Con Dao – a small piece of land with dreamy, lyrical natural scenery and fresh, airy air, completely separate from the hustle and bustle of life out there. And if tourists are wondering which hotel to stay in Con Dao will introduce to you an extremely reputable place with quality and affordable prices. That is Con Son Blue Sea Hotel. So let's go Tico Travel Discover what's special about this place!

1. Some details about Con Son Blue Sea Hotel

Even though it was established a long time ago hotel Con Son Blue Sea Con Dao It is still a place that many tourists trust and choose as a resort when coming to Con Dao. The hotel possesses a luxurious, classy design and a prime geographical location, very close to famous tourist destinations such as Ben Dam port, Van Son pagoda, An Hai beach, Lo Voi beach, Con Dao prison. …

Con Son Blue Sea Hotel

Currently Con Son Blue Sea Hotel is constantly improving and enhancing service quality along with methodical and professional staff training to become one of the leading prestigious 3-star hotels in Con Dao.

Con Son Blue Sea Hotel

2. Address and detailed instructions to get to Con Son Blue Sea Hotel

2.1 Detailed address

Con Son blue sea hotel located at area 5 Nguyen Duc Thuan street, Con Dao district, Vietnam. With this prime location, visitors can easily travel to famous attractions in the area such as the beautiful An Hai beach, Lo Voi beach, Con Dao prison, Con Dao national park. …

2.2 Detailed travel instructions to Con Son Blue Sea Hotel

For a long time, Con Dao has become a famous tourist destination attracting thousands of tourists to visit every year. Therefore, there are many bus companies operating routes to this location. Below are some types of vehicles that visitors can refer to when coming here:

  • Plane: This type of vehicle has a fairly fast travel time and is very convenient and safe. Visitors can refer to booking flight tickets at Vietnam Airlines. Currently, this airline has 2 flight routes to Con Dao, departing from Ho Chi Minh and Can Tho, with about 3 flights a day. Travel time takes about 45 minutes, price ranges from 1 million – 2 million depending on your seat choice. For tourists departing from Hanoi, they need to travel to Tan Son Nhat or Can Tho airport to reach Con Dao. Currently, Bamboo Airways will operate a direct flight to Con Dao, so passengers in Hanoi will not need to spend much time transiting at the airport.
  • Ship: Many tourists choose this type of car to travel to Con Dao. There are many reputable and quality shipping companies that tourists can choose from such as Soc Trang – Con Dao Superdong high-speed boat company, Con Dao 09 ship, Con Dao 10 ship, Greenlines ship… Train ticket prices will range from 200-400k. Travel time takes 2 – 3 hours. A small note is that before boarding the train, tourists should prepare personal identification documents such as ID cards, citizen identification cards… to avoid missing the trip. During this trip by train, visitors will admire the poetic and majestic nature here, and enjoy the fresh, airy atmosphere that is not available everywhere. If you have the opportunity to come to Con Dao, please consider this type of vehicle to get around.

Once traveling to Con Dao, visitors can choose to rent motorbikes, bicycles, electric cars, taxis… to visit this island.

3. Space and design style

3.1 Design style

Con Son Blue Sea Hotel Possessing a modern, luxurious design with a fully equipped room system. Looking from the outside, the hotel looks like a miniature castle with delicate, meticulously carved motifs. The hotel is covered in elegant white tones, with views of the poetic nature and sky of Con Dao. The outside space feels spacious and airy, with ample parking for guests.

Stepping inside the hotel, visitors will be overwhelmed with a design that is both modern and luxurious, ancient and elegant. The pale yellow sunlight shining down gives this place a very “poetic” space, as if bringing us lost in small castles in dreamy fairy tales. In addition, the lobby area is also equipped with chairs so customers can sit and rest while checking in.

Besides, Con Son Blue Sea hotel There is also a spacious, clean dining area with a variety of delicious dishes. The hotel also has an outdoor swimming pool with a large area and integrated with many modern technologies, ensuring to fully meet the needs of visitors.

3.2 Room system at Con Son Blue Sea Hotel

Room system at Con Son Blue Sea hotel All are arranged logically and scientifically with a full range of different room categories. Daily cleaning and room cleaning is also fully guaranteed by the hotel. Below are some room categories of Con Son hotel:

3.2.1 Superior room class

This room type has a size of 25m2 with maximum standards for 2 adults and 1 child. The room is fully furnished and equipped with amenities such as high-speed wifi, flat screen TV, small table and chairs so guests can comfortably chat…. In terms of design, the room is modern and sophisticated, covered in elegant, gentle white tones with light yellow curtains creating a cozy space, giving visitors the feeling of being in the main house. That's my house.

