Not only does it make travelers enjoy the cultural beauty, spirituality, and rare peace. Hue is also home to many natural beaches, especially Canh Duong beach. During the summer, when you visit this place, you will find it extremely bustling and bustling. In the article below, I will join you on this beach.

1. Main features of Canh Duong Hue beach

Canh Duong Beach is a destination with unique and attractive beauty, making every visitor who comes here feel healed. With a length of nearly 4km of coastline, the beach is blessed with both smooth white sand beaches and gentle, clear ocean waves all year round. Nature bestows special things that make the beach more charming and poetic.

Canh Duong Beach - Immerse yourself in the majestic nature of Hue

Canh Duong Beach provides a relaxing space. You will participate in interesting games and entertainment. Surfing, canoeing, kayaking, or simply enjoying a leisurely swim are all unforgettable experiences. Furthermore, this place is also a preferred choice for overnight camping.

2. Address and fastest way to get to Canh Duong Beach

Address: Canh Duong village, Loc Vinh commune, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien – Hue province

If you are in a remote northern or southern province, you should first book a flight ticket to Da Nang airport or Phu Bai airport. Then you can take a taxi or motorbike to arrive Canh Duong Beach. Here are two routes starting from Hue or Da Nang that you should consider to have a truly complete and fun trip:

  • Hue: city center – Huong Thuy commune – National Highway 1A – Loc Thuy – Loc Vinh – beach.
  • Da Nang: city center – National Highway 1A – Lang Co Chan May town – Loc Vinh commune – Hue beach

For young people, you should choose to go backpacking Canh Duong beach Hue by motorbike. Because the road is quite easy to follow, it only takes a few dozen minutes to get there. Fill up the tank with gas and check the brakes to make sure.

Canh Duong Beach - Immerse yourself in the majestic nature of Hue

3. The best season for tourists to choose to explore Canh Duong beach

The most beautiful beach in Hue fascinates travelers thanks to its wildness. However, to have a memorable trip, choosing the most suitable time to visit this beach is quite important. Any time of the year is quite favorable, but to avoid unwanted weather conditions, the period from April to July is considered the most ideal.

Canh Duong Beach - Immerse yourself in the majestic nature of Hue

This occasion, Canh Duong beach appears with the most charming features. Blue sea water and fresh air create a wonderful natural picture. Therefore, enjoying swimming activities becomes more interesting than ever.

Canh Duong Beach - Immerse yourself in the majestic nature of Hue

This is also a period of little rain, making it easier for visitors to explore and avoid the erratic days of the rainy season. You can catch wonderful sunset paintings, enjoy the gentle air of the sea in the evening.

4. The most attractive things at Canh Duong beach

4.1. Admire the beautiful and romantic natural scenery

Canh Duong Beach impresses every traveler with its wild and poetic beauty. If you want to get away from the noise of the city, find peace at this beach. The scenery here still retains its natural beauty, not affected too much by human intervention. You can easily admire the blue sky, the vast sea and enjoy peaceful moments.

Canh Duong Beach - Immerse yourself in the majestic nature of Hue

Canh Duong Beach - Immerse yourself in the majestic nature of Hue

One of the outstanding features of Canh Duong Beach is the cool water. Visitors can enjoy walking on the beach, feeling the softness of the sand under their feet and watching the gentle ocean waves. Besides, the air at the beach is filled with the salty scent of the sea.

4.2. Soak in the cool, refreshing sea

Canh Duong Beach There is enough space for visitors to freely splash around and cool off. The coast is not too steep, gentle waves create a peaceful feeling. The blue water all year round is a prominent feature, making the space fresh and attractive.

Canh Duong Beach - Immerse yourself in the majestic nature of Hue

At this beach, Visitors will enjoy the comfort, with the ocean breeze gently blowing across their skin. The clear water is the ideal place to indulge in activities such as swimming and surfing.

4.3. Enjoy virtual check-in at the beach

Something that every tourist upon arrival Canh Duong beach in Hue are quite admiring perhaps the attractive virtual living space. Visitors will see countless miniature landscapes arranged attractively.

