Ha Giang not only has beautiful, majestic natural scenery and mountains, but also has many unique architectural works. One of them is Cat King Palace – an extremely mysterious address that not everyone knows clearly. Right after this, let's find out together Travelgoda.com Explore this unique project.

1 Some details about the cat king's palace

Cat King's Mansion Completed in 1908 and construction started in 1898. King Meo's Palace is the result of a combination of design and construction between the Mong and Yunnan people of China.

King Meo Palace - A hundred-year-old palace containing many mysteries

Up to now, the house is more than 100 years old. In 1993, Cat King Palace has been recognized as a national monument by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. That event made this project suddenly become very famous and attract the attention of many customers.

Before starting to build this project, the Meo King consulted with many different feng shui masters from China. After calculations, the Meo King finally chose Xa Phin village as the location to build this project.

Cat King's Palace - A hundred year old palace containing many mysteries

This land is located quite high compared to the general level, shaped like a turtle shell. According to feng shui masters, the piece of land shaped like a turtle shell symbolizes the god of gold and turtles, promising to bring much luck and prosperity to the homeowner.

The house is built in Chinese style with the rooms built in a square shape, enclosing the yard. When you come here, you can clearly feel the new and unique features of this construction.

2 Address and directions to King Meo palace

King Meo Palace Located in Sa Phin commune, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province. There are many different ways for you to get to this location. The following are the methods that visitors often use:

  • Bus: If you are in the capital, you can take a bus from My Dinh bus station to Ha Giang city. The ticket price is quite cheap, so it is chosen by many tourists.
  • Motorbike: Motorbike will be a great experience for you to experience the road to Ha Giang. This is the choice of many young people, backpackers who are passionate about freedom and discovery.

King Meo Palace - A hundred-year-old palace containing many mysteries

3 Ticket price to visit King Meo Palace

King Meo Palace is one of the very famous tourist destinations in Ha Giang after it was recognized as a historical relic. However, this is not a free tourist destination. The entrance fee is only 25,000 VND, creating conditions for everyone to visit this mysterious palace. In addition, this tourist destination also has a parking attendant, so if you come here by motorbike, you don't need to worry.

King Meo Palace - A hundred-year-old palace containing many mysteries

4 What is in the Meo King Palace?

What makes Cat King Palace becoming a place that attracts the attention of many tourists when visiting Ha Giang. Right after this, Travelgoda.com will explore this mysterious project with you.

4.1 Architecture of the King Meo's mansion

Maybe the point makes Vuong family mansion What makes this building special is the blend of three cultures in design: French, Chinese and Mong. It is almost a unique combination that we can hardly find a similar project.

The Cat King's House has a total of 2 floors and contains up to 64 rooms of different sizes. If viewed from above, Vuong family mansion There are a total of 6 longitudinal houses and 4 transverse houses and it is divided into 3 main areas: front palace, central palace, and back palace.

King Meo Palace - A hundred-year-old palace containing many mysteries

The roof tiles of King Meo's mansion are made from baked clay. The roof has delicate curves and lots of moss, giving this house a very mysterious look. The entrance to the palace is quite wide and paved with marble, with very delicate sculptures.

King Meo Palace - A hundred-year-old palace containing many mysteries

The front palace used to be the workplace of the house staff and also their living place. Meanwhile, the central palace and rear palace are somewhat more private, where the host family lives and works.

King Meo Palace - A hundred-year-old palace containing many mysteries

Outside Cat King Palace There is a large horizontal plaque with Chinese characters hanging on it. This was a gift from King Khai Dinh. The wall surrounding this building was made quite high to prevent the enemy from breaking in from the outside. Behind is a large rainwater tank. The amount of rainwater that can be stored is up to 300 cubic meters. Rainwater stored is water for the whole family.

4.2 Extreme virtual living corners at King Meo palace

The Cat King is a house that possesses a very unique architecture that is very rare in Vietnam. Not only that, throne Vuong family mansion There are also many beautiful photography corners with many ancient artifacts dating back hundreds of years.

King Meo Palace - A hundred-year-old palace containing many mysteries

5 Top tourist attractions in Ha Giang near the Vuong mansion

5.1 Quan Ba ​​Heaven Gate

Quan Ba ​​Heaven Gate is an extremely beautiful Ha Giang tourist destination that you can visit right after visiting King Cat's House. Coming here, you can admire the romantic scenery of clouds and mountains, especially in the fall. Quan Ba ​​Heaven Gate has many beautiful virtual living corners that you should not miss.

5.2 Nho Que River

Ha Giang province is famous for Nho Que river. This river has appeared in many poems and songs, making every tourist coming to Ha Giang want to visit this tourist destination at least once. The clear blue color of the river water is like jade, bringing a lyrical and romantic natural beauty to an unbelievable level.

5.3 Pao's Real Estate

In addition to King Cat's house, Pao's real estate is also an ancient house that attracts a lot of attention from tourists. The house is quite old with typical architectural features of the Mong people. In addition, around the house is an extremely beautiful garden and flower garden that young people love to visit to check-in.

6 Notes when visiting the Meo King's Palace

When visiting the King Meo's mansion, you should note some points such as:

  • Mountain road to King Meo Palace quite dangerous, if you drive your own personal vehicle, you need to have a fairly strong steering wheel to ensure safety.
  • Bring a jacket to prevent cold weather.
  • You should wear sneakers to move more easily.
  • Bring necessary items.
  • There are many delicious specialties that you can experience here such as thang co, buffalo jerky, buckwheat cake, etc.
  • Adhere to the principles of King Meo Palace during the tour.

7 Check-in images of tourists at King Meo Palace

King Meo Palace There are many super beautiful virtual living angles. Many tourists have come here and created great photos that you can refer to below.

Through this article, Travelgoda.com introduced to you Cat King Palace, a quite famous tourist destination of Ha Giang province. If you have the opportunity, go to King Meo's palace to admire and enjoy the ancient beauty of this building.