Located about 80km from the capital Hanoi, Tam Dao Town has become one of the “hottest” resort destinations in the North in recent years. Because, with a cool, fresh climate all year round, Tam Dao also possesses a green ecosystem with magnificent and poetic natural landscapes. In this town, there is a hotel located in the center that receives a lot of satisfaction from tourists named Anivia Tam Dao Hotel. Follow along Travelgoda.com Let’s explore what interesting features this hotel has.

1. Some details about Anivia Tam Dao Hotel

Anivia Tam Dao Hotel is a 3-star hotel system located right in the “front” of Tam Dao town. With a system of more than 40 rooms with different areas, a system of carefully and meticulously invested materials and equipment, diverse utility services, and a team of enthusiastic and dedicated staff, we will give visitors the most wonderful moments of relaxation.

2. Address and directions to Anivia Tam Dao Hotel

2.1. Specific address

Anivia Tam Dao Hotel is located at Hamlet 01, Tam Dao Town, Tam Dao District, Vinh Phuc Province, Vietnam.

With this golden position, Anivia Tam Dao Hotel is located very close to famous tourist attractions such as Tam Dao Church – 200m, Silver Waterfall – 300m, Heaven Gate – 800m, Tam Dao National Park Ecotourism Area – 1.1km,… That’s why staying at the Anivia Tam Dao Hotel will be extremely convenient for traveling and save quite a bit of time.

2.2. Directions to Anivia Tam Dao Hotel

As a famous tourist town, the road system in Tam Dao is quite modern, serving a variety of means of transport when tourists come here.

Travel by car or motorbike: Going North from Thang Long – Noi Bai, turn left onto Highway 2 about 200m and turn onto Hanoi – Lao Cai Highway and go straight towards Highway 2B to reach the center of Tam Dao and run back. Anivia Tam Dao.

Travel by bus: With bus routes 58 or bus 07 to Me Linh. Then, take bus number 01 to Vinh Yen and take bus 07 to Tay Thien and stop at the nearest station to Tam Dao.

Traveling by bus: At My Dinh bus station (Hanoi), there are many bus companies with routes to Tam Dao such as Hanoi – Vinh Yen, Hanoi – Yen Bai, Hanoi – Viet Tri. After that, there will be a shuttle bus to take you to the Tam Dao Center.

3. Space and design of Anivia Tam Dao Hotel

Because it is located right in the center, the space from the outside will make visitors feel not large and airy. However, inside the Anivia Tam Dao Hotel is the complete opposite. Having the advantage of length, the space inside the hotel is very large and more dedicated when building a large basement parking for visitors completely free of charge.

Anivia Tam Dao Hotel - Beautiful small hotel next to the foggy town

Combined with that large space is a modern, luxurious design with a European feel. With 02 typical color tones of dark brown white and yellow lights radiating soft light, the space here becomes sparkling and luxurious in the sophistication of each decoration.

4. Room system at Anivia Tam Dao Hotel

4.1. Standard Room

Standard Room at Anivia Tam Dao Hotel has the smallest area in the hotel at about 20m2 with 02 choices for guests: a room with 01 double bed or a room with 02 single beds. This Standard room will have no windows, thus creating an extremely private and discreet space for 2 people. In addition, with the main white color mixed with deep wood brown, the room space becomes much quieter and quieter.

Anivia Tam Dao Hotel - Beautiful small hotel next to the foggy town

4.2. Classic Room

As the name suggests, Classic room – basic room type at Hotel Anivia Tam Dao with an area of ​​about 25m2, equipped with 01 double bed measuring 1m6 and 01 single bed measuring 1m2 and full amenities. With this simple space and layout, the Classic room will be suitable for groups of 3 people. The room’s unique feature is that it is located on a high floor, so from the balcony, you can see the entire town with its gentle but dynamic pace of life.

4.3. Superior Room

In Anivia Tam Dao Hotel, Superior room has an area of ​​about 30m2 with 01 bed, 01 double bed size 1m6, and 01 single bed size 1m2 along with items such as air conditioning, LCD TV, free wifi, free tea /coffee, and 01 private bathroom in the room with hairdryer and standing shower. The room with a system of glass windows facing the backyard full of green trees creates a very cool and fresh space when guests rest in the room and can enjoy the cool breeze from nature.

