A place to enjoy beautiful scenery on Co To island is the lighthouse. This place plays an important role for fishermen going to sea, and is also a check-in place for many people who want to go. It's great to see the ocean and mountains here. Let's Travelgoda.com discover about Co To lighthouse Please.

1. Some introduction to Co To Lighthouse

Co To lighthouse is a symbol of eternity and authority over the sea. This place has proven its attraction for two centuries with its enduring beauty and undeniable role. Perhaps nothing can fully express the pride and magnificence of the lighthouse.

Co To Lighthouse - Check-in coordinates for young people

With 200 years of age, this location has been an inseparable part of the Co To coastal landscape. From the top of the lighthouse, the majestic natural scenery of the blue sea and winding high mountains creates a beautiful, captivating picture.

Co To Lighthouse - Check-in coordinates for young people

Co To lighthouse Not only does it help ships travel, but it is also extremely important in helping aircraft find accurate flight paths, contributing to the safety and efficiency of sea and air traffic. Every journey here is a memorable experience in the heart of every visitor. Immersing yourself in the space of the sea, feeling the magnificent nature is truly a special impression.

2. Address and directions to Co To Lighthouse

  • Address: The lighthouse is located in the eastern archipelago of Van Don island, Co To, Quang Ninh province.

The lighthouse is located just over 5km from the center of the island district. Therefore, the most suitable vehicle for tourists to choose to come here is a motorbike. Renting a car right in town is only about 150,000 VND/day. From the center, go along Dong Tien street – Hai Dang route – lighthouse. Although the distance is not too far, there are many winding curves and steep cliffs, so you need to be more careful and attentive. Especially choose a manual car instead of a scooter.

Co To Lighthouse - Check-in coordinates for young people

3. Opening times and ticket prices to visit the Lighthouse

Opening hours: from 5 am to 11 pm.

Entrance fee: free for all visitors. Here it only costs 50k to rent a motorbike taxi to take you up to the lighthouse.

4. The most interesting places to try when coming to the lighthouse in Co To

4.1. Experience climbing 72 steps at Co To lighthouse

The experience of climbing the 72 steps to the top of the lighthouse is a stimulating and emotional journey. The path from the foot of the mountain to the top is a trail, with many twists and turns, where wildflowers grow green. This is an opportunity to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the green forest. Climbing the 72 challenging stairs will be an enjoyable memory for you. Every step up is a step forward, an opportunity to admire the panoramic view of the blue sea and majestic mountains.

Co To Lighthouse - Check-in coordinates for young people

4.2. See all the natural beauty of the sea and islands

Standing from the top of the lighthouse, you will enjoy the full view of natural scenery. Here, the entire scene before your eyes becomes beautiful, with green colors all around, poetic and charming, captivating people's hearts. The beauty of the vast ocean opens before your eyes like a majestic picture. The vast blue water with the deep blue sky, portrays an extremely romantic scene.

Co To Lighthouse - Check-in coordinates for young people

Besides, the surrounding green mountains and forests are also a highlight that adds harmony to nature. Co To lighthouse will give you a feeling of peace, allowing your heart to experience moments of relaxation and sublimation.

Late afternoon is the ideal time to watch the magical and sparkling sunset. The last sunlight of the day is gradually fading, leaving only a little bit on the sea surface. The setting sun was so charming that everyone's hearts melted. The tranquility of the island seems to melt away all worries and worries. In Co To lighthousevisitors can immerse themselves in the vast space and endlessness of the sea, thereby enjoying the quietest moments of life.

4.3 Check in many good photos at Co To lighthouse

Many tourists arrive Co To lighthouse Everyone wants to have photos that will last a lifetime. With its natural and majestic appeal, the lighthouse becomes a beautiful backdrop to capture moments. At first sight, you will be impressed by its romantic and enchanting beauty. From the top of the lighthouse, the view is vast and majestic. The blue sea stretches endlessly, undulating and shimmering in the sunlight. The green mountains in the distance are like an artistic painting of creation.

Afternoon is the perfect time to take photos here Co To lighthouse. In addition, other photography angles such as majestic stone stairs and blooming flower bushes along the road are also ideal destinations for photography enthusiasts.

5. The best culinary restaurants near the lighthouse in Co To

5.1. La Ban Van Don Restaurant

  • Address: Thong Nhat Urban Area, Area 8, Cai Rong Town, Van Don District, Quang Ninh.
  • Phone: –

After checking in at Co To lighthouse, you can go to La Ban restaurant to dine with your family. This place has a long-standing reputation as the number 1 destination to experience island cuisine. Everyone who has enjoyed the food at La Ban is satisfied and appreciates the quality. The restaurant specializes in providing diverse seafood, hot pot, soup… with stimulating flavors and sophisticated presentation. Every dish is delicious and nutritious, allowing diners to imbibe the delicious taste of the sea.

In terms of space, La Ban Restaurant aims for spacious, luxurious and modern beauty. The common dining area is spacious and fully equipped with lighting and sound systems. In particular, the restaurant also serves the needs of small parties by designing a private VIP room. All diners' wishes are supported to the fullest extent by La Ban.

5.2 Jellyfish Restaurant

  • Address: Golden Coto Hotel 124 Nguyen Du Street – Co To Town – Quang Ninh

Jellyfish Restaurant is owned by Golden Hotel. This place has a large scale, can accommodate 300 guests, the design uses accompanying colors as highlights, extremely delicate and gentle. The table and chair arrangement of this restaurant is also eye-catching and unique to optimize space.

Menu of nearby restaurant Co To lighthouse All delicious seafood prepared skillfully by professional chefs. If you have the opportunity, try stir-fried tamarind snails, seafood hotpot, fish hotpot, and jellyfish salad. The prices here are extremely affordable, not as expensive as other places.

5.3. Co To Hai Au Restaurant

  • Address: Nam Hai – Co To town – Quang Ninh

This is a popular place to eat when coming to Co To Travelgoda.com Suggested is Hai Au restaurant. The first thing that attracts visitors is the location close to the sea, where it is easy to enjoy the cool atmosphere. The restaurant's decoration is also modern, airy, and air-conditioned. Coming to Hai Au, you will try countless delicious seafood of this island. In particular, there will be a super attractive bbq party on the weekend.

The above article, Travelgoda.com shared with you some information about Co To lighthouse. This is a great place for every tourist to stop and explore when coming to the beautiful sea of ​​Quang Ninh.