Con Son Blue Sea Hotel

The room has a direct view of the green, beautiful nature, and the air is also very fresh and airy. Besides, the bathroom is also decorated very delicately and meticulously, full of daily living items, and the shower is covered with glass surfaces to create a clean feeling. There are 2 types of superior rooms: double bed room and single bed room, so depending on personal preferences, visitors can choose the right room type for themselves.

Con Son Blue Sea Hotel

3.2.2 Deluxe Room

Con Son Blue Sea Hotel

This deluxe room has a fairly large area of ​​about 30m2, with maximum standards for 2 adults and 1 child. Just like the Superior class, the Deluxe room class is also fully equipped with amenities, furnished with high-speed wifi, flat-screen TV, small sofa set… and a front view of the green nature, creating a very unique space. chill, poetic. The bathroom is also designed simply and modernly, fully meeting the needs of visitors.

Con Son Blue Sea Hotel

3.2.3 Room for 3 people

This room type has a size of 29m2 including 1 single bed and 1 double bed. This room type has diverse views such as overlooking the lake, the mountains, the bustling city center… The room is also fully equipped with modern amenities and furniture. Daily cleaning and room cleaning is also fully guaranteed by the hotel, to bring the best experience to guests.

Con Son Blue Sea Hotel

3.2.4 Room for 4 people

This is the largest room size, about 30m2, maximum standard for 4 people. The room has a modern, sophisticated design with a white color scheme and a marble floor creating a clean, airy feeling. In addition, this room class is equipped with many modern furniture such as minibar, flat screen TV… and has views of nature, sky, and the city center that will definitely bring you the most wonderful experiences.

4. Outstanding utility services at Con Son Blue Sea Hotel

4.1 Outdoor swimming pool

Besides the outstanding utilities, Con Son Blue Sea hotel It is also equipped with a large outdoor swimming pool, integrated with many modern features, ensuring to bring visitors the most relaxing moments. In addition, the swimming pool also has a view of the green, poetic and majestic nature of Con Dao. Imagine being able to soak in the cool water while admiring the beautiful nature, right?

4.2 Restaurant system in the hotel

Restaurants at Con Son Blue Sea Hotel Attracts visitors with its clean, airy space and rich and diverse menu.

The ingredients for the dishes are carefully inspected by staff to ensure hygiene before being served to visitors. All dishes are fully seasoned with sticky rice, suitable for the taste of most diners. Once you eat it, you will remember it forever. If comes to Con Son Blue Sea hotel Try experiencing the restaurant here, you won't be disappointed.

4.3 Staff

Besides the outstanding utilities mentioned above Con Son Blue Sea Hotel We also have a team of very professional and responsible staff. The staff here are all well-trained, always ready to serve customers, and always help visitors when they have problems that arise. The enthusiastic attitude of the staff is a big plus that attracts customers to the hotel, creating an unforgettable impression in the hearts of visitors.

5. Customer reviews about Con Son blue sea hotel

With service quality and service meeting international 3-star standards, it's no wonder Con Son Blue Sea hotel received many good reviews from visitors. Below are some reviews from visitors when they came here Con Son Blue Sea Hotel:

Phuong (rate 5/5) shared: “Rooms and equipment are clean and new. Staff cheerful and enthusiastic. Breakfast was satisfactory. If I have the opportunity, I will definitely visit again.”

Minh (rate 5/5) commented:Affordable price, friendly staff, good service, convenient because there is support for pick-up and drop-off from the airport to the hotel, central location, easy to catch a car (tram, taxi), service corresponding to price to pay. The meal at the hotel restaurant is quite delicious, the menu is diverse, easy to eat, everyone should try it.”

Chung (rate 5/5) shared: Best of the hotels near Con Dao. Clean rooms, great breakfast, pool and beautiful rooftop views. Only 200 meters to the beach. Will definitely come back again”

6. Con Son Blue Sea Hotel price list

Room price Con Son Blue Sea Hotel often changes according to actual conditions (according to room status or tourist season, etc.), so please contact us. to get the best price deals. Below is the official phone number and website, our team of consultants is always ready to connect to support you.

7. Reservation information at Con Son Blue Sea Hotel

  • Address: Area 5, Nguyen Duc Thuan Street, Con Dao District, Vietnam
  • Phone number: TravelgodaTravel_goda

8. Nearby tourist attractions Con Son Blue Sea Hotel

  • An Hai Beach (100m)
  • Lo Voi Beach (1.8 km)
  • Van Son Pagoda (0.7km)
  • Con Dao Prison (1.8km)
  • Con Dao National Park (3.9km)

So along with Travelgoda.comyou have a detailed review about Con Son Blue Sea hotel – one of the famous 3-star hotels in Con Dao. We hope you will have wonderful and unforgettable experiences here.