The scenery is there Da Ban Lake always creates a passionate attraction in the hearts of visitors. This lake is both large and beautiful, so it has become the hottest camping and sightseeing location recently. Those who like to travel can choose this place as a stopover. In the article below, I will share more details with you about this location.

1. Brief introduction about Da Ban Lake

A destination in Khanh Hoa that captivates many people is Da Ban Lake. Known as a large-scale water reservoir, this place not only serves as a source of water for people but is also a place of discovery for people who want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city. When you step foot here, you feel like you are stepping into a wild place, immersing yourself in the wonderful beauty that nature has to offer.

Da Ban Lake - A peaceful stopover in Khanh Hoa, extremely hot

Discover Da Ban Lake, surely everyone will be captivated by the surrounding scenery. It could be clear lake water, primeval forest, large rocks or pebble beaches. The atmosphere at this location is filled with freshness, peace and mystery. This is the number 1 choice for tourists to come to, temporarily away from the hustle and bustle. The poetic scenery here Da Ban Lake like a vivid picture, making every visitor's heart flutter.

Da Ban Lake - A peaceful stopover in Khanh Hoa, extremely hot

2. Address and how to get to Da Ban Lake

  • Address: Ninh Son commune, Ninh Hoa town, Khanh Hoa province

Located about 57km from the city center, Da Ban Lake is a famous destination for you to explore. You can easily get to this place by car, motorbike, or taxi in more than 1 hour.

Starting from the center, you can refer to the fastest route as follows: Nha Trang center – Tran Phu street – Tran Phu bridge – Ton That Tung street – Lac Thien street – national highway 1C – national highway 1A – Crossroads Da Ban – Provincial Road 7 – Da Ban Lake.

Da Ban Lake - A peaceful stopover in Khanh Hoa, extremely hot

This distance is the shortest, so visitors should consider it further. Another thing to note is that if you choose to ride a motorbike, check the vehicle thoroughly and thoughtfully, your journey will become much more proactive.

3. Super exciting experiences at Da Ban Lake are a must-try

3.1. Admire the beautiful natural picture

Da Ban Lake Impressive with its stunning beauty, standing out with the leaning trees reflecting in the clear blue lake. Coming here, you feel like experiencing an exciting adventure, where there are the loud sounds of wild birds, the whistling sound of the wind, or the sound of a gurgling waterfall or the clear sunlight shining. You will not be able to help but be fascinated by the symphony of forests, mountains and water.

Da Ban Lake - A peaceful stopover in Khanh Hoa, extremely hot

Every trip comes Da Ban Lake, you will be fascinated when you are free in front of majestic nature. Don't forget to listen to the delicate melodies of the mountains, forests and lakes. The feeling of relaxation and peace will melt your soul without realizing it. At that time, pick up your camera and capture amazing “virtual life” moments.

Da Ban Lake - A peaceful stopover in Khanh Hoa, extremely hot

Standing from the shore Da Ban Lake Looking out into the distance are rows of rolling hills, along with a number of small boats floating around, creating a very peaceful scene. Around the lake, small stones to giant boulders appear, making visitors surprised and amazed by the power and beauty of nature.

3.2. Visit Da Ban war zone

This location is also famous for the Da Ban war zone base. This is a part of the nation's illustrious history, where memories and majestic achievements in the resistance war are preserved. This place has each leaf of the revolutionary base of the Khanh Hoa Provincial Party Committee, marking heroic pages of history. Visiting the war zone, visitors will step into historical relics associated with famous events that terrified the enemy. scared.

Da Ban Lake - A peaceful stopover in Khanh Hoa, extremely hot

The Yen Ngua hills, where arduous and fierce battles were witnessed, have now become a living memory of the courage and sacrifice of heroic soldiers. Black Stone symbolizes determination and indomitable strength, bringing visitors back to heroic days. Visiting the Da Ban war zone, visitors feel like they are lost in the flow of history, feeling the vitality and strong fighting spirit.

Da Ban Lake - A peaceful stopover in Khanh Hoa, extremely hot

3.3. Experience fishing at the tourist destination

Arrive Da Ban Lake, visitors should also try fishing experience. Thanks to the climate and water conditions, many different species of fish grow here such as silver carp, snakehead fish, carp, rays… The fish in this place are famous for their deliciousness, toughness as well as sweet taste. display.

