Referring to the famous historical sites of Vietnam, it is indispensable Bach Dang Giang relic site. In this article, same Let's find out more about what is so special about this place that attracts so many tourists!

1. Introduction to Bach Dang Giang relic site

Bach Dang Giang historical site Surrounded by Trang Kenh mountain range and Gia river. Therefore, when coming here, visitors will feel the beauty that is both ancient, majestic but extremely poetic. Not only that, this place is also associated with many important historical events of our country.

Bach Dang Giang relic area - Proud, lasting historical beauty

Here, the heroic but extremely arduous battles of our ancestors to regain the country's independence took place. Battles using sharp stakes to destroy enemy troops have terrified many countries intending to invade our country. Campus of Bach Dang Giang quite large, including temples, shrines,… with fresh, airy landscape.

Bach Dang Giang relic area - Proud, lasting historical beauty

2. Location and travel instructions to Bach Dang Giang historical relic site

2.1. Location

Bach Dang Giang Located in Trang Kenh village, Minh Duc commune, Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong province. This location is only about 20 km from the center, adjacent to Uong Bi in Quang Ninh. In general, the route to this relic is relatively easy.

2.2. Instructions for traveling to Bach Dang Giang tourist area

To move to Bach Dang Giang historical relic site, Suggest you the following popular types:

  • Motorbike: Renting a motorbike in Hai Phong to visit tourist attractions is extremely easy. There are many affordable car rental facilities. Furthermore, there are countless car models for visitors to choose from. However, visitors should remember to check the vehicles carefully before leaving to ensure no damage occurs on the road.
  • Taxi: For large groups, choosing a taxi will be extremely suitable to have the best sightseeing experience. Hai Phong taxis are quite good quality, rarely challenging. c
  • Bus: Many people choose to take a bus to get to the relic site. Ticket prices will range from 100,000 – 300,000 VND/depending on the airline. Overall, there are many running hours and car brands to choose from.

Bach Dang Giang relic area - Proud, lasting historical beauty

3. History of Bach Dang Giang

Mentioned History of Bach Dang Giang, every Vietnamese person feels very proud. This is the place associated with events such as:

  • Ngo Quyen defeated the Southern Han Army in 938, liberating the country from thousands of years of Northern domination.
  • King Le Hoan defeated the invading Song army in 981.
  • Tran Hung Dao and the war against the Mongol invaders in 1288.

Bach Dang Giang relic area - Proud, lasting historical beauty

Mentioned History of Bach Dang River, this is where many extremely glorious and heroic battles of our ancestors took place. Every time we return to this relic, many visitors feel excited, moved and grateful for the noble sacrifices of the ancients. From 2008 – 2016, this place was planned and built. January 2021, Bach Dang Giang recognized as a national historical and cultural relic.

4. What is so attractive about Bach Dang Giang that attracts so many tourists?

4.1. Ancient pebble garden and victory pillar

When entering the relic site, visitors will admire the ancient pebble garden. This spot has existed for millions of years. The garden is lush and green and provides a cool, pleasant atmosphere for tourists. Right next to the garden is 3 statues in Bach Dang Giang. That is the image of the three extremely majestic Ngo Quyen, Le Dai Hanh and Tran Hung Dao. The materials used to make these statues are all solid bronze.

Bach Dang Giang relic area - Proud, lasting historical beauty

Besides, the victory tower also impressed many guests. The raw materials from which the rubies are pure make the pillar stand out even more. The pillar is about 5.5 m high and weighs up to a hundred tons.

4.2. Bach Dang Giang Temple worships King Ngo Quyen

This is a spiritual destination that many visitors are interested in. Ngo Quyen was the one who won victory over the Southern Han army in 938. That event also contributed to ending thousands of years of Northern domination. Therefore, he is one of the people who has made great contributions to our country.

Bach Dang Giang relic area - Proud, lasting historical beauty

The temple is majestic and dignified, so visitors also need to pay attention to dressing politely, clothing that is appropriate for this space. In short, Bach Dang Giang Pagoda is a destination that should be experienced every time you visit the relic site.

