If anyone loves simple nature, they must come here once Bang Lang Stork Garden. This is a paradise for lovers of sightseeing and photography. The landscape in the stork garden is cool all year round, and the pleasant echoing sounds create a magical attraction. In the article below, Travelgoda.com We will explore with you everything about this famous place.

1. Some main features of Bang Lang stork garden

Bang Lang stork garden is a place where everyone should stop when they have the opportunity to visit Can Tho. Here, there are bold characteristics of the countryside, giving each person a feeling of peace and closeness to nature. With an area of ​​more than 16 thousand square meters, this stork garden is a large campus, opening up an extremely airy and beautiful space.

Bang Lang stork garden - Discover the rustic, simple and poetic beauty

This stork garden is extremely lively with the harmony between green bamboo groves and rice fields. This creates a wonderful scene, when thousands of birds fly in the blue sky, creating a very poetic and lyrical image.

Bang Lang stork garden - Discover the rustic, simple and poetic beauty

A special point of Bang Lang stork garden, Can Tho is the richness of stork types. With about 20 different types of storks, visitors have the opportunity to see unique and rare beauty. Each stork species brings a unique nuance, making the stork garden space more lively than ever. The ticket price to visit the stork garden is also very affordable, only 20,000 VND for adults and 10,000 VND for children.

2. Address and instructions to get to Can Tho Stork Garden

  • Address: Thoi Binh 1, Thuan An ward, Thot Not district, Can Tho.

Bang Lang Stork Garden is Only about 60km from the city center. Tourists in the Northern and Central provinces can choose to travel by motorbike. For those who live nearby, a bus, car or motorbike is the best means of getting here.

Bang Lang stork garden - Discover the rustic, simple and poetic beauty

After stopping in the city, you can refer to the following route: Can Tho City – national highway 91 – O Mon – Thot Not – stork garden. The whole trip only takes about 1 hour.

3. The best season to go to Bang Lang stork garden in Can Tho

Spring has cool weather and green trees, which is considered the best time for you to go to the stork garden. Especially, if you come here in August – the breeding season, you will witness wonderful scenery and mesmerizing sounds. Visit Bang Lang Stork Garden, Can Tho It is also an opportunity for you to visit and record every rare, beautiful check-in moment. In particular, early morning or sunset are said to be the two ideal times for you to admire the special attraction of the stork garden.

Bang Lang stork garden - Discover the rustic, simple and poetic beauty

4. The most interesting things in Can Tho stork garden

4.1. Admire the peaceful, simple scenery

In Bang Lang Stork Garden, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the peace and simplicity in the middle of a large garden with an impressive total area. Known as the largest bird sanctuary in the West, this stork garden attracts thousands of visitors every year, not only because of its vastness but also because of the special natural scenery it offers. The space at the stork garden is extremely lively, highlighting the beauty of rice fields and countless green bamboo rows.

Bang Lang stork garden - Discover the rustic, simple and poetic beauty

This location is an interesting place to explore the ecosystem with the appearance of many typical bird species. The natural scenery here is peaceful and relaxing, allowing visitors to enjoy relaxing moments amid the vast space. Bang Lang stork garden Also known as a place to heal the soul, you can easily find closeness to nature and immerse yourself in a certain feeling of relaxation.

Bang Lang stork garden - Discover the rustic, simple and poetic beauty

4.2. Lost in the paradise of hundreds of thousands of storks

Arrive at Bang Lang Stork Garden, visitors feel like they are entering another world. This place is famous for hundreds of storks of many different strains. Therefore, the Stork Garden is considered an ecotourism destination that you cannot miss if you want to explore the diversity of nature.

Bang Lang stork garden - Discover the rustic, simple and poetic beauty

When you come to this place, you can see the attractive beauty of fish storks, green storks, ghost storks, duck storks, tusk storks… In particular, there are many species of storks appearing in abundance such as flying storks and sea storks. The best time to enjoy the attraction of many bird species is during the breeding season. This is the time when birds flock to find a safe and favorable place to lay their eggs. nurture the young.

