If you have the opportunity to visit the land of Bac Ninh with its famous folk songs, you can stay here Center Hotel Bac Ninh. Travelgoda.com We will provide information about this resort in the article below. Let's find out now!

1. General introduction about Center Hotel Bac Ninh

Center hotel Bac Ninh is a 3-star hotel, loved by many tourists and chosen as a place to stay. Throughout its operation, the hotel always upholds the motto “Bringing the best experiences with the best values ​​we have”.

Center Hotel Bac Ninh connects visitors to folk songs

Therefore, customers coming here will be served with many perfect services. All needs in daily life are met as much as possible and quickly.

2. Address and directions to Center Hotel Bac Ninh

2.1. Specific address

The hotel is located at 28 Kinh Duong Vuong, Bac Ninh city, Bac Ninh province. With its location right in the city center, guests staying at Center Hotel will easily move to many busy entertainment and entertainment spots.

Tourists in remote provinces such as the South and Central regions can also easily get here. Because the accommodation area is only about 32km from Noi Bai international airport. Roads are developed and vehicles are also very diverse. You will of course have many choices to suit your schedule.

Around the hotel area, there are many modern buildings and dining and entertainment services, making your trip even more interesting and exciting.

2.2. Detailed instructions on how to move

For visitors in the Northern provinces, the most popular means of transportation is the passenger car. Every day, at major bus stations, there are many bus companies serving routes running through Bac Ninh at different time frames. You should pay attention to the schedule, bus hours and stops to avoid wasting time!

For guests in the inner provinces, the travel distance is quite long, so the most optimal means of transport is by plane. However, there is no airport in the province so visitors need to book tickets to Noi Bai. From there, continue to catch a bus to Bac Ninh. Although the cost is more expensive than other means, it ensures health and saves time.

In addition, guests can also reach the hotel by personal vehicle. This is an extremely interesting form of transportation with many great experiences on the roads. However, this method is only suitable for those with strong steering wheels and good health.

3. Design style and room system at Center Hotel Bac Ninh

3.1. Design style

Visitors coming here will be strongly impressed with the modern, luxurious appearance of the hotel. Even though it is a large-scale infrastructure project, it does not create a feeling of mystery or discomfort. The green tree system planted right in front of the lobby brings harmony with nature. Thanks to that, the atmosphere is also much more airy and pleasant.

Center Hotel Bac Ninh connects visitors to folk songs

Stepping inside, the electric light system makes the whole ground floor seem bright. The waiting tables and chairs are arranged reasonably with colors consistent with the wall paint color. In addition, even the smallest decorative details are carefully selected, bringing the most perfection to the hotel.

3.2. Room system at the hotel

3.2.1. Superior class 2 single beds/ 1 double bed

Depending on your needs, you can choose a room with 2 single beds or a room with 1 double bed. Spacious space with elegant, elegant beige color scheme, enhancing the overall elegance. The lighting system is installed scientifically, both bringing sparkle and brightness to the room, while also serving the activities of guests.

Center Hotel Bac Ninh connects visitors to folk songs

The room also has windows facing the city. You can easily admire the different scenes of life here at every time of the day. After a long tiring day, lying back on a comfortable bed and admiring the sparkling, lively scenery outside, it will surely be a memorable experience for every visitor.

3.2.2. Deluxe class 2 single beds/ 1 double bed

The room can accommodate a maximum of 3 guests, including 2 adults. Stylish design at Deluxe's ​​class Center Hotel Bac Ninh There is not too much difference with Superior class. However, with a larger space, it cannot be denied that all activities here will also be more convenient.

Center Hotel Bac Ninh connects visitors to folk songs

The overall feeling is still luxurious and noble but no less close and cozy. Large windows are always a highlight to help customers' stay experience become more wonderful. Modern equipment is invested synchronously: flat screen TV with cable TV connection, free high-speed wifi, air conditioner, kettle, mini refrigerator… Thanks to that, most basic needs are met. All customer requests are responded to promptly.

