Green Lake Da Nang Relatively close to the city, has a special attraction with peaceful beauty. Every time you come here, it gives you a unique feeling, a unique impression, and a unique experience. So where is Green Lake, what is the route like and what is so interesting and hot? Let's Find out all the information about this fun place.

1. Some main features about Da Nang Green Lake

Green Lake Da Nang Possesses beautiful beauty, making all visitors admire and fall in love. With its clear blue color, this place always leaves an impression on many people. Because of the clear water, you can easily see coral reefs and diverse schools of fish. Besides, the blue sky combined with the image of trees silhouetted on the water surface creates a feeling of relaxation and peace.

Da Nang Green Lake - Immerse yourself in peaceful, tranquil nature

Green Lake Da Nang not only a place to enjoy natural beauty but also a destination for entertainment and relaxation activities. The charming and lively scene is the perfect place for wedding photo sessions, virtual living or picnics. Sightseeing and relaxing in the vast natural space will bring unforgettable experiences and memories. Da Nang Green Lake ticket price It's 0 VND so you can freely visit.

2. Address and directions to Green Lake Da Nang

  • Address: Hoang Sa, Tho Quang, Son Tra, Da Nang city

From Da Nang center, you can take a taxi or motorbike to get to Green Lake. However, the most popular vehicle is still the motorbike. This method helps you freely enjoy the scenery of Son Tra sea, and is extremely proactive in your schedule.

Da Nang Green Lake - Immerse yourself in peaceful, tranquil nature

Route to travel to Green Lake Da Nang as follows: Da Nang city – Dragon bridge – Vo Van Kiet street – Vo Nguyen Giap – Hoang Sa – Linh Ung Pagoda Son Tra – Green lake. If you choose to take a taxi, you won't need to spend much time traveling. Please book a car through technology apps for cheap and safe prices.

3. When is the best time to go to Green Lake in Da Nang?

The best time to come to this place is in the fall, when the scene here becomes extremely romantic and attractive. Autumn brings a pleasant feeling thanks to the cool weather and gentle wind. The gentle sunlight of the sun shines on the water's surface, brightening its colors Da Nang Green Lakecreating a peaceful and relaxing feeling for visitors.

Da Nang Green Lake - Immerse yourself in peaceful, tranquil nature

Fall is also the time when flowers and grass begin to bloom around the lake. The colorful scenery of flowers and grass combined with the natural landscape seems to create a beautiful and very attractive scene.

4. Some special experiences when visiting Green Lake Da Nang

4.1. Enjoy fresh, pleasant nature

Green Lake Da Nang Extremely attractive to travelers to enjoy the cool space all year round. With clear and cool water, the lake brings a feeling of relaxation and comfort right from the first sight. Walking around the lake and breathing fresh air is a wonderful experience, helping your soul become fresher and feel more peaceful than ever. The sounds of birds along with the gentle breeze make the space appear vast and wild.

Da Nang Green Lake - Immerse yourself in peaceful, tranquil nature

4.2. Check-in at Green Lake is extremely eye-catching

Green Lake is quite attractive to those who like to pose virtually. With green covering from the water surface to the trees, this place creates an attractive and vibrant picture. Scene at Green Lake Da Nang It is truly a natural work of art, leaving hundreds of beautiful photos in the hearts of visitors.

Da Nang Green Lake - Immerse yourself in peaceful, tranquil nature

Late afternoon is when the scenery becomes especially romantic and much more peaceful. Each check-in photo at Green Lake is an indelible mark, a beautiful and memorable memory in the journey to Da Nang.

Da Nang Green Lake - Immerse yourself in peaceful, tranquil nature

4.3. Camping at Green Lake Da Nang

Camping at Green Lake is an activity for those who love adventure and discovery. This place is a super chill destination so you can choose camping. One of the benefits of camping here is renting tents at affordable prices. It is important that you buy some grilled dishes, fast food, and drinks to enjoy during your picnic. At the end of the week, groups of friends are selected Green Lake in Da Nang for camping and organizing fun activities.

Da Nang Green Lake - Immerse yourself in peaceful, tranquil nature

4.4. Experience fishing Green Lake Da Nang extremely impressive

One experience you should try at Green Lake is fishing. Remember to bring a fishing rod. The feeling every time you catch a fish is indescribable joy and happiness. This is probably a can't-miss activity for those who want to rediscover immersion in natural space and enjoy a simple, meaningful life.