Bach Dang Giang relic area - Proud, lasting historical beauty

4.3. Museum area

In the museum, there are many vestiges of ancient battles on display, notably the Bach Dang stake. In addition, archaeological relics, daily objects from the Le and Tran dynasties, etc. are also preserved here. When coming to the museum, visitors will learn a lot of useful historical knowledge.

Bach Dang Giang relic area - Proud, lasting historical beauty

Many parents also let their children visit the museum to help them learn many useful things. Many schools also organize students to go to Trang Kenh relic site to better understand the history of the nation.

4.4. Pagodas and temples

Bach Dang Giang relic site is a complex of many pagodas and temples of saints and national heroes. People often come here to worship and express gratitude for the noble sacrifices of their predecessors for the country. Each temple and pagoda area will have a different design but still have a Vietnamese character. Besides, the space here is quite large, cool and peaceful. That also causes more and more visitors to come to this place.

Bach Dang Giang relic area - Proud, lasting historical beauty

Some pagodas and temples at this relic can be mentioned as follows: President Ho Chi Minh Temple, Thanh Mau Temple, Truc Lam Trang Kenh Pagoda, Trang Kenh Vong De Temple,… To move conveniently, it is best to bring sports shoes, ones that are comfortable and have good friction.

5. Necessary notes when traveling to Bach Dang Giang

  • Bach Dang Giang is a sacred spot. Therefore, you should choose polite clothes and avoid causing offence. You are not allowed to wear short or revealing clothes when coming here.
  • You can bring some snacks and drinks. However, it is necessary to leave trash in the designated place of the tourist area.
  • When going to attractions, you need to follow the rules. Absolutely do not arbitrarily move or move furniture at relics.
  • Visitors can combine visits to nearby tourist attractions to have many unique experiences in Hai Phong.

6. Summary of hotels to try when going to Bach Dang Giang

If you still don't know where to vacation, let's take a look at some of the places below!

6.1. Sheraton Hai Phong Hotel

  • Address: Vinhomes Imperia Urban Area, Hanoi Street, Thuong Ly, Hong Bang, City. Hai Phong
  • Phone number: Travelgoda

Sheraton Hai Phong Hotel follows an extremely modern style, mixed with luxury. The hotel has 45 floors full of high-end amenities. This is one of the crowded 5-star hotels in this city. In general, when staying here, it is not too difficult for visitors to get there Bach Dang Giang.

The rooms here generally have a spacious design. Area ranges from 35m2 – 301m2, depending on class. The room has full amenities such as TV, minibar, desk, safe, etc. The restaurant, bar system and services such as spa, 4-season swimming pool, etc. are all fully designed at Sheraton.

6.2. Melia Vinpearl Hai Phong Rivera

  • Address: Manhattan Street 9, Vinhomes Imperia Hai Phong Urban Area, Thuong Ly, Hong Bang, City. Hai Phong
  • Phone number: Travel_goda

Melia Vinpearl Hai Phong Rivera with its extremely luxurious design is chosen by many domestic and international guests every time they come to Hai Phong. The location is right in the center, near tourist attractions and dining areas. Thanks to that, the hotel is always full of rooms.

The hotel owns more than 200 rooms, with a classic style but mixed with modernity and generosity. Each room has large glass windows, so visitors can easily see the bustling city.

Besides, the hotel's diverse amenities also contribute to bringing a complete vacation to tourists. If you intend to stay here, book a room as soon as possible. Thus, you will receive preferential prices as well as choose your favorite room category more easily.

6.3. Mercure Hai Phong Hotel

  • Address: 12 Lach Tray, Ngo Quyen, Hai Phong
  • Phone number: Travelgoda

Hotel next way Bach Dang Giang Not too far away is Mercure Hai Phong. The hotel meets 5-star standards, full of world-class amenities. The service style of the staff is extremely enthusiastic and professional. This is what makes tourists have the most complete vacation.

With a classic design style but no less luxurious, this is a point that many people take advantage of to check in. Each room is fully equipped with equipment to simultaneously serve the entertainment and working needs of tourists. In addition, the hotel also has a restaurant, serving many attractive local dishes.

General, Bach Dang Giang relic site is an attractive attraction that any visitor should try to visit. Please follow For more interesting travel information in upcoming articles!