​309m2, giving visitors a comfortable and airy resting space.

Andochine Resort Phu Quoc - Green oasis in the heart of the coastal city

LIVE Andochine Resort Phu Quocguests will be able to comfortably relax on the master bed or comfortable twin bed placed near the wide glass door.

CSpace images reveal a glorious period of Indochina culture, evoking many emotions and nostalgia for visitors. Just open the door and you can admire the panoramic view of the tropical garden right outside the balcony or terrace.

3.2.3. Rustic villa

The Rustic Villa is designed on 2 floors with the entire space covered in delicate colors in the Scandinavian style. The ground floor of the villa is a common utility space where you can live, cook, receive guests, watch movies, etc. in a cozy, gentle atmosphere.

The second floor has a spacious balcony and below is a garden swimming pool, giving your family more space to sit and read, enjoy tea or breathe, or practice good morning yoga.

Andochine Resort Phu Quoc - Green oasis in the heart of the coastal city

With an area of ​​over 300 square meters, the villas are suitable for families or large groups of tourists to enjoy a vacation. Whenever you miss the taste of Phu Quoc’s sea and don’t want to go to the beach, you can take a dip under the swimming pool in front of the porch, where the blue water and fresh air smell of sea salt.

3.2.4. Modern villa

Andochine Resort Phu Quoc has a unique architecture with contemporary inspiration mixed with modern colors. With a large area and many separate function rooms, Modern Villa is an ideal choice for travelers traveling in groups of 6 to 8 people.

Relaxing here, you will enjoy the bright space with the melodious music of the blue sea waves.

Andochine Resort Phu Quoc - Green oasis in the heart of the coastal city

The delicate combination of wood, natural stone, soft curtain fabrics, and decorative carpets gives visitors a feeling of relaxation and gentleness. You will have a peaceful sleep in a quiet space with the scent of garden flowers and the cool taste of the ocean.

4. Outstanding utility services of Andochine Resort Phu Quoc

4.1. Cuisine restaurant

The restaurant is an ideal space for visitors to enjoy island cuisine and admire the romantic Truong beach. Ando Bistro’s menu has a generous and energetic ocean flavor with natural ingredients caught and gathered during the day.

The restaurant is famous for its grilled American beef shoulder with Bivina beer, a beer brewed according to the Pearl Island restaurant’s exclusive recipe, and more specifically the menu “Two Become One” with filet mignon, lobster, and fish dishes. star anise, served with fragrant, seductive burnt cream.

With a natural design but still creating privacy through every delicate detail, the restaurant can be a place to organize intimate, cozy meals for families or a romantic, sweet space for couples. pair. You will have intimate, private dinners in sparkling candlelight with gentle music, sublimating your emotions.

4.2. Andochine Resort swimming pool

Relax at the swimming pool Andochine Resort Phu Quoc You will be immersed in clear blue water and endless horizon views. This is also the ideal perspective for visitors to admire the tropical garden scenery in the middle of a paradise resort.

On the shore are leaning water coconut trees with hammock chairs for you to relax, sunbathe, and enjoy cocktails.

4.3. Ando Beach Club – Andochine Resort

Come and enjoy vibrant parties at the paradise resort Andochine Resort. Here there is a spacious space with green vegetation, good bands, and youthful dances.

Then you will feel lightheaded with fragrant cocktails in the lazy afternoon sunlight. Or when the night is dark and the starlight overwhelms the sky, you will be immersed in the passionate sea breeze mixed with the scent of flowers and grass.

4.4. Experiential entertainment

Arrive Andochine Resort Phu Quoc You will be entertained by many unique programs. The romantic and charming space with a luxurious swimming pool will be the ideal place for you to enjoy poetic pleasures such as:

  • Organize music festivals

4.5. Wellness & spa

You can completely refresh your body and relax your soul when coming to Andochine Wellness & Spa. Thanks to exercise, you will have a toned and slim body.

And when you are in Andochine, you will have more inspiration to exercise with the green space and charming scenery. Combined with exercise, spa massage treatments help blood circulate, regenerate, and produce collagen for a radiant, youthful appearance.

5. Customer reviews Andochine Resort Phu Quoc

Tourists who come to visit and relax leave many good comments about the quality of the rooms and accompanying services. You can refer to some comments below to get a better feel for it Andochine Resort & Spa Phu Quoc:

“The staff are all very cute and enthusiastic! Especially adding sophistication points to the resort when there is a set of sewing needles equipped in the room. Andochine Phu Quoc is in a very nice location, close to the beach, and has more entertainment activities on the beach than many other places in the same area.

Andochine resort’s food and restaurant are great, with delicious seafood, and fresh fruit juices. I had an unforgettable movie night at sea, the atmosphere was extremely pleasant and comfortable, and the movie was touching and meaningful.”

“Resort Andochine Resort has a very beautiful location and many activities and services to attract visitors. The service attitude of the staff is very enthusiastic and attentive. Everything is convenient for my family when using the services at the Resort or enjoying the feeling at the nearby beach.”

6. Reservation information at Andochine Resort Phu Quoc

You can contact the Hotline: to receive information related to Andochine Resort Phu Quoc Dalat. In addition, to update resort room prices along with many voucher packages and service incentive programs, please visit our connection channel. as follows:

7. Nearby tourist attractions Andochine Resort Phu Quoc

Resort at the resort Andochine Phu Quoc is connected to many famous landscapes, sights, and tourist attractions in the area. Relaxing here, you can easily move to tourist destinations to have fun and explore, including:

  • Ham Ninh Fishing Village
  • Suoi Tranh tourist area
  • Devil’s Eye Mountain
  • Da Ban Stream
  • Dinh Cau

Above are all the reviews Andochine Resort Phu Quoc as well as the experience for tourists who want to visit and relax here. Hope Provides the most useful information so you can easily choose a resort room and soon enjoy happy relaxing moments here.