5. Some notes to keep in mind when visiting Green Lake in Da Nang

When you want to come Green Lake Da Nangthere are some important notes you need to keep in mind to ensure safety and a perfect experience:

  • Avoid visiting Green Lake on rainy days or unstable weather. This helps you avoid risks and protect your health.
  • Prepare enough equipment and tools if you intend to camp at Green Lake. Make sure you have a tent, sleeping bag, and other essentials to spend the night comfortably and safely.
  • Bring sunscreen and sunscreen to protect your skin. This helps avoid sunburn and skin damage while visiting and playing at the lake.
  • At night here is often quite deserted and there is a high risk of unsafety. If you plan to camp, choose safe areas and camp with many people.
  • Always pay attention to children and keep them close to you during sightseeing and playing time. Avoid leaving children close to the lake shore to prevent unwanted risks from occurring.

6. Suggested tourist attractions near Da Nang Green Lake

6.1. Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang

  • Address: Son Tra Peninsula, Tho Quang ward, Son Tra district, Da Nang city
  • Reference opening hours: 6am – 9pm

On the road leading to Green Lake Da Nang, you can stop at Linh Ung Pagoda. With a view of the blue sea, the temple is a place of peace and quiet. The highlight of the pagoda is the beautiful Avalokiteśvara Buddha Statue, with majesty and serenity. When visiting the temple, you have the opportunity to sightsee, calm down and pray. This is an opportunity for everyone to seek peace, happiness and pray for fortune in their lives.

6.2. Chess Board Peak

  • Address: Son Tra Peninsula, Tho Quang ward, Son Tra district, Da Nang city
  • Opening hours for reference: 24 hours

Ban Co Peak is the largest and most beautiful mountain peak in Da Nang. The scenery here is like a wonderful paradise, attractive and enchanting at first sight. The mountains are vast and vast, surrounded by soaring peaks, creating a wild and impressive picture. The mountain top is covered with clouds, making the space even more mysterious. At the top of the mountain, visitors can see the statue of Tien Ong standing firmly, his face thoughtful.

6.3. Han River Bridge

  • Address: Bridge over Han River, An Hai Bac, Son Tra, Da Nang
  • Reference ticket price: Free

Way Green Lake Da Nang Just a few kilometers, Song Han Bridge stretches across the river attractively. In the evening, when the sun goes down and the sky turns dark, the lights from the bridge sparkle, painting a sparkling and romantic landscape. Coming here, you can find moments of relaxation, immersing yourself in a beautiful space. A fun way to explore this place is to cruise the river by boat. From there, visitors can see the bridge from a new perspective, enjoy the beauty of the architecture and feel the romance of the Han River.

7. Suggested places to stay close to Green Lake

7.1. Intercontinental Danang Resort

  • Address: Bai Bac, Son Tra, Da Nang
  • Phone number: Travelgoda

Intercontinental has a charming sea view, not far away Green Lake Da Nang. Surrounded by lush green nature, the resort offers a wonderful vacation. The resort's architecture is elegant, classic and very modern with the main color being black and white. This creates a harmonious and impressive picture, attracting the eyes of every visitor. There are many luxury room types such as Penthouse, Bai Bac Bay Villa, Residence Villa and Ghenh Da Villa…

In addition, the Intercontinental resort also owns an infinity swimming pool facing the sea, 3 culinary restaurants, a luxurious spa area and an entertainment area. All of these amenities fully meet standards and are worthy of the international 5-star title.

7.2 Golden Bay Da Nang

  • Address: No. 1 Le Van Duyet, Nai Hien Dong, Son Tra, Da Nang
  • Phone number: Travel_goda

Golden Bay is a luxurious and trendy destination suggest. With gold-plated decoration, the hotel creates an extremely noble and classy space. With a total of 949 rooms, each room is designed with elegant, elegant and cozy colors.

The culinary space at Golden Bay is equally impressive, with a variety of restaurants, bars and afternoon tea lounges. The infinity pool is a special feature of the hotel, where guests can relax and enjoy wonderful views of the sea. The modern sports room and spa area are also perfect for your vacation.

Green Lake Da Nang famous, not noisy and bustling but on the contrary very quiet and peaceful. That is probably the reason why this location attracts visitors all year round. Hope the above sharing of will provide you with more information.