Besides the scenic spots, historical relics, and architectural works, Da Lat is also the land of many types of fresh and quality plants, fruits, and vegetables – ingredients of many products. from nature. Today, will introduce to you one of the extremely outstanding specialties of the foggy city – Dalat artichoke tea.

1. Introducing Dalat Artichoke Tea

When talking about Da Lat, we cannot forget the image of a cool city all year round with extremely romantic chilly weather. Therefore, many people want to travel here to have the opportunity to enjoy this romantic atmosphere.

Dalat Artichoke Tea - Golden food for health

Besides, tourists visiting Da Lat also want to enjoy many of the extremely green, clean and good quality natural specialties here such as strawberries, avocados,… And speaking of the most outstanding specialties, definitely cannot be missed Dalat artichoke tea – one of the products that receives a lot of love from domestic and foreign tourists.

2. Uses of Dalat Artichoke Tea

Dalat artichoke tea Made from the flowers and leaves of the artichoke plant, famous for many people and sought after because it contains many vitamins and minerals that have good effects on the body. First, drinking a lot of artichoke tea has been researched to have good effects on patients with bowel, stomach, and gastrointestinal problems. Besides, Dalat artichoke tea It also contains antioxidants that help prevent cancer, beautify the skin, eliminate toxins in the liver and kidneys, are good for the heart, help lose weight and improve blood sugar levels.

Dalat Artichoke Tea - Golden food for health

With many benefits, Dalat artichoke tea Trusted and used daily by many people of all ages. Note that you should drink tea after meals and consume it after 16 hours to avoid insomnia. You should only brew the right amount and use the tea during the day to avoid spoilage.

3. Types of Dalat Artichoke Tea

If you still have concerns about the products Dalat artichoke tealet us introduce a few types of products that people often choose to buy.

Dried artichokes

Dried from natural artichoke cotton, this product retains its shape and texture, and is often chosen as a gift during meetings and festivals.

Dalat Artichoke Tea - Golden food for health

Canned artichoke tea bags

With an extremely convenient filter bag, you can easily carry it and prepare it at many different times of the day.

Dalat Artichoke Tea - Golden food for health

Da Lat artichoke tea bags

In large packages, products Dalat artichoke tea Can be easily purchased in large quantities to serve parties and use in gatherings with many people, extremely convenient.

Dalat Artichoke Tea - Golden food for health

4. Some reputable and quality Dalat Artichoke Tea brands

If you are still wondering about choosing a brand Dalat artichoke tea reputable, please refer to a few top names that have received many compliments and good reviews from consumers.

Vinh Tien Artichoke Tea

As one of the long-established brands since 1996, Vinh Tien with its products Dalat artichoke tea always receives a lot of love from many domestic and foreign customers. The company's herbal tea products in general and artichoke tea in particular have for many years been honored among the top high-quality Vietnamese products. The company's products also commit to not using preservatives or additives that affect consumers' health.

Dalat Artichoke Tea - Golden food for health

Dalat Ladophar artichoke tea

Processed on a modern production line with many advanced technologies, Dalat artichoke tea Ladophar still retains nutrients that are good for everyone's health. By putting consumer health first, the Ladophar brand specializes in providing products with delicious flavors and many good uses and has processing and packaging processes that ensure food safety and hygiene.

Dalat Artichoke Tea - Golden food for health

Hung Phat Artichoke Tea

As one of the pioneering companies in the field of manufacturing functional foods that are beneficial to users' health, it continuously has products exported to demanding markets such as England, France, Germany,…

Dalat Artichoke Tea - Golden food for health

Da Lat artichoke tea Hung Phat promises to bring you a delicious drink that brings many health benefits. With modern filter bags, you can easily carry it with you to mix and enjoy at any time of the day with friends and loved ones.

Dai Gia Artichoke Tea

Considered one of the leading tea brands in Vietnam, through the process of formation and development, the Dai Gia brand has become one of many popular names and won many major awards in Vietnam.

Dalat Artichoke Tea - Golden food for health

With ingredients of 100% natural artichokes tested and researched and processed by leading experts, the company's products still retain the natural flavor of the ingredients.

L'angfarm artichoke tea

L'ang Farm is one of the brands that is extremely familiar to Da Lat people and tourists from near and far. With a variety of fresh, good quality agricultural products and dedicated service attitude of the staff, L'angfarm offers users many products such as fruit jam, dried fruit, tea bags, ….

Dalat Artichoke Tea - Golden food for health

Each of the company's products is carefully cared for, from the exterior design to the quality of the product inside. In particular, products Dalat artichoke tea Very trusted and favored by many people every time they visit the store.

Ngoc Duy Artichoke Tea

Through a long and thorough research process with a team of professional staff, Ngoc Duy has created many artichoke products such as Dalat Artichoke Tea, Artichoke extract and pure dried artichoke cotton with high quality, meeting customer needs. The brand also distributes its products in many stores and supermarkets to reach a wide range of customers.

Dalat Artichoke Tea - Golden food for health

Hany artichoke tea

Artichoke Hany is one of the extremely prominent tea brands on today's list. With a mission for the health of customers, the company always diligently researches day and night to create the best products at reasonable prices. Dalat artichoke tea The company's products are also one of the best-selling products on the market because they have many good uses for the body such as clearing heat, detoxifying, cooling the liver, helping to stay awake,…

Dalat Artichoke Tea - Golden food for health

Cozy artichoke tea

For customers who love canned tea products, Cozy no longer seems to be a strange name. With famous products such as lemon tea, peach tea, and passion fruit tea, Cozy offers users a wide variety of options at reasonable prices suitable for many customers.

Dalat Artichoke Tea - Golden food for health

Hoa Lam red artichoke tea

Is the product Dalat artichoke tea Extremely unique, different from traditional hot drying technology, Hoa Lam uses cold drying technology to create the company's exclusive tea products with delicious flavor, beautiful color and extremely seductive scent. Besides, you can also use tea combined with some folk remedies such as red apples, goji berries, and longan to make the flavor more rich.

Dalat Artichoke Tea - Golden food for health

5. Some notes when buying and using Dalat Artichoke Tea

Below are some extremely important notes when choosing to buy and consume Dalat artichoke tea but collected for your reference.

  • Choose to buy the product Dalat artichoke tea at reputable establishments that are highly rated and have good reviews from the majority of consumers to avoid the situation of fake and poor quality goods at cheap prices spreading on the market.

Dalat Artichoke Tea - Golden food for health

  • Use tcheck artichoke correct dosage as recommended by the manufacturer and avoid consuming too much as it can cause insomnia. At the same time, use tea regularly and in the right dosage to see the most obvious results.

So shared with you another specialty of the foggy city – Dalat artichoke tea. Thank you for always trusting and supporting us. Wishing you always have memorable journeys of travel and culinary discovery.