Those who have elegant hobbies should try letting go of the fishing rod to try their luck. This is also an entertainment activity so you enjoy new peace. The feeling of catching a big fat fish is unbelievable happiness, a source of encouragement and excitement.

3.4. Camping at Da Ban Lake

Not only possessing peaceful landscapes, Da Ban Lake It is also favored with cool weather, creating an ideal space for fun and relaxing experiences. This place is extremely suitable for people to gather and set up tents to stay overnight. Perhaps, this is a great opportunity to enjoy moments close to nature and create memorable memories.

Camping overnight, everyone can eat delicious dishes. The light of the fire mixed with the lyrics and singing will definitely make people forget all their troubles, creating a source of positive energy. Please prepare your tent and camp in advance.

4. Other tourist attractions near Da Ban Lake

4.1. Ninh Van Bay – famous tourist destination in Khanh Hoa

The most charming and beautiful beach paradise is close by Da Ban Lake That is Ninh Van Bay. Coming here, you can immerse yourself in the cool blue ocean space, where the waves gently crash and the sea is clear. Swimming at Ninh Van Bay is not only a relaxing experience but also an opportunity to snorkel and see coral reefs with diverse and mysterious colors.

Ninh Van Bay is also the perfect location for impressive activities. Tourists can freely try windsurfing, surfing, sailing or even fly-boarding to feel the vibrant life of the sea. These games bring new emotions, stimulate the spirit of adventure and challenge yourself. Don't miss the opportunity to experience camping on the golden sand beach.

4.2. Diep Son Island

Possesses a location very close to Da Ban Lake, Diep Son Island is like a precious gem in the heart of Ninh Hoa. This island is extremely hot, a familiar virtual living spot for young people. The wild beauty of Diep Son Island contributes to the unique attraction of this place. This is a place where nature is attractive with clear water, smooth white beaches and strange rocks.

Kayaking on the island is extremely attractive and super fun. You are free to sail through the gentle waves, admire the beautiful scenery and enjoy the tranquility of the sea. Exploring the island by canoe helps visitors see Diep Son from a new perspective, feeling the beauty of multi-dimensional space.

4.3. Hon Khoi – the most famous destination in Khanh Hoa

During your visit to Khanh Hoa, take time to visit Hon Khoi. The first impression here is the vast salt fields. Surrounding this place is the sea along with peaceful, natural rivers. The rivers flow peacefully and the vast sea looks like a wonderful natural picture, creating a feeling of tranquility.

The salt village in Hon Khoi has a scale of over a hundred hectares, and its pristine beauty makes visitors captivated and excited. Each golden ray of sunlight shines down on the salt grain, creating a special light effect, highlighting the shimmer and brilliance of the salt field scene.

5. Resorts near Da Ban

5.1. Resort Six Senses Ninh Van Bay

  • Address: Ninh Van, Ninh Hoa, Khanh Hoa
  • Phone number: Travelgoda

A place to stay very close to Da Ban Lake that you should refer to is Six Senses Ninh Van Bay Resort. With a style that is both Vietnamese and luxurious European, the entire resort has a luxurious beauty amidst vast nature. The most prominent feature in the architecture is the interior that is close to the environment. Natural materials but carefully selected and calculated.

Six Senses Resort's villa system completely faces the ocean. Each villa is carefully invested in architecture and equipment. This 5-star resort is also impressive with a series of services such as spa, gift bar, swimming pool, dinner in the wine cellar or party at the restaurant. These amenities are always carefully taken care of to help make your vacation as complete as possible.

5.2. Fusion Resort Cam Ranh Khanh Hoa

  • Address: Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, Bai Dong, Cam Hai Dong, Cam Lam, Khanh Hoa
  • Phone number: Travel_goda

Top class accommodation in Khanh Hoa One must mention is Fusion Cam Ranh. Thanks to its sea view location, this place enjoys the most quintessential things nature has to offer. The resort's architecture has both contemporary and traditional influences, contributing to creating a resort masterpiece. Every detail is harmonious, ensuring the space is both spacious and luxurious.

The resort includes many private villas and hotel areas. The most popular categories that are trusted and chosen include Chic Suite, Hideaway Pool Villa, Ocean View Pool Villa. Furthermore, you will definitely be completely satisfied with the countless different amenities at this luxury resort. Everything is carefully arranged to help each guest have a meaningful vacation.

So shared with you in detail about the destination Da Ban Lake. If you have plans to visit Khanh Hoa in the near future and want to find a place to picnic and camp, you definitely should not miss this place.