Da Nang – a city famous for its special tourist destinations. With majestic natural beauty and a blend of natural landscape and modern architecture. One of the widely known destinations here is Da Nang Con market, so what is it about this place that attracts tourists so much? Together Travelgoda.com Discover now in the article below!

1. Some features about Con market in Da Nang

Con Market is one of the busiest markets located in Floor 3 Hung Vuong Commercial Center, Hai Chau 1 Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang. With a variety of products, Da Nang Con market is an ideal destination for those who want to explore and experience the culture of this city.

Explore Da Nang Con Market - An attractive destination of the coastal city

In addition, this place is also known for its fresh seafood stalls and specialties that represent the culture here. According to many visitors to the market, you can buy everything here at a reasonable price.

2. Origin of the name Con Da Nang market

Con Market was originally a temporary market on an empty land dune, established long ago in the 1940s. Con Market in the past was located on A high and wide land dune was named “Con market” by local people.

Explore Da Nang Con Market - An attractive destination of the coastal city

Previously, in 1984, Con Market had a first name: Da Nang Trade Center. However, in 2012, the name was changed to Con market to match the local history.

3. Instructions on how to get to Con market in Da Nang

Located in the heart of the city, Da Nang Con market attracts a large number of tourists to visit and experience. The road is quite easy and convenient, visitors have 2 ways to get here:

  • Method 1 (travel from Da Nang bus station): Tourists turn right onto Ton Duc Thang street, then move across the Nga Ba Hue overpass. Next, go straight to Dien Bien Phu and Ly Thai To streets to reach Con market.
  • Method 2 (travel from Da Nang airport): Tourists go to Nguyen Tri Phuong street through Dien Bien Phu tunnel. Next, on Dien Bien Phu Street, Ly Thai To went straight to the intersection Mr. Ich Khiem Hung Vuong (area of Da Nang Con market famous).

Explore Da Nang Con Market - An attractive destination of the coastal city

4. Da Nang Con market specialties

Dubbed the beautiful name “culinary paradise”, Delicious dishes at Con market in Da Nang Full of delicious flavor for any food lover. Reasonably arranged into 3 main areas, outdoor dining area, indoor dining area and dry specialty area.

4.1. Outdoor food court

Warm Outdoor food at Con market brings a unique and unique flavor that cannot be found anywhere else. A strong point of Da Nang Con market cuisine is the quality of the dishes. Rest assured that you will enjoy delicious meals that will not only please your palate but also bring joy to your heart.

Besides having good quality, the price of outdoor food is also very reasonable compared to other places. You can enjoy these delicacies without spending too much.

4.1.1. Banh beo – tapioca cake

It is one of the famous national dishes at Con market. With rice grains that are less sticky and processed in the traditional way. After steaming, the cake will be served with sausages, spring rolls and delicious local spices.

Explore Da Nang Con Market - An attractive destination of the coastal city

4.1.2. Mi Quang

Although it is not considered a specialty of Da Nang, it is still prepared by the hands of Quang Nam people living here. The perfect combination of Quang noodles not only brings a delicious taste but also contributes to the reputation of the cuisine here.

Explore Da Nang Con Market - An attractive destination of the coastal city

4.1.3. Grilled pork vermicelli – spring rolls

Cheap but delicious, it is one of the most favorite dishes of diners at Con market. The flavor of grilled meat mixed with bean sauce makes anyone want to taste it.

Explore Da Nang Con Market - An attractive destination of the coastal city

4.1.4. Snail sucker

Fresh snails with a sweet and crunchy taste, stir-fried with traditional Da Nang spices always satisfy even the most demanding diners. In Da Nang Con market There are a variety of delicious snails at affordable prices that are worth trying once.

