Surely when talking about simplicity, peace, and the greenness of nature, we will think of the beautiful coconut land of Ben Tre. If you are looking for a place to stop in this beautiful land, please visit Kowloon Hotel – peace hidden in modern beauty. So let's go Explore around this hotel Please !

first. A few details about Kowloon Hotel

Kowloon Hotel Located near the city center, very close to eating places. Coming here, you will feel peaceful and cozy like you are in your own home. The cool atmosphere along with the enthusiastic service of the staff will definitely give you the most relaxing moments.

Cuu Long Hotel Ben Tre - Rustic features of the river area

Not only is the space modern but the price is Tan Cuu Long hotel It is also very affordable, meeting the needs of the majority of customers. Besides, the meticulous processing in serving food Cuu Long hotel will also satisfy even the most demanding diners.

2. Address and detailed instructions to Kowloon Hotel

2.1. Address Kowloon Hotel

Kowloon Hotel located at 64 Dong Khoi Avenue, Phu Khuong ward, Ben Tre city. The hotel is located in a fairly central location, very close to restaurants and entertainment venues such as Ben Tre museum, Sense City shopping center….

Cuu Long Hotel Ben Tre - Rustic features of the river area

2.2. Directions to Cuu Long hotel

Ben Tre has long become a famous tourist destination across the country, attracting hundreds to thousands of tourists to the beautiful city every day. For that reason, there are many bus companies operating tourist routes to this city. For tourists in the North, you can choose different airlines to travel.

For tourists in the provinces and cities in the South, you can choose many different types of vehicles to move according to your personal preferences. Below are some types of vehicles that tourists can refer to:

  • Coach: This is a type of vehicle that is trusted by many tourists. This type of car is quite cheap, around 70,000 VND – 120,000 VND. Besides, customers can freely choose the departure time. The bus travel time from Ho Chi Minh City to Ben Tre takes about 2 hours. Visitors can refer to some reputable car brands such as Kim Hoang, Minh Tam, Hiep Thanh…
  • Motorcycle or personal car: If you want to have moments of immersing yourself in nature and experience the feeling of adventure with friends, you can choose a motorbike to get around. The travel distance will take about 4-5 hours. Besides, the hotel will provide free parking for guests.

3. Space and design style of Kowloon Hotel

3.1. Design style of Kowloon Hotel

Tan Cuu Long Hotel Designed in a simple, cozy style. The outside space is paved with transparent glass and painted elegant white, creating a luxurious and modern feeling. Entering the interior space, the rooms are designed in a minimalist style with white walls and light yellow curtains to create a feeling of intimacy.

Cuu Long Hotel Ben Tre - Rustic features of the river area

Surrounding the hotel is a fresh natural landscape covered with rows of trees that will immerse visitors in a poetic natural picture. Not only that, hotel It also captures customer psychology by offering extremely affordable prices, suitable for the majority of tourists.

3.2. Room system at Kowloon Hotel

Room system of Kowloon Hotel includes more than a dozen rooms. Hotel rooms are fully equipped with amenities including air conditioning, television, refrigerator, high-speed wifi… to bring the best experience to customers.

3.2.1. Single room

Single room Designed in a simple, gentle way, allowing up to 2 adults and 1 child to accompany. The special feature of the room's design is the intimacy and sophistication that makes customers feel like they are in their own home.

Cuu Long Hotel Ben Tre - Rustic features of the river area

The room also meets customers' needs when fully equipped with amenities such as air conditioning, television, high-speed wifi, mini refrigerator… Besides, the room is also cleaned very clean by the staff, ensuring protection. Absolutely perfect for tourists.

3.2.2. Double room

Cuu Long Hotel Ben Tre - Rustic features of the river area

Double room Cuu Long hotel There are maximum standards for 2-3 adults. Just like single rooms, double rooms also have full amenities such as air conditioning, refrigerator, TV… The rooms all bring a feeling of airiness and cleanliness, making you feel the freshness of nature in Ben Tre coconut land.

4. Outstanding services and amenities at Cuu Long hotel

4.1. Attentive and enthusiastic staff

Besides outstanding services and affordable prices Kowloon Hotel There is also a team of professional and well-trained staff.

The staff's enthusiasm and good working attitude, always ready to help guests when they have difficulties, is a big plus for Cuu Long Hotel, attracting a large number of customers to the hotel.

