Da Nang 3D Museum is an extremely hot attraction, with an impressive attraction for many young people. Coming to the museum, you will see a series of unique works and live a virtual life to satisfy your passion. So what are the most interesting things about this place? Travelgoda.com Will share more details later in the article below.

1. Some details about Da Nang 3D Museum

Visit Da Nang city, go to famous places such as Non Nuoc village, Han River Bridge, Golden Bridge, have fun at Ba Na Hills or visit ancient temples. A place that perhaps young people wish to check in is Da Nang 3D museum.

Da Nang 3D Museum - Hot virtual living spot in the coastal city

This is considered the first museum to appear in Da Nang. Scale up to 4000m2, Da Nang 3D painting museum There are 9 separate areas designed into 9 different themes. There are currently more than 130 works in this place, created by famous Korean and Vietnamese artists. Each work is extremely sophisticated, showing the enthusiasm of the creator.

Da Nang 3D Museum - Hot virtual living spot in the coastal city

Walking around this museum, you will be delighted by the colorful beauty. Everywhere is arranged extremely reasonably, creating the art of visual deception. Therefore, every time visitors come here, they will feel extremely new, having their own corners to live virtually.

2. Address and how to get to Da Nang 3D museum

  • Address: Lot C2-10 Tran Nhan Tong Street, Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City

Located in Son Tra district, very close to the center so visitors will have more options to move to Da Nang 3D museum.

If you choose to take the bus, you only need to spend about 10,000 VND to get there. Tourists who want to travel by taxi should book through the app so that the price is not too expensive and they can hunt for many incentives, saving a lot of money on their trip.

Da Nang 3D Museum - Hot virtual living spot in the coastal city

In addition, young people exploring Da Nang like to travel by motorbike. Travelgoda.com We suggest you visit motorbike shops to rent your favorite motorbike at an affordable price such as Bao An, Truong Dat, Van Khang or Gia Huy. The daily rental price will be about 100,000 VND – 150,000 VND.

3. Opening times and ticket prices of Da Nang 3D museum

Da Nang 3D Museum opening hours is 9am to 9pm. You can also visit this place at all times such as New Year, Lunar New Year, and holidays.

Da Nang 3D Museum - Hot virtual living spot in the coastal city

Currently, Da Nang 3D painting museum ticket price there are many levels. Tickets are free for children under 1m, children under 1m3 are 100,000 VND/ticket, and adults are 140,000 VND. You can buy tickets at the counter at the entrance or reserve in advance via the fanpage.

4. Unique art paradise at Da Nang 3D gallery

With 9 separate zones, the museum will take visitors on a very special journey of discovery. Let's follow along Travelgoda.com Let's explore each area to see what's interesting:

4.1 Aqua Zone

In Da Nang 3D museum quite attractive with Aqua Zone. Everyone who comes here has a strange impression, like being lost in a very mysterious place. The beauty of the ocean is wonderfully recreated through paintings. Each painting is painted with talent and creativity, extremely sophisticated, with amazing realism.

Da Nang 3D Museum - Hot virtual living spot in the coastal city

In this space, visitors will encounter wonderful images of the ocean, with schools of sharks swimming powerfully through each virtual wave. Or is it the image of an aquarium castle that brings a magical, fascinating underwater world. The novelty and uniqueness of the Aqua Zone has attracted a lot of attention from visitors upon arrival Da Nang 3D museum.

4.2. Optical Zone

Optical Zone is a place where color and light are harmoniously combined to create a series of vivid works that always fascinate visitors. The artists are all talented people, with high aesthetics and the skillful ability to make the painting soulful, also seeming to create an illusion and deep depth.

Da Nang 3D Museum - Hot virtual living spot in the coastal city

Shadows are used intelligently to highlight important details to create a far-reaching effect and incredible realism. Da Nang 3D museum.

4.3. Central Hall

The central area – Central Hall is a beautiful art destination. The works are painted in high positions, recreating the charming scenery of the coastal city. Every delicate detail on each painting is taken care of, down to every line and selected color tone, creating a vivid and realistic picture.