Explore Da Nang Con Market - An attractive destination of the coastal city

4.2. Indoor food court

Reasonably arranged, one side specializes in salty foods, the other side specializes in sweet foods. Da Nang Con Market loved by diners because of the blend of flavors that create the unique character of this place. One side of the food court specializes in savory dishes. Here, you can find famous restaurants with attractive dishes such as:

4.2.1. Pork rolls

Opposite to For any tourist who comes here, they must try pork rice paper rolls, a dish considered Da Nang Con market cuisine. Slices of sweet and fragrant pork, rolled with vegetables and dipped in fish sauce, create an irresistible flavor.

Explore Da Nang Con Market - An attractive destination of the coastal city

4.2.2. Butter cream

If you need to quench your thirst after salty dishes, buy a cup of avocado ice cream at Da Nang Con market. With clean ingredients made from Dak Lak avocado, this is considered an irresistible refreshing dish here.

Explore Da Nang Con Market - An attractive destination of the coastal city

4.2.3. Con market tea

With a variety of sweet soups such as Thai sweet soup, grapefruit sweet soup, mixed sweet soup… with many different toppings. Try it right after greasy dishes to stimulate your taste buds.

Explore Da Nang Con Market - An attractive destination of the coastal city

4.3. Dry goods area

Da Da Nang is not only famous for its long blue beaches and rich seafood, but is also a must-see destination for those who love dried food. Da Nang Con Market is home to many specialties that have become the pride of this coastal city.

The Dried foods such as dried squid, dried beef, beef fish, braised goby, etc. are considered rare and very popular delicacies. The quality and natural flavor of dry products in this area always captivates visitors.

Are not only at Da Nang Con market, The finished dry goods sold here can also be given as gifts or souvenirs. So, don't hesitate to visit this area to experience wonderful dried foods with unique flavors of Da Nang.

5. Experience going to Con Market in Da Nang

5.1. When is Da Nang Con Market open?

Da Nang Con Market is the most famous and busiest market in Da Nang city. This market is open from 7am to welcome customers from residents to tourists to shop and experience. With a scale of more than 2,000 business stalls, including one 3-storey building block, two 2-storey building blocks and 6 level 4 market areas.

If you intend to come here in the evening, you should arrive before 5:30 p.m. to be able to experience many cuisines because then the stalls will close. Although there are still stalls open in the evening, you should come early to experience all the cuisine here.

5.2. Shopping at Con Da Nang market

These Da Nang Con market specialties loved by tourists and chosen to buy as gifts for relatives and friends. You can refer to these delicious dishes as gifts after your trip to this coastal city:

5.2.1. Tre

A famous spring roll dish in Vietnam Da Nang Con market It is not just a common dish but it has become a symbol of this land. Made from clean ingredients such as pork skin, pig ears, pork skin and refined beef with bold flavors of Da Nang's hometown.

5.2.2. Seasoning sauce, shrimp paste

Are not are simply specialties of Da Nang city, but also an indispensable part of the daily meals of local people. With a delicious and mild flavor, not as harsh as shrimp paste, it is very suitable for your family's dinner table.

5.2.3. Beef patties

Smell taste of beef patties Da Nang Con market very unique and sophisticated. Beef is thoroughly ground, combined with natural spices to create perfection in each patty. When fried, a sweet aroma wafts into the nose, making people fascinated.

6. Things to note when going to Da Nang Con market

With the scale of the market being very large, when coming to Con market, there are some important notes that you need to remember to avoid encountering unwanted incidents.

  • Always check and pay attention to important, valuable items such as your wallet and cell phone. Since Con Market is constantly attracting a large number of visitors, it is important to focus on protecting all your precious things.
  • When shopping for items such as costumes and shoes, you should negotiate with the seller to get the best price. Con Market is famous for its diversity and competitiveness of goods. Therefore, negotiating will help you save costs.
  • Please arrange your time reasonably to visit Da Nang Con marketavoid coming outside the market's operating hours

With the above notes, travel to Con market will become an enjoyable and economical experience for you. Be prepared and enjoy shopping at this market!

Da Nang Con Market is where you can find great experiences and explore the unique culture of this city. Above is a guide to exploring Con market in Da Nang Travelgoda.com brought to you. Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and smooth trip!