Possessing within itself a wonderful space of the West River, Con Son Can Tho attracts thousands of visitors every year. So where is Con Son? What should you do when coming to Con Son? Together Travelgoda.com Explore this wonderful journey through the article below!

1. Some details about Con Son Can Tho

Con Son Can Tho Surrounding the Hau River and green canals, you will have the opportunity to rest and breathe the clear, cool air. With beautiful and peaceful natural scenery, Con Son is the destination to get away from the noise of daily life.

Explore Con Son Can Tho - A tourist village characterized by the Western river region

Con Son tourist area Can Tho It is also known for its traditional houses in the Southwest region, carrying cultural characteristics of the people here. You can explore traditional wooden houses, participate in activities such as fishing or cycling around the area…

2. Location and travel instructions to Con Son Can Tho

2.1. Location

  • Address: Con Son, Bui Huu Nghia, Binh Thuy, Can Tho

Con Son Can Tho is a famous tourist area located between Hau River and Can Tho River. With the wild beauty of nature, Con Son is an ideal destination for those who want to escape the city dust and relax in a natural space.

2.2. Moving instructions

To get to Con Son in Can Tho, you can take the following means:

  • Plane: To get to Can Tho fastest, visitors can travel by plane. Coming to Can Tho, you go to Co Bac ferry wharf, then take the boat to Con Son. Traveling by plane will be quite expensive, but it also saves a lot of time for tourists.
  • Passenger car: If the budget is not abundant, visitors can choose to travel by bus. Moving in this form will take more time and effort. In return, the cost is quite cheap.

Whatever vehicle you choose, be prepared to explore the beauty of the Con Son Can Tho and enjoy wonderful experiences during your travels!

Explore Con Son Can Tho - A tourist village characterized by the Western river region

3. What time of year should you go to Con Son?

If you are planning to go to Con Son, choosing the right time is very important. Below are some suggestions on when to go to Con Son during the year.

  • Spring: This is a great time to Con Son Can Tho travel. During this season, green grass and flowers bloom on the island, creating a beautiful and attractive landscape.
  • Summer: If you want to avoid rainy days and enjoy the beaches of Con Son, summer is the ideal choice. You can swim, play water games and explore other recreational activities on the island.
  • Autumn: Autumn brings cold and fresh air to Con Son. You can walk through green forest paths or admire the autumn scenery on the island.

No matter what time of year you choose, Con Son is always worth exploring with its wonderful natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere.

Explore Con Son Can Tho - A tourist village characterized by the Western river region

4. Update the latest ticket prices to visit Con Son Can Tho

To enter the door Con Son Can Tho tourist area, visitors will not have to spend money to buy tickets. However, you will have to spend a small amount of money to pay for travel or accompanying services available here.

Explore Con Son Can Tho - A tourist village characterized by the Western river region

5. Must-try entertainment activities at Con Son Can Tho

Con Son tourist village is not only a famous tourist area, it also has wonderful entertainment activities that you cannot miss.

5.1. Visit and enjoy fruit at Con Son fruit garden

Visit Con Son Can Tho, you will admire the lush green gardens, shaded by ancient trees and enjoy unique fruits only found in this place. You can feel the natural flavors of berries, from passion fruit to mango, custard apple and many other fruits.

Explore Con Son Can Tho - A tourist village characterized by the Western river region

Travel to Con Son, you can learn about fruit trees, fruit care and harvesting processes from dedicated farmers. This is an opportunity for you to gain a deeper understanding of the work of farmers and at the same time appreciate their efforts in producing fresh fruits.

5.2. Watch snakehead fish fly

Flying snakehead fish in Con Son is a type of fish trained to jump through arcs in the water. When watching snakehead fish fly, you will see their dexterity and flexibility as they jump over barriers.

Explore Con Son Can Tho - A tourist village characterized by the Western river region

This activity is not only entertaining but also gives visitors time to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Con Son tourist area. In addition, visitors can sit on the riverbank or rent a boat to have a better perspective when watching snakehead fish fly.

5.3. Enjoy Southern amateur music

Don Ca Tai Tu – traditional music of the Southwestern region of Vietnam, originating from the late 19th century. This type of music combines traditional musical instruments such as zither, monochord, bamboo flute and trumpets, bringing with it a melodious and deep sound.

Explore Con Son Can Tho - A tourist village characterized by the Western river region

In Con Son Can Tho, you have the opportunity to listen to traditional music performed vividly and sincerely by excellent artists. In addition, you can participate in the performance, immerse yourself in the joyful atmosphere and traditional dances.

5.4. Making Southern folk cakes

Con Son eco-tourism area is not only famous for its beautiful natural landscape and is a destination for those who love Southern culture and cuisine. One of the entertainment activities that you cannot miss when coming to Con Son is making Southern folk cakes.

Explore Con Son Can Tho - A tourist village characterized by the Western river region

Entering the baking process, you will be guided in detail through the steps, from preparing ingredients, to processing and baking. Once completed, you will enjoy freshly made cakes in the quiet and airy space of Con Son tourist village.

5.5. Feed the fish rice

In Con Son Can Tho, feeding fish with rice is considered an educational and entertaining activity. You will be provided with rice grains to put in the water and watch the fish jump up to eat. This activity not only brings joy to participants but also helps you better understand marine life and the fish farming process.

Hand feeding the basa fish and catfish at the garden will definitely make all visitors excited. However, this type of service is only available at Song Khanh garden and has attracted a lot of attention from tourists. You can participate in this activity and become a fish feeder.

5.6. Check in Koi fish

Con Son Can Tho famous for its koi fish farming model in the fish raft village of Bay Bon barn owner. This place is famous for its Koi fish farming model and you will have the opportunity to admire colorful and rare fish. You can walk around the village, see beautiful Koi fish and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this place.

In addition to sightseeing, you also have the opportunity to check in with the Koi fish yourself, watching from a new angle to capture memorable moments. Checking in with Koi fish also gives you the feeling of being close to nature and discovering the daily lives of people in the village.

5.7. Slapping ditches to catch fish

Slapping ditches to catch fish is a very popular and attractive recreational activity in Vietnam Con Son tourist area in Can Tho. Here, you will participate in the adventure of discovery and challenge yourself in catching fish in the traditional way of the people.

This game is both entertaining and helps you practice patience and ingenuity. You will be guided on how to ditch and collect fish, from preparation to feeling the joy of catching a big and agile fish.

6. Notes when visiting Con Son Can Tho

To have the best experience when Con Son Can Tho travelvisitors should pay attention to the following notes:

  • Please prepare enough cash as there are no POS or ATM machines on the island. If you want to enjoy specialty dishes, bring enough money so you don't run out.
  • Pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness when you go through public areas. Con Son is a famous tourist destination, so preserving the environment is very important.
  • Prepare comfortable T-shirts and water sandals to facilitate movement through the canals and forest ponds of Con Son.
  • When exploring Con Son, follow the signs and do not leave the established path. This helps you avoid confusion and enjoy all the interesting destinations of Con Son.
  • Con Son has wonderful natural scenery and recreational activities such as fishing, horseback riding or watching the sunset. Take the time to relax and enjoy memorable times on this island.

7. Collection of check-in images of tourists at Con Son tourist area

The Western River region is famous for its charming mountain scenery and countless interesting activities waiting for visitors. Travelgoda.com Hopefully through this article you will have wonderful experiences here Con Son Can Tho. Wishing you a smooth and meaningful trip.