Tuyen Quang is nothing short of impressive with its nature full of life, majestic high mountains, and calm rivers. Here, there are still evidences that mark a famous time. Among them must be mentioned Mac Dynasty Citadel with unique architecture. Let's Travelgoda.com Find out what's special about this place.

1. Introduce some main features of the Mac Dynasty citadel

Citadel of the Mac Dynasty famous as a historical cultural heritage, formed over thousands of generations ago. Besides its unique architectural beauty, the citadel also contains countless thrilling and interesting stories about the nation's heroic past. Here is a symbol of the prosperity and power of the Mac dynasty in Vietnamese history. This place has witnessed many historical events and became a witness to the rise and fall of this dynasty.

Citadel of the Mac Dynasty - The enduring beauty of a famous citadel at one time

The monument was built attached to a special traffic route. This contributed to the prosperity and economic development of the region at that time. Even though a long time has passed, into the Mac Dynasty still retains its inherent ancient beauty. Architectural works are repaired and preserved, thereby keeping this monument strong and reminiscent of its glorious past.

Citadel of the Mac Dynasty - The enduring beauty of a famous citadel at one time

2. Address and how to get to Mac Tuyen Quang's citadel

  • Address: in Tan Quang ward, Tuyen Quang city, Tuyen Quang province.

Tuyen Quang is not too far from Hanoi, and transportation is now quite popular, so your journey will not be a problem.

Motorbike: The number 1 choice helps you travel conveniently and quickly. Travelgoda.com will suggest routes for you as follows:

  • Route 1: Hanoi inner city – Pham Van Dong – Thang Long bridge – Vinh Yen (Vinh Phuc) – Viet Tri (Phu Tho) – National Highway 2 – Tuyen Quang city – Mac Dynasty Citadel.
  • Route 2: Hanoi – Vinh Yen city (Vinh Phuc) – Son Duong district – Nong Tien bridge – Tuyen Quang city – historical relics.

Citadel of the Mac Dynasty - The enduring beauty of a famous citadel at one time

Passenger cars: Some Hanoi – Tuyen Quang bus companies for your reference are Ha Tuan, Phuc Tien, Hong Thinh or Cau Me. Bus tickets are extremely reasonable, with comfortable beds so you have space to rest.

3. History of the formation of the relics of Mac Tuyen Quang's citadel

Relics into the Mac Dynasty has invaluable historical significance, built in 1592 during the reign of the Mac Dynasty king to prevent enemies. Known for completing construction in a single day, this structure demonstrated the strength and determination of the Mac Dynasty in creating military works. Over the centuries, this monument has witnessed many historical battles, including fierce battles in the war against France.

Citadel of the Mac Dynasty - The enduring beauty of a famous citadel at one time

4. Some fascinating experiences when visiting the citadel

4.1. Admire the unique architecture

Citadel of the Mac Dynasty is a unique architectural masterpiece, rich in nostalgia and a symbol of Vietnamese resilience and national spirit. With an extremely quick construction time, this project has conquered viewers with its unique beauty and impressive durability over time.

Citadel of the Mac Dynasty - The enduring beauty of a famous citadel at one time

The citadel's architecture is very creative and sophisticated in its layout and use of materials. With a semicircular shape, the walls are built from large, solid bricks. The wall is up to 275 meters long and about 3.5 meters high, showing the diligence and determination in the construction process.

Citadel of the Mac Dynasty - The enduring beauty of a famous citadel at one time

A special point of into the Mac Dynasty is the creation of a small road inside the city wall, protected by a deep moat. This not only makes the architecture more impressive but also creates a mysterious and romantic space. With centuries of existence and witnessing countless historical events, into the Mac Dynasty still proudly standing, creating a must-see destination for tourists.

4.2. Stroll around the Mac Dynasty citadel

Coming to this citadel, you will enjoy the beautiful, relaxing scenery and harmony with nature. Surrounding landscape into the Mac Dynasty painted by freshness and full of vitality. Under the shade of green trees, you can feel the cool breeze, bringing a very refreshing feeling. Walking on the small road inside the citadel, you will feel the peace and antiquity of this historical site.

5. Other locations near historical sites

5.1. Nam Me Waterfall

  • Address: Khuon Ha commune, Lam Binh district, Tuyen Quang province

Another location close by Mac Dynasty Citadel but Travelgoda.com The suggestion you should go there is Nam Me Waterfall. The waterfall conquers visitors with its majestic and immense beauty. Here the water flows down from high mountains, creating a series of large waterfalls with up to 15 different levels. Each level of the waterfall has a unique beauty, the cool water flows down like white silk strips, creating a unique and attractive image. Surrounding the waterfall are endless mountains and a pristine and fresh natural landscape.

5.2. Na Hang eco-tourism area

  • Address: Na Hang town, Na Hang district, Tuyen Quang province

Na Hang attracts visitors with its charming, mysterious beauty. The clear blue lakes, surrounded by green mountains and forests, create a beautiful scene like in a fairy tale painting. When arriving here, visitors feel like they are lost in a fairyland world.

Sitting on a small boat, we can enjoy nature and enjoy the coolness in Na Hang. The feeling of peace and relaxation permeates every breath, every breeze caressing the skin, every sound of nature captivates people's hearts.

5.3. Song Long Cave

  • Address: Thuong Lam commune, Lam Binh district, Tuyen Quang province

Song Long Cave is famous for its unique and impressive scenery. Gifted by nature with magical beauty, Song Long cave is marked by stalactites with diverse colors and shapes. When entering the cave, everyone will surely be fascinated by the wild and magnificent beauty of nature. The stalactites were formed over millions of years, creating a space that fascinates people with its indescribable beauty. The deeper you go, the more you can immediately feel the comfort and ease from the cool, peaceful space.

5.4. My Lam Mineral Springs – location near the Mac Dynasty Citadel

  • Address: My Lam Ward, Tuyen Quang City

My Lam mineral spring is famous for its water source of over 40 degrees Celsius, the perfect place for those looking for a peaceful, gentle place. This location is quite ideal to experience moments of mineral bathing, jacuzzi bathing and medicinal bathing, helping to soothe the body and relax the mind. Entering the space of Mineral Springs, you will be immersed in the calm, pleasant atmosphere of nature.

The sound of flowing water combined with the cool green space from the surrounding forest creates a feeling of calm, helping the soul to relieve stress. Mineral bathing here will bring health benefits. Warm mineral water helps the body eliminate toxins and enhances skin and joint health. In addition, My Lam Mineral Springs is also a place for visitors to explore the unique culinary specialties of the Tuyen Quang region.

Mac Dynasty Citadel is a proud relic and is being preserved for many generations. When coming to Tuyen Quang, you should stop at this place to discover mysteries and thrilling stories. Travelgoda.com Hope you will have smooth and complete trips.