Anivia Tam Dao Hotel - Beautiful small hotel next to the foggy town

4.4. Deluxe Room

For a larger number of guests, about 4 to 5 people, Deluxe rooms are available Anivia Tam Dao Hotel would be a very suitable choice. In an area of ​​30m2, the room is equipped with 01 extra-large double bed measuring 1m8, or 02 double beds measuring 1m6 depending on the needs of visitors. With elegant white color and soft yellow lights, it helps the room space become lighter and warmer. At the same time, from the room’s large balcony, visitors can see Tam Dao Town as if shrunk in their eyes with its cool climate and rows of residential houses hidden in the mist.

4.5. Suite room

In the Anivia Tam Dao Hotel, a Suite room is the most premium room type with an area of ​​about 30m2. Still with the white color of the walls, wooden tile floor, and furniture of the same dark wood color, the room is equipped with only 1 large double bed right in the middle of the room. Right on the balcony with a transparent glass system is also placed a small but very luxurious soft sofa – where visitors can sit and watch the majestic natural scenery of Tam Dao town looming in the distance. Sipping a glass of red wine is not a bad experience, right?

Anivia Tam Dao Hotel - Beautiful small hotel next to the foggy town

5. Outstanding utility services at Anivia Tam Dao Hotel

5.1. Anivia Restaurant

Located on the 10th floor of Hotel Anivia Tam Dao, Anivia restaurant will operate from 06:30 to 22:00 every day for all 3 main meals. The restaurant has a team of professional chefs, specializing in serving Asian and European dishes for both domestic and international tourists. There are even specialties only available in Tam Dao with two typical dishes: chayote and pork that visitors must try when coming here.

Anivia Tam Dao Hotel - Beautiful small hotel next to the foggy town

At the same time, with a large restaurant space that can accommodate more than 150 people, Anivia Tam Dao Hotel We also build a service to organize annual meetings, birthday parties, or year-end parties when visitors contact us to book in advance, to bring satisfying experiences to visitors when staying here.

5.2. Coffee shop

Located above the Anivia restaurant is the 11th floor with the Coffee shop at Anivia Tam Dao Hotel with an operating time frame from 07:00 to 22:30 every day. On the high floor with a large space, surrounded by transparent glass walls, sit and enjoy a cup of coffee brewed according to our recipe. Anivia Tam Dao Hotel every morning to gain energy for a new day. Or sip a cocktail or wine at night when the air gradually becomes colder and admire the modern and dynamic streets and cities hidden in the wild and ancient features of Tam Dao. Tourists will never forget this peaceful moment.

6. Customer reviews about Anivia Tam Dao Hotel

“The staff is very attentive and enthusiastic, everyone is so so very surprised! Central location, convenient for transportation. My family has children so we eat entirely at the hotel. I must say the kitchen is very delicious and very clean! Houses with children will have their porridge cooked for breakfast. The room view is beautiful and peaceful. I go to Tam Dao a lot and only stay here. Overall, very satisfied.” – Ms. Thanh Thuy with a rating of 5/5 stars.

“The kitchen cooks very well. Friendly and obedient staff. Mr. Khanh, the hotel owner, is very cute and enthusiastic. New hotel and fully equipped. The rooms are clean and small but comfortable. Beautiful view looking straight down to Central Park. Central location, convenient to go anywhere. Will come back.” – Ms. Ngoc Ngan with a rating of 5/5 stars.

7. Anivia Tam Dao Hotel booking information

  • Address: Village 01, Tam Dao Town, Tam Dao District, Vinh Phuc Province, Vietnam.

8. Tourist attractions near Anivia Tam Dao Hotel

8.1. Silver waterfall

Lying away Anivia Tam Dao Hotel Only 300m away, Silver Waterfall is a place tourists should not miss when coming to Tam Dao. Nestled in the deep green primeval forests is a giant waterfall with fast streams pouring down from the upstream. With strong water power, it has created unique silver water streams. Visitors coming here can both be amazed by the majestic beauty of Vietnam’s nature and forest land, and can “take home” unique check-in photos in front of this silver stream.

Anivia Tam Dao Hotel - Beautiful small hotel next to the foggy town

8.2. Tam Dao Heaven Gate

Lying away Anivia Tam Dao Hotel With only 800m, Tam Dao Heaven Gate is one of the places that attracts most tourists coming here to take home beautiful photos. Likened to an “outdoor studio”, Heaven’s Gate is placed majestically between heaven and earth on a high mountaintop. Behind are undulating mountain ranges. Like a “fairyland” with poetic beauty, visitors can also see the entire town with “tiny” houses located at the foot of the mountain.

Above is all the related information Anivia Tam Dao Hotel but Travelgoda.com Wishes to share with you, as a luggage for your vacation in this land of Tam Dao. We hope that you and your loved ones will have limitless experiences and the most complete emotions when coming here.