Binh Thuy Communal House – a famous spiritual place in Can Tho city that not only attracts people but also attracts tourists from all over. With traditional ancient temple architecture, Binh Thuy communal house carries with it a unique elegance and majesty. Discover that majesty in this article.

1. Some details about Binh Thuy communal house

Binh Thuy Communal House Can Tho good Longquan Ancient Temple is a famous cultural and historical relic in Can Tho city. Built in the 19th century, this ancient Binh Thuy communal house carries with it unique cultural values ​​and ancient architecture.

Binh Thuy Communal House - Discover unique and nostalgic artistic relics in Tay Do

In addition to being an attractive spiritual spot, Binh Thuy family It also has profound cultural significance for Can Tho people. This is a place to organize religious activities and traditional festivals, connecting the community and maintaining the nation's precious culture.

2. Location and instructions to get to Binh Thuy communal house in Can Tho

2.1. Geographical location

  • Address: No. 46/11A, Le Hong Phong Street, Binh Thuy District, Can Tho City
  • Sightseeing ticket price: Free
  • Operating hours: 7:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. | 13:30 – 17:30 (Applies to all days of the week, including holidays)

2.2. Moving instructions

Located right near the city center, so moving to the temple does not take too much time. To get here, visitors can choose to go by car, motorbike or bus.

  • By car: From Can Tho city center, go along Nguyen Trai – Cach Mang Thang Tam – Binh Thuy bridge. Come here, Binh Thuy family Can Tho is right under the bridge (on the right hand side).
  • By motorbike: If you are someone who loves to explore and enjoy new routes, traveling by motorbike is the perfect choice for you. However, when traveling by motorbike, visitors should pay attention to vehicles because the traffic here is quite crowded.
  • By bus: Traveling by bus will take quite a while. To get to Long Tuyen Ancient Temple, visitors can take bus number 01. With a frequency of 15-30 minutes/trip, you won't have to worry about getting around.

Binh Thuy Communal House - Discover unique and nostalgic artistic relics in Tay Do

3. The heroic history of Binh Thuy communal house

In 1852, during a hurricane, mandarin Huynh Man Dat hid in Binh Hung. After escaping, Huynh Man Dat decided to hold a celebration party and changed the name of Binh Hung to Binh Thuy with the meaning of “stabilizing the water flow”. From there the name appeared Binh Thuy family.


After many years of renovation, the temple has become more spacious with ancient architecture such as brick walls, red tile roofs and the use of good woods. Besides the name Binh Thuy, later this spiritual point was also renamed and also known as Longquan Ancient Temple.

4. Who does Binh Thuy Communal House in Can Tho worship?

Binh Thuy Communal House It is considered a temple to worship gods and the village's Thanh Hoang. Can Tho people can come to pray for luck, protect the safety of their families and communities, or commemorate heroes.

Binh Thuy Communal House - Discover unique and nostalgic artistic relics in Tay Do

Besides the monastery worshiping the village's Thanh Hoang, this place also worships tiger gods. Going deep inside the communal house, visitors can see statues of Vietnamese heroes who have contributed to the nation. Some of those heroes are Ho Chi Minh, Nguyen Trai, Bui Huu Nghia,…

Binh Thuy Communal House Can Tho plays an important role in preserving and promoting national cultural traditions. Honoring the gods and ancestors through worship held here is very necessary to maintain and develop national culture.

5. Explore the ancient beauty of Binh Thuy communal house in Can Tho

Located along the Hau River, Longquan Ancient Temple impresses at first sight with its classic Vietnamese architecture from yellow walls to red tiles. From a distance, the long, square roof built of rough bricks combined with elaborately patterned pillars and curtains highlights the important position of the communal house.

5.1. Outside the communal house

Overview, Binh Thuy family designed in the style of “upper floors, lower verandas” with artistic roofs planted on top of each other. In particular, on the roof of each building are built statues of unicorns, fish turning into dragons, etc.

Binh Thuy Communal House - Discover unique and nostalgic artistic relics in Tay Do

In addition, many different types of trees are planted in the communal house's grounds. These plants are often cared for and watered every day, so they are always green.

5.2. Inside the pavilion

As soon as you set foot inside the pavilion, visitors will definitely be overwhelmed by the decoration as well as the level of luxury of this place. Inside is mainly where altars are placed for visitors to offer flowers and worship. In addition, outside, people also set up a small place to worship the Tiger God and the Agriculture God.

6. Summary of festivals at Long Tuyen Ancient Temple

6.1. Ky Yen Ceremony

Ky Yen Festival is one of the most important days of the year Binh Thuy communal house, Can Tho. Taking place on the 12th – 14th day of the fourth lunar month every year, this festival attracts thousands of people and tourists from many places to attend. Ky Yen Festival is not only an opportunity to enjoy the joyful and bustling atmosphere of the festival, but also an opportunity to bond and maintain traditional cultural values.

Ky Yen Ceremony is held to remember and pray for the gods who guard the land. During the ceremony, people bring trays of rice, fruits and lanterns to make offerings. In addition, there are traditional activities such as worshiping, inviting gods, and performing folk arts.

6.2. Ky Yen Ha Temple Ceremony

Ky Yen Ha Temple Festival takes place every year from the 14th to 15th day of the 12th lunar month. This festival attracts a large number of attendees, from leaders to the participation of local people. During the festival, rituals are held according to tradition, from preparing sacrifices, parades to process relics to traditional cultural activities.

7. Notes when visiting Binh Thuy communal house

When you come to visit Binh Thuy family In Can Tho, there are some important notes below that you should refer to to have the most favorable trip:

  • Binh Thuy communal house is a historical architectural work of spiritual and cultural nature, so maintaining respect and protection of this place is very necessary.
  • For many Can Tho people, this location has a spiritual meaning and is considered a place for good luck and devotion. So when you visit, be respectful and don't cause trouble for others.
  • When visiting Binh Thuy communal house, be careful of your surroundings. Please keep it clean, do not throw trash indiscriminately and do not harm the nature and ecology here.
  • Please prepare comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear (no short pants or tank tops) when you arrive Longquan Ancient Temple.

Hopefully this valuable information about Binh Thuy family was This article will help you have a meaningful visit. Not only is it a place of worship, this place is also a cultural symbol of Can Tho city itself.