3.2.3. Executive class

This is one of the room types that attracts the most tourists Center Hotel Bac Ninh. Guests will definitely feel extremely comfortable and at ease during their stay because of the airiness thanks to the windows that let in sunlight and wind. Because that is the spirit of tourists' exploration trips, they are always in the most excited state.

Center Hotel Bac Ninh connects visitors to folk songs

The interior of the room is modern and scientifically arranged. Even though it still has all the necessary equipment, the space is not stuffy or stuffy, and it also maximizes the usable area. You can use all amenities provided in the room for free. In particular, the minibar is integrated right here to help visitors relax without having to travel far. Sitting and sipping your favorite drink with friends and relatives in this cozy atmosphere is wonderful!

3.2.4. Studio Class

Staying in a Studio room will contribute to creating a memorable time during your stay at Center Hotel. The spacious area and rooms divided by function will make visitors feel as comfortable as living in their own home.

Center Hotel Bac Ninh connects visitors to folk songs

The bed is covered with soft mattresses and clean and soft blankets and pillows that will help you easily fall into a good sleep to regain energy for the new day. Right next to the bed is a compact sofa set for guests to sit and read books, admire the scenery or enjoy the cool atmosphere from outside.

The modern bathroom has a standing shower, toilet, and high-end eyewash. Modern lighting and luxurious design will bring much enjoyment. In addition, the hotel is also fully prepared with personal toiletries to make guests' lives more convenient.

3.2.5. 2 bedroom apartment class

Overall includes living area, kitchen and dining room, bedroom, bathroom. In addition to high-class furniture, the hotel also decorates with ornamental plants and fresh flowers to increase the freshness of the atmosphere.

Center Hotel Bac Ninh connects visitors to folk songs

From the moment you enter, you will be fascinated by the luxury of the living room. The deep brown sofa set stands out in the main cream color. The front flat-screen TV helps groups of guests or families entertain together. Both the living room and bedroom have large windows and convenient curtains. Besides, the desk also helps meet customers' official needs quickly.

4. Outstanding utility services at Center Hotel Bac Ninh

4.1. Restaurant

Not only the accommodation needs but also the dining needs of tourists are also paid attention to by Center Hotel. The modern restaurant with luxurious design style is a place that brings diverse and delicious culinary flavors to guests. No need to waste time searching or moving too much, you just need to take a few steps to reach the dining space right on site.

This is the right place for you to have a cozy meal with your family or close friends. The staff always listens to customers' requests and quickly serves with a professional style.

In particular, the chefs at the restaurant are carefully selected, skilled and have many years of experience. The dishes brought out are not only attractive in appearance but also extremely attractive in taste.

4.2. fitness center

For many travelers today, staying in shape and exercising is extremely important. Even during vacation time, this is essential. Understanding customer needs, Center Hotel Bac Ninh serving a modern fitness center with many specialized equipment.

Customers who come here to practice not only have machines to support their exercises, but also can contact experts to receive many useful tips. Thanks to that, daily efficiency will improve.

5. Customer reviews about Center Hotel Bac Ninh

Modern infrastructure, high quality service and enthusiastic service attitude of the staff are all good impressions that the hotel leaves on every customer who has stayed. Below are some reviews about this 3-star resort, please refer to it!

6. Center Hotel Bac Ninh hotel room price list

With many outstanding advantages, Center Bac Ninh Hotel always attracts a large number of tourists when visiting the province. Therefore, room prices here are information that many guests are interested in. If you want to know more, please visit our website Travelgoda.com or call directly to hotline Travelgoda.

The staff will quickly receive, answer questions and assist you with booking. In addition, we also update many attractive information about promotional packages so that you have the opportunity to experience travel at affordable prices.

7. Center Hotel Bac Ninh hotel reservation information

  • Address: No. 28 Kinh Duong Vuong, Bac Ninh city, Bac Ninh province
  • Phone number:

8. Some famous tourist destinations near Center Hotel Bac Ninh

Guests staying here can easily go to a few entertainment spots without spending too much time:

  • Ninh Hiep Market
  • Dong Ho painting village
  • Luy Lau ancient citadel

Hope you have found a lot of useful information about Center Hotel Bac Ninh through this article. Travelgoda.com Wishing you the most complete vacation time!