“The land is rich, the sky is peaceful” – that is what countless tourists from all over feel about this sunny and windy Central region. When you come here, you will enjoy beautiful natural scenery. And certainly the trip will be more complete if you find an ideal place to stay. In this article, Travelgoda.com will bring the most authentic information about Cendeluxe Phu Yen hotel – one of the most popular resorts. Let's explore now!

first. General introduction about Cendeluxe Phu Yen hotel

Cendeluxe Phu Yen Hotel Class is considered a “rough pearl” and a symbol of Tuy Hoa city. This is also the first and only 5-star hotel in the province. The birth of Cendeluxe Hotel is considered to be a breakthrough for Phu Yen's tourism industry.

Cendeluxe Phu Yen Hotel - find a peaceful, green paradise

The resort has a total investment capital of approximately 500 billion VND with many large and small project items, owned by Thuan Thao Company. Not only does the hotel aim to provide modern accommodation infrastructure, but the hotel also possesses many convenient services to meet the spiritual needs of guests.

2. Address and instructions on how to get to Cendeluxe Phu Yen hotel

2.1. Specific address

The hotel is located at 2 Hai Duong, Binh Ngoc, Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen province. Located right on Hai Duong street, this is considered an extremely convenient location for all travel and living activities. This area is also the center of Tuy Hoa city, so it attracts even more attention. Time away from Cendeluxe Hotel Phu Yen to some key points:

  • About 15 minutes drive from Tuy Hoa airport
  • About a 10-minute drive from the city's public beach

In particular, the hotel is also located within the campus of the extremely famous Thuan Thao tourist area. There are many restaurant services, cafes… and exciting fun activities here. With such a perfect location, guests staying at Cendeluxe will certainly have many convenient and quick experiences.

2.2. Detailed instructions on how to get to Cendeluxe Hotel

First, visitors need to come to Tuy Hoa city by means of transport such as plane, bus, train or personal vehicle.

  • Airplane: This option is suitable for guests living as far away as the Northern provinces. Currently, there are many flights from big cities to Tuy Hoa airport by famous airlines. Tourists will save a lot of time compared to other means of transportation and ensure their health.
  • Train, bus: tourists in provinces neighboring the city can prioritize this transportation option. Furthermore, you can also admire the beauty of nature through the window on every journey.
  • Cars, personal motorbikes: this is a favorite vehicle for those who are passionate about “backpacking”. However, you need to research the route and stops in advance. In addition, those with weak driving skills should not choose this option!

At transfer points, you can rent a taxi, motorbike taxi, take a bus or book an airport shuttle service to get back to the hotel.

3. Design style and room system at Cendeluxe Phu Yen hotel

3.1. Design style

With the talented hands of French architects, Cendeluxe Phu Yen Hotel Completed with an extremely impressive appearance, attracting all visitors' eyes. The overall project has a luxurious and sophisticated style with extremely splendid decoration.

Cendeluxe Phu Yen Hotel - find a peaceful, green paradise

When you step inside, you will be fascinated by the space that is both sparkling with light, cozy and intimate. The airiness from the open design always gives guests a refreshing and relaxed spirit at any time.

Not only that, you can also admire the panoramic view straight to the top floor thanks to the tube-shaped architecture from the ground floor. The space that opens before your eyes is extremely breathtaking Cendeluxe Phu Yen Hotelwill certainly bring many unforgettable impressions to tourists.

3.2. Room system at Cendeluxe hotel

Cendeluxe Phu Yen provides a system of 218 rooms divided into room categories with different designs and accompanying services. However, everything is guaranteed to be spacious and fully equipped: TV with cable TV connection, free high-speed wifi, air conditioning, desk… Everything is thoughtfully prepared. for you to come and enjoy.

3.2.1. Premium class

The room has a city view so you can admire the vibrant and bustling life of this place at any time. If you are traveling in a group of 3 or have 2 adults and 2 children, this is definitely the most suitable choice.

Cendeluxe Phu Yen Hotel - find a peaceful, green paradise

The space is arranged harmoniously. The main cream color helps the room exude sophistication, gentleness and elegance. There are full amenities here to serve the minimum living needs, helping you feel like returning to your beloved home.

3.2.2. Deluxe Class

The design space of the Deluxe class is not too much different. The airiness and modern amenities are still highlights that cannot be ignored. Belongs to the hotel room system of Cendeluxe Phu Yen hotel So you can be completely assured about the quality of construction and interior here.

Cendeluxe Phu Yen Hotel - find a peaceful, green paradise

The modern bathroom is equipped with many free amenities that will surely make you satisfied. Don't forget to experience relaxation in a luxurious bathtub!

3.2.3. Suite Class

Suite room at Cendeluxe Tuy Hoa hotel bring a very warm family atmosphere. The areas are clearly divided for convenient living. However, the clever design helps keep the overall look from being heavy or stuffy, and also saves usable space.

Cendeluxe Phu Yen Hotel - find a peaceful, green paradise

A comfortable bed with high-quality mattresses and pillows is where you can lie down and get a good night's sleep. Here, a quality soundproofing system will ensure maximum privacy for everyone.