4.3. Watch storks searching for food in flocks every morning

Every morning, the stork garden is extremely crowded, creating a vivid and vibrant picture that captivates many tourists. Exactly at this time, the stork garden becomes the most “crowded” when flocks of storks begin to leave their nests to search for food for a new day. This is the most peaceful time when nature begins to wake up and the white color of each flock of storks in the sky creates a beautiful scene and makes a strong impression.

Morning is also the ideal time for you to unleash your creativity and record every best moment of your trip. Every little corner of Bang Lang stork garden brings unique emotions and great space for you to take unique check-in photos.

4.4. Admire the beauty of Bang Lang stork garden at sunset

In the warm afternoon sunlight, the sight of flocks of storks returning is a beautiful, romantic and unforgettable image. This time, when thousands of storks return after a long day of foraging, the chirping sound of the storks adds to the romance and beauty of the moment. It is the music of nature, the rhythm of life that visitors can feel and enjoy when they come Bang Lang stork garden.

At the same time, this time is also the time when visitors can relax and find the most dear and precious things in life. The peaceful space, the feeling of closeness to nature and the presence of hundreds of storks make this moment more special and meaningful than ever.

5. Things you need to keep in mind when exploring Bang Lang stork garden in Can Tho

Here are some things to keep in mind Travelgoda.com compiled for you before arriving Bang Lang stork garden:

  • Wear long clothes to avoid collisions: Because the stork garden has many areas with grass and bamboo, wearing long clothes will help protect your skin from collisions and from being penetrated by insects or thorny plants.
  • Wear boots to avoid insect bites: Wearing boots will help protect your feet from insect bites.
  • Avoid carrying bulky loads and wearing small backpacks: Using a small and light backpack will help you move more flexibly in the area. Bang Lang stork garden Can Tho.
  • Bring drinking water and a sun umbrella: During tours, bringing drinking water and a sun umbrella will help you stay healthy and protect your skin from the effects of the sun.
  • Need to bring insect spray: The stork garden is relatively dense, so prepare spray to avoid being bitten by insects.
  • Do not litter indiscriminately: To protect the environment and maintain the beauty of the stork garden, visitors need to remember not to litter indiscriminately on the premises, keeping the environment clean and beautiful.

6. Other tourist destinations in Can Tho that you should visit

6.1. Cai Rang floating market

  • Address: An Binh, Cai Rang, Can Tho

Cai Rang floating market is located quite close to Bang Lang stork garden, has a unique and vibrant beauty. The market is located on the Hau River, possessing an attraction that is rare anywhere else. When dawn breaks, the floating market begins to bustle with small boats carrying goods from all over, creating an eye-catching and bustling scene. Each corner of the market reflects a unique color. The taste of traditional dishes and the aroma of fresh fruits make travelers fascinated.

Exploring the floating market, you will be immersed in the simple, rustic and very close rhythm of life. This place seems to recreate the fiery scene of people in the West. This floating market is most crowded from 4:30 am to 8:00 am, so don’t forget to wake up early to visit.

6.2. Walking bridge – location near Bang Lang stork garden, Can Tho

  • Address: Tan An, Ninh Kieu, Can Tho

Can Tho Pedestrian Bridge is an outstanding architectural symbol of the city, crossing the Hau River, creating a new appearance and attracting attention from tourists. Standing on the bridge, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Ninh Kieu wharf and the Hau river, especially in the morning and evening when the shimmering lights reflect on the water surface, creating a enchanting scene. This location will bring an interesting experience to you when you arrive in Can Tho, a charming Western river region.

6.3. Truc Lam Zen Monastery, Can Tho

  • Address: My Khanh, Phong Dien, Can Tho

Truc Lam Zen Monastery impresses visitors with its large space and the feeling of calm that this place brings. The architecture of the Zen monastery is very impressive, with the entrance designed in the form of a dome and a dragon head. These details are not only unique highlights but also symbols of sacredness and cultural tradition.

When entering the monastery, you can admire the ancient beauty, recreated through every architectural detail. This location is a place for tourists to come to pray for peace and find peace of mind. Truc Lam Zen Monastery is also a place to store and preserve the nation’s spiritual and cultural values.

Through what Travelgoda.com By sharing above, you will surely have the most refined information for yourself Bang Lang stork garden. This place is truly beautiful, peaceful and poetic, worthy of a place to stop after the chaos of life.