Canh Duong Beach - Immerse yourself in the majestic nature of Hue

The prominent check-in points that you can visit are the poetic stone roads. Or sit on the swing and admire the vast landscape of the beach. Strings of lanterns hanging on the beach create a poetic space, especially in the evening. The shimmering light from the lanterns decorates the mysterious and seductive night picture Canh Duong Beach.

Opposite the lantern are triangular flags, each photo here will come alive and stand out with bright colors. The pristine nature of the Beach further highlights the beauty of each photo. You can choose to check-in in the morning or in the afternoon, painting a quiet and emotional picture. Both times create “excellent” natural scenes that can touch every nature-loving soul.

4.4. Enjoy camping at Canh Duong beach

A unique experience when going to the beach is camping. Tent camping service here is very popular. Each tent costs from 100 thousand VND or more. The camping area is designed with enough play space and restrooms. Every night camp on shore Canh Duong Beach will leave an unforgettable impression.

You can enjoy a delicious barbecue right on the beach, watch the brilliant night sky or be captivated by the flickering fire. When night falls, Canh Duong Beach appears with mysterious beauty, clear water and moonlight stretching across the coast. Waking up the next day, you can “hunt” the dawn on the pristine and majestic sea.

4.5. Participate in activities at Canh Duong beach

Canh Duong Beach is a convenient location for many good games that bring a more refreshing experience. At this place, playing volleyball is a fun and healthy activity, helping to create an exciting and vibrant atmosphere. Besides, you can also play soccer with friends or organize teambuilding.

All activities provide health benefits. While relaxing in the fresh air, participating in activities helps visitors forget all worries and fatigue from daily life.

4.6. Visit the fishing village in Canh Duong

Came Canh Duong beach in Hue You must come to explore the fishing village. People start their working day with fishing activities at sea. Tourists will be able to go fishing and squid fishing at night with them, which is extremely interesting. To enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, don't forget to rent a bicycle and roam around the fishing village.

4.7. Enjoy loads of fresh seafood

Around Canh Duong beach There are quite a few restaurants specializing in serving seafood. Visitors can easily find famous places at reasonable prices. Each restaurant offers a menu with unique and quality dishes. Specialties such as salt-roasted crabs, boiled snails, and lobsters are delicately prepared to retain their fresh flavor.

5. Tourist destinations near Canh Duong Beach

5.1. Hue garden house

With a history of more than 200 years of existence, Hue garden house is the place must come. These houses are where mandarins used to live. The architectural style of the garden house is rich in traditional essence, surrounded by lush green space. Each garden is meticulously designed, with rows of trees, lotus ponds, mandarins, and other decorative structures, creating a peaceful and harmonious space.

It plays a role in preserving the culture and lifestyle of the people. Tourists visiting Hue garden houses can see vivid pictures of old life and enjoy a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Coming to Hue garden house is like a journey back in time, bringing people back to the peaceful, traditional and beautiful world of ancient Hue.

5.2. Ngu Binh Mountain

Located relatively close to Canh Duong beach, Ngu Binh Mountain has the beauty of green pine forest. Going on the trails, you have the opportunity to see the vast hills covered with lush forest trees.

This mountain is located next to the Perfume River so you can easily admire the beautiful scenery. The hottest place in Hue is also a familiar picnic spot. In ancient times, kings and court officials often chose Ngu Binh Mountain on sightseeing trips.

5.3. Perfume River – beautiful river in Hue

The attraction of Hue's river lies not only in the history it brings, but also in its wonderful natural landscape. The river flows peacefully through landmarks, bringing with it fascinating historical stories and legends. Along the riverbanks are historical relics such as Truong Tien Bridge and Thien Mu Pagoda full of unique cultural values.

Every afternoon, the Perfume River becomes mysterious with warm golden sunlight creating a quiet and beautiful picture. Truong Tien bridge lights shine on the water surface, making the scene more brilliant. Visitors can relax by taking a boat ride on the river to see the beautiful panorama.

With the above sharing of Surely you have a better understanding Canh Duong Beach. This wild, mysterious and experienced place will help you have a memorable adventure.