When traveling to Cao Bang, a dish that tourists can enjoy immediately and buy as a gift for relatives is Cao Bang ribs, a specialty of the region. So tourists, please join us Travelgoda.com Explore and learn about this dish!

1. Introduction to Lap Rib Cao Bang

Many visitors may be surprised that rib sausage is a famous and specialty dish of Cao Bang. But that's right, this is a dish that is indispensable in the dinner table during Tet holidays of Cao Bang people. Although it originates from China, Sausages It has long been favored by the people here and has become a traditional and familiar dish here.

Cao Bang sausage - Cuisine rich in mountain flavors

Ribs are made from many different ingredients and go through many processing steps to produce beautiful ribs. The main ingredient to make sausage with ribs is from clean pork raised by the people here, so sausage with ribs brings a delicious flavor and is extremely attractive to eaters.

2. How to make Cao Bang ribs

Making rib sausage is not easy, but making rib sausage while still maintaining its freshness is even more difficult.

According to the people who specialize in making rib sausage, to make it sausages To be fresh and delicious, the first thing to do is to select fresh ingredients through many different stages to get the result of standard sausages. During the processing process, if the steps are not done correctly, the sausages after being made are very difficult to preserve and can easily get moldy.

Cao Bang sausage - Cuisine rich in mountain flavors

In addition to choosing fresh ingredients, the first step to making sausage is to prepare the shell sausages. The main raw material of the shell Cao Bang ribs which is made from the small intestine of a pig. To clean the pig's small intestine, people here will use salt and white wine to remove all remaining dirt from the small intestine after washing with water.

After preparing the skin of the rib sausage, it will be ready to the meat selection stage. To make sausages To be the most delicious, pork must have enough lean meat and fat, so that after cooking and eating, it will not feel too greasy and the pork sausage will not be too dry. Lean pork will be cut into long pieces and fatty meat will be diced. To make the dish more delicious, spices will be added How to make Cao Bang rib ribs private to the people here.

Cao Bang sausage - Cuisine rich in mountain flavors

The above flavors contribute significantly to making the most flavorful dish. In addition to common spices such as soup powder and fish sauce, Cao Bang ribs will be added with spices from the mountains and forests such as doi seeds, wild pepper, cinnamon, mac honey, etc. Not only do they make the dish delicious, but these flavors also help preserve it. sausages be longer.

After the meat has been stuffed into the shell and the pig's intestines have been washed, the rib sausage will be tied into bite-sized pieces and easily cooked during the cooking process. When stuffing meat and tying rib sausages, you must do it evenly so that the rib sausages will be beautiful after being made and will not be dented when preparing the rib sausages. After stuffing and dividing into separate pieces Cao Bang ribs will be placed in the sun to dry.

How to make Pork Ribs

After the rib sausages are dry, they will be brought into the kitchen to smoke until the rib sausages are cooked. The smoke will help firm the ribs, and the color of the ribs will be more beautiful. sausages is a delicious dish, easy to eat, but the process of making it is not easy and takes a lot of time and effort. If you have the opportunity to come to Cao Bang, please come and enjoy the dish Cao Bang ribs hey!

3. How to prepare Cao Bang ribs

Cao Bang ribs Popular for a long time with people all over the country and tourists, this dish has many different methods. But to sausages If the taste is the best, visitors cannot ignore the notes and instructions of Cao Bang people on processing sausage ribs.

The first and also the most popular and easiest way that many people use in preparing sausage is to fry it. sausages directly with oil. This preparation is easy and makes the dish fragrant, making visitors feel delicious as soon as they smell the aroma of the sausage without even having to try it.

Cao Bang sausage - Cuisine rich in mountain flavors

To enhance the flavor sausages Visitors can dip the pork ribs in a variety of dipping sauces and, most simply, dip them in chili sauce, which will make visitors fall in love with this dish. Using this processing method is quite easy and saves a lot of time, so people often choose this method for processing. Cao Bang smoked pork ribs.

How to prepare Pork Ribs

The second way is that tourists bring it sausages When steaming, before steaming, you should wash the pork ribs with hot water to remove all the dust from the kitchen smoke, ensuring a better dish. Choosing to steam pork ribs like this is also quite convenient. After being steamed, the sausages still retain their freshness, sweetness, and softness without drying out due to the sausages Made with both lean meat and fat.

Cao Bang sausage - Cuisine rich in mountain flavors

Pork ribs are often smoked before serving as products Cao Bang smoked pork ribs come to visitors. So in addition to the above two cooking methods, visitors can slice the ribs and stir-fry with spices to make the dish more flavorful.

4. Place to sell Lap ribs

So that visitors can buy products sausages Genuinely when you have the opportunity to come to this land, then Travelgoda.com We would like to introduce to visitors some locations selling Lap ribs in Cao Bang.

4.1. Tam Hoa ribs

Lap Rib Tam Hoa is one of the locations selling Lap ribs in Cao Bang has the right flavor of this rib sausage dish, so it is very famous with friends near and far and has become a familiar brand of tourists when coming to Cao Bang. As a longtime sausage brand in Cao Bang, this brand always focuses on packaging and product processing, in order to bring the best products to consumers. Ribs are packaged extremely carefully and thoroughly so that the product still retains its freshness when it reaches the customer.

Tam Hoa ribs

Ingredients to make sausages This brand always chooses from high-quality ingredients. Tam Hoa pork ribs always do reputable business And to this day, the brand still maintains a separate customer base. Tam Hoa sausage is now distributed in many places without having to go to Cao Bang to buy this product.

Address: Tam Hoa Cooperative at 124 Vuon Cam, Hop Giang, Cao Bang.

4.2. Thanh Lich Cao Bang ribs

One of the brands Cao Bang ribs loved by many tourists and chosen as the product they eat when coming to Cao Bang and buy as gifts for friends and relatives is Thanh Lich Cao Bang Rib Ribs.

Thanh Lich pork ribs have never disappointed visitors when the products are prepared to suit the taste of tourists. With clean processing, in accordance with the manufacturing process sausages Above, this brand's products, after processing, are always delicious and ensure safety for tourists and product users.

Thanh Lich Cao Bang ribs

In order for the product to remain fresh and not have a moldy or rancid smell after reaching the customer's hands, the brand pays great attention to product packaging and packaging design. This.

Ensuring product safety not only ensures the safety of eaters but also leaves visitors with a good impression of the product. Therefore, now Thanh Lich Cao Bang sausage is not only a famous sausage brand in Cao Bang but also brings its products to all parts of the country and is welcomed by many people.

Address: 126 Vuon Cam, Giang Hop, Cao Bang.

4.3. An Tin ribs

sausages An Tin is the last location Travelgoda.com Introduce visitors to the selling location Cao Bang ribs most delicious. sausages An Tin is the brand chosen by most people here as a purchasing destination. Not only that, but this brand is also noticed by many tourists who come here to enjoy the products and buy sausages An Tin came as a gift.

An Tin ribs

sausages An Tin always values ​​reputation, so visitors who buy products here will never feel disappointed. Ribs of sausages An Tin is fresh, delicious, quality, reputable but the price is extremely reasonable, so it is known by many tourists and the number of customers coming here to buy products is increasing.

In order for the product to be guaranteed during travel of tourists, sausages An Tin will wrap visitors with many layers of paper outside the product. It can be seen that sausages An Tin is an ideal place to buy Cao Bang ribsthe product is not only quality but also extremely reputable.

So Travelgoda.com introduced to visitors a specialty of the Northwest region Cao Bang ribs. Through the above sharing, we hope that visitors will enjoy this delicious dish of Cao Bang people!