4.2. Food quality

Cuu Long Hotel always focuses on customer-centric criteria, so from the selection of ingredients, the hotel is carefully prepared, the dishes are rich in river flavors plus the enthusiasm of the chef who makes them. will make you remember forever

5. Customer reviews Kowloon Hotel

With the above highlights, it's not too surprising Cuu Long hotel received many compliments from visitors. Below are some comments from customers who have experienced here:

Tien Nguyen (rate 5/5) shares:Hotel with quite nice view, with a price I find very suitable.. Friendly staff, open to welcome guests. Will definitely come back again”

Ngoc (rate 5/5) commented: “The hotel is located near the center, the view is quite nice. The room is okay, clean. Breakfast is quite good.”

Hung Nguyen (rate 5/5) shares: “Excellent quality. The room is clean and the view is very nice, the rooms are quite spacious. Get free breakfast when booking”

Quoc Viet (rate 5/5) commented: “I had a company trip here and was welcomed professionally by the hotel. The hotel interior is quite new. Professional and friendly reception staff. I'm very satisfied. The food here is also great. I will be back .”

6. Price list Kowloon Hotel

Room rates at Kowloon Hotel often changes according to actual conditions depending on room availability and tourist season. Please contact for advice, information support and booking at the most preferential prices. Below is the official phone number and website, our team of consultants is always ready to connect to support you.

7. Cuu Long Hotel reservation information

  • Address: 64 Dong Khoi Avenue, Phu Khuong Ward, Ben Tre City
  • Phone number:

8. Outstanding tourist destination near Cuu Long hotel

8.1. Sense City shopping center

With huge investment from businesses, Sense City shopping center owns a large area along with many different outstanding services. The center has 2 floors including shopping and entertainment services.

Cuu Long Hotel Ben Tre - Rustic features of the river area

More specifically, Sense City shopping center also has the ultimate Galaxy cinema, meeting international standards. Besides, Fahasa amusement park and bookstore are also places you should try when coming to Sense City shopping center.

8.2. Ben Tre Museum

If you want to learn more about the beautiful land of coconut trees or want to have peaceful moments, Ben Tre Museum is the ideal destination.

Located among beautiful trees, Ben Tre museum gives visitors peace of mind. The Museum is built according to French architecture, with a red roof and windows carved with different shapes such as animals, flowers, birds…

8.3. Vien Minh Pagoda

Vien Minh Pagoda is one of the tourist destinations that you should visit when you come Kowloon Hotel. With more than 100 years of construction and development, Vien Minh Pagoda has a mixture of tradition and modernity today.

Cuu Long Hotel Ben Tre - Rustic features of the river area

The outside space is covered with layers of golden paint, the dome architecture is delicately carved, the yard is surrounded by layers of green trees, making the atmosphere in the temple also become more pure and airy. This is definitely a place you should visit when you want to have moments to relieve stress and find peace in your soul.

9. Places to eat near Cuu Long hotel

9.1. Hai Ho Restaurant

Hai Ho Restaurant is one of the popular restaurants with good quality food in Ben Tre. The restaurant's menu is quite diverse with traditional Vietnamese dishes combined with ingredients imbued with the breath of the coconut land.

With prices ranging from 200 – 500k along with excellent food quality, Hai Ho restaurant has captured the hearts of diners over the years.

9.2. TTC floating restaurant

If you love rustic dishes, typical of Ben Tre coconut land, TTC floating restaurant is a place you should definitely try.

The restaurant's outstanding dish can be mentioned as the roasted coconut rice and shrimp – a dish with a strong coconut flavor. Raw materials are processed meticulously and thoughtfully. All of these unique flavors combine to create a dish that pleases even the most discerning diners

9.3. Ninh Kieu Restaurant – Restaurant 5

With a location near the center, located in Binh Khoi Street, Son Dong, Ben Tre province, Ninh Kieu restaurant has long been a place that many tourists consider a must-try when coming to Ben Tre.

Ninh Kieu Restaurant serves dishes imbued with traditional Vietnamese flavor. Especially when coming here, visitors should try seafood dishes such as steamed shrimp, fried squid with fish sauce… These dishes are skillfully prepared by the restaurant chef.

9.4. Dat Phuong Nam cuisine restaurant

Dat Phuong Nam cuisine restaurant at Kowloon Hotel specializes in serving fresh dishes such as fighting chickens, geese, river fish… The dishes at the restaurant are all rated by tourists as very delicious and suitable for their taste.

The reason for this lies in the meticulousness in the cooking process and the chef's dedication to the dish. Besides, the restaurant space is also very spacious and clean. Coming to Dat Phuong Nam cuisine restaurant, we especially recommend the following dishes: Nail snails, steamed crabs, grilled fish… With prices ranging from 400 – 700k for a meal, Dat Phuong Nam cuisine restaurant is a place you should try when you set foot in the rustic land of coconuts.

So along with Travelgoda.comyou have a detailed review about Kowloon Hotel – one of the hotels with the best service in Ben Tre.