Da Nang 3D Museum - Hot virtual living spot in the coastal city

Visit Da Nang 3D gallery Here, visitors will see the sacred Tam Thai Pagoda or the charming Ngoc Rong Bridge. The appeal of 3D paintings also creates a spatial effect, making visitors feel alive and mysterious.

4.4. Safari Zone

A great place to check in Art In Paradise 3D painting museum, Da Nang that is Safari Zone. This will be a place for visitors to be fascinated by the authenticity but also bring a feeling closer to nature. Safari Zone has captivated many young people. The feeling of chasing chameleons, running with reindeer, or admiring the majesty of rhinos is recreated realistically and impressively.

Da Nang 3D Museum - Hot virtual living spot in the coastal city

4.5. Fantasy Zone

If you love to explore mysterious fairy tales, you can visit the area. Fantasy Zone. From the first step, visitors will be attracted by the attractive beauty of unique 3D art paintings, where fairy tale characters come alive and close.

Familiar characters such as Snow White, dwarfs, fairies or fighting heroes are meticulously and meticulously recreated. This area of Da Nang 3D museum like a piece of childhood memories and happy dreams.

4.6. World Zone at Da Nang 3D museum

By admiring the beautiful 3D paintings in the World Zone, each visitor will feel like they are on an adventure in countries around the world. This trip does not require a plane ticket or an expensive tour price list. Instead, visitors just need to step into World Zone, where they will be immersed in the beauty of a series of attractive places everywhere.

This area of Da Nang 3D Museum very popular. From modern cities to pristine lands, every detail on the painting is faithfully reproduced. It feels like you are standing in the heart of Paris, or walking around the old streets of Tokyo or participating in the bustling life of New York, which is extremely wonderful.

4.7. Egyptian Zone at the museum

If you are a fan of ancient Egyptian culture but have not had the opportunity to set foot in this land, then visit Egyptian Zone. With the artist's dedication, Egyptian Zone conveys to visitors not only images but also the deep value and meaning of civilized monuments. This location at Da Nang 3D Museum like opening the door to the past for you to discover mysteries.

4.8. Imagine Zone's Da Nang 3D museum

Coming to Imagine Zone's space, visitors will have a hard time believing in the authenticity and sophistication. This is considered the most prominent place of Da Nang 3D Museum, where visitors can immerse themselves in a creative virtual world. Each eye-catching work is not just a painting, but an unlimited adventure, taking you from one surprise to another.

4.9. Classic Zone at the famous museum in Da Nang

Visit Da Nang 3D gallery, don't forget to check in at Classic Zone. This place helps you see more clearly and have a multi-dimensional view of each work recreating Renaissance characters. With new innovations in depictions, Classic Zone is not simply about creating classic works but also about introducing new, unique and sometimes humorous details.

5. Other tourist attractions near Da Nang 3D cottages

5.1. My Khe beach

  • Address: Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District, City. Danang

The beautiful My Khe beach is very suitable to experience during a trip. This place is relatively close to Da Nang 3D museum So the travel is also shortened. Coming to the beach, visitors will enjoy the blue sea water and interesting activities.

My Khe Beach is very popular with young people to try paragliding and surfing. If anyone needs to try thrills, they can challenge themselves with big waves and strong sea breezes. And tourists who want to explore the deep sea floor can participate in scuba diving, where they will be immersed in the underwater world. This tourist destination also attracts tourists because of its diversity in entertainment services.

5.2. Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang

  • Address: Bai But, Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra District, City. Danang

There is a very close distance Da Nang 3D painting museum, Linh Ung Pagoda possesses an excellent location. The pagoda is located on the peninsula and is extremely beautiful and impressive with the sacred statue of Guan Yin. When entering the temple grounds, visitors will see a peaceful space.

The Buddha statue is considered a masterpiece of art, expressing solemnity and majesty, symbolizing kindness. Visitors to this place will enjoy beautiful landscapes with majestic natural features. This is a space for people to find peace and feel the wonderful beauty of nature and spirituality.

Above, Travelgoda.com gave you a lot of information about Da Nang 3D museum. Before coming to this place, prepare yourself a good camera to enjoy virtual life. Hope you have a fun trip.