3.2.4. Presidential Suite class

The most expensive room in Cendeluxe Hotel Phu Yen Vietnam Includes main spaces: 4 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, 1 kitchen and 1 office. This is the ideal place to welcome Presidents, Heads of State, Ambassadors, senior officials or high-class customers.

Cendeluxe Phu Yen Hotel - find a peaceful, green paradise

Contemporary architecture and splendid interiors further enhance the class of guests staying here. The resort experience at the Presidential Suite will be an unforgettable memory during your trip.

4. Outstanding utility services at Cendeluxe Phu Yen hotel

Not only does it offer a variety of luxury rooms, the hotel also invests in many convenient services so that guests can have the most wonderful moments. In addition to the need for rest and accommodation, visitors will also be spiritually satisfied with modern amenities right on the Cendeluxe campus.

4.1. Restaurant

Restaurant system of Cendeluxe Tuy Hoa Serving visitors from 6:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Each place has its own unique space and extremely eye-catching layout. 4 restaurants operating together will certainly meet the dining needs of a large number of customers, even the demanding ones.

Cendeluxe Phu Yen Hotel - find a peaceful, green paradise

A team of experienced and highly skilled chefs always bring many surprises to diners. Not only does it impress with beautiful decoration and the dishes also have attractive flavors. If you want to enjoy light dishes and drinks, you can go to the Lobby Lounge. If you need to find Asian and European food, you can eat at Pipas… Especially, on festivals, the restaurant also has many great deals. for customers.

There is no need to spend too much time traveling, you only need to take a few steps to enjoy many of your favorite dishes. Such a great utility, right?

4.2. Pool

The swimming pool is built on the ground floor of the hotel. Just a few steps from the rooms, visitors can easily immerse themselves in the cool water here. The water in the tank is always cleaned daily, giving you peace of mind to enjoy.

Cendeluxe Phu Yen Hotel - find a peaceful, green paradise

The airy space also brings a comfortable spirit to guests. Here, you can also order your favorite drinks to sip and chat with friends.

4.3. Fitness Center

Travelers who do not want to interrupt their exercise regimen during their trip can go to the Fitness Center. Understanding customers' needs to maintain shape and health when traveling, Cendeluxe Phu Yen has brought quality sports space right at the hotel premises.

Cendeluxe Phu Yen Hotel - find a peaceful, green paradise

Here, the machinery system to support training and modern equipment are invested synchronously. The open design makes the gym atmosphere airy and cool, helping everyone get in the most excited spirit. In addition, you can also schedule training sessions with experts and coaches to improve efficiency.

4.4. Meeting

The hotel owns many meeting room spaces to meet the organizational needs of many customers. These include a conference room with a capacity of 200 people, a conference center with a capacity of 1,500 people… High-level meetings or international conferences are all suitable to be held here.

Sound system, lighting and many specialized equipment are equipped with modern equipment. A team of technicians with expertise and agile behavior will certainly support customers to the maximum to create the desired success.

5.Customer reviews about Cendeluxe Phu Yen hotel

From facilities, convenient services to service at Cendeluxe Hotel, everything helps visitors have the best stay. For a more objective assessment of this 5-star resort, you can refer to a few comments from guests who have stayed below!

6. Cendeluxe Phu Yen hotel room price list

Surely many customers will have some difficulty finding room prices because of the diverse room system. To get the most accurate information, you can visit Travelgoda's website to look up. In addition, you can call hotline Travelgoda to receive timely support from consultants.

We will receive all questions related to room prices as quickly as possible and answer them thoroughly. Besides, we also provide a lot of attractive information about promotional packages so you can save part of the cost of your trip.

7. Cendeluxe Phu Yen hotel booking information

  • Address: No. 2 Hai Duong, Binh Ngoc, Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen province
  • Phone number:

8. Some famous entertainment places near Cendeluxe Phu Yen hotel

8.1. Tuy Hoa Beach

This is a tourist destination you cannot miss if staying right in the center of Tuy Hoa city. Although it attracts a large number of tourists, this place still retains its inherent wildness.

The highlight of the beach comes from the long stretches of sand, one after another, embracing the clear blue of the sea. The whispering waves, the cool breeze, and the poetic and wild features make visitors feel like they are immersed in nature and heaven and earth every time they walk here.

8.2. Bai Xep

From the moment you come here, you will certainly be amazed by the incredible beauty that nature has bestowed on this land. Bai Xep is also the famous location filmed in the movie “I see yellow flowers on the green grass” by director Victor Vu.

You will be immersed in the cool blue sea water, breathing in the gentle breeze with the strong flavor of the sea. Not only that, the feeling of wandering on the rocks along the shore, watching the immensity of the sky and sea will make anyone extremely relaxed and comfortable.

Above is the article about Cendeluxe Phu Yen hotel with lots of detailed information. Hopefully through these shares, you can easily choose the right accommodation for you. If you have any questions regarding this vacation spot, don't forget to get in touch Travelgoda.com to get answers as soon as possible!