Ben Tre is famous as the “paradise” of the Western coconut forest. With rows of green coconut trees and peaceful water canals, Ben Tre is the perfect destination for those who want to explore the diversity of culture and nature in the Southwest. So Ben Tre travel What's special? Explore together in this article!

1. Brief introduction about Ben Tre

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Ben Tre tourist area is a destination not to be missed. This place gives visitors the opportunity to explore pristine nature, dim forest paths, and blue fields. Visitors can immerse themselves in Mekong River boat tours to admire the lives of indigenous people and enjoy the peaceful space.

2. What time of year should you go to Ben Tre?

When is the best time to Ben Tre travel? That is the question that many tourists are interested in when planning a trip to this lush green land. With a temperate and tropical climate, Ben Tre can be explored at any time of the year.

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However, to avoid rainy days and strong winds, you can choose to go from December to April. During this period, not only will you avoid the intense heat of summer, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the fields. Bright golden ripe rice. In addition, you can also enjoy the sweet fruits of this land.

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In addition, if you want to explore the rainy season and enjoy the charming beauty of Ben Tre, you can plan to travel from mid-April until the end of August. Rain makes Ben Tre's landscape become lush. More, the trees are green and the river is bright. This is your chance to explore the Ben Tre tourist area from a new perspective.

3. Instructions for traveling to Ben Tre

3.1. Instructions for traveling to Ben Tre

There are many ways to travel to Ben Tre. Below are some transportation methods you can refer to:

  • Bus: To get to Ben Tre by bus, you can find bus companies or bus stations in the Saigon area and choose the route to Ben Tre. Bus companies usually have fixed schedules and reasonable ticket prices.
  • Motorbike: If you love nature and want to enjoy the roads, you should go by motorbike. This will allow you to freely move around and explore the accommodations Ben Tre tourist area at will.
  • Car: Traveling by car, use maps or navigation apps to find routes from where you live to Ben Tre. Make sure to check information about traffic and driving laws for a safe and convenient journey.
  • Plane: If you depart from Hanoi, traveling by plane is the best choice for you. Ben Tre has an airport nearby, so you should find out how to fly from Hanoi to the airport near Ben Tre and then travel to your destination.

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3.2. What means of transport do you use to travel in Ben Tre?

  • Taxi: To move around in Ben Tre, you can rent a taxi to conveniently and quickly travel between different tourist areas and areas.
  • Motorbike: This is a convenient and flexible form of travel Ben Tre travel. You can rent a car to explore tourist attractions in Ben Tre at a fairly cheap cost, only about 80,000 VND/day.

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4. Famous Ben Tre tourist destinations, a must-visit

4.1. Con Quy underwater eco-tourism area

When it comes to Ben Tre, tourists cannot miss the Con Quy ecological area. This is the perfect destination for those who want to explore nature and enjoy life below the river.

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At Con Quy, you can try activities such as rowing on the river, fishing or sightseeing by forest canoe. In addition, you also have the opportunity to explore clean fruit and vegetable gardens around this area.

4.2. Nguyen Dinh Chieu's mausoleum area

Nguyen Dinh Chieu's mausoleum is a place to commemorate and preserve the poet's cultural heritage. That is the famous man Nguyen Dinh Chieu – a person who has made an important contribution to the history and culture of the Vietnamese nation. This is not only a place to commemorate and pay tribute to him, but also gives visitors profound cultural experiences.

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The mausoleum area has airy green space, very suitable for you to roam and relax after exploring the relics. You can sit down, immerse yourself in the quiet space and fresh air at Ben Tre eco-tourism area.

4.3. Roman Church

The Roman church was built in the late 19th century, with a classic European architectural style. With meticulous details and exquisite design, this church attracts the attention of visitors. Inside, you will admire the beautiful murals and works of art that make up the charm of this building.

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As a symbol of trust and faith, this is a peaceful stop where visitors can pray or express gratitude when Ben Tre travel. Not only a religious building, this church is also a place to attract tourists who love art and architecture.

4.4. Lach Market Flower Village

Known as a paradise of ornamental plants, Cho Lach ornamental flower village attracts visitors with its wonderful beauty and diversity of plant species. Exploring this place, you can delight in admiring thousands of different flower species and sprawling green gardens.

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At the flower village, you can admire hundreds of rare ornamental plants displayed elaborately and meticulously. From sophisticated bonsai to fruit trees, from wild orchids to colorful roses. All create an enchanting natural scene Ben Tre tourist area.

4.5. Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary

Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary is a large conservation area in Ben Tre tourist area, covered by green and cool fields. This is home to hundreds of rare bird species, attracting the attention of scientists and nature lovers.

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When you visit the bird sanctuary, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the wild beauty and chirping sounds of birds. In particular, in spring and autumn, when thousands of migratory birds gather here, you will witness extremely special and attractive scenes.

5. Prestigious and quality resorts in Ben Tre tourist area

5.1. Mekong Hotel Ben Tre

  • Address: 232A Dong Khoi Avenue, Ben Tre
  • Contact number: Travel_goda

Located right on the riverbank, Mekong hotel gives visitors a friendly feeling and peaceful space. In addition, this hotel also has services: spa, gym, etc. so customers can relax after work and play.

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5.2. Ben Tre Riverside Resort

  • Address: 708 Nguyen Van Tu Street, Ben Tre
  • Contact number: Travel_goda

When coming to Ben Tre Riverside Resort, visitors can immerse themselves in a cool green space. The resort has many large, modern and comfortable apartments and villas. From the room, guests can see the My Tho river and green fields filled with trees.

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5.3. Diamond Stars Hotel

  • Address: 140 Hung Vuong Street, An Hoi Ward, Ben Tre
  • Contact number: Travel_goda

Diamond Stars Hotel is a gathering place of top entertainment facilities and services. With spacious and comfortable rooms. The hotel offers guests a private space to relax after exploratory trips Ben Tre tourist attractions.

Discover the complete and extremely detailed Ben Tre travel experience

6. What specialties should you eat when traveling to Ben Tre?

6.1. Ganoderma fish sour soup with chopsticks

  • Address: 5 Nhi Restaurant, Binh Thuan Hamlet, Binh Dai, Ben Tre

Linh fish sour soup is a combination of fresh flexible fish and raw vegetables, creating a characteristic sweet and sour flavor. This soup is not only delicious but also rich in nutrients, helping to provide vitamins and minerals to the body.

6.2. Coconut rice

  • Address: Hung Vuong Park, Ward 5, Ben Tre

Coconut rice is a traditional and special dish Ben Tre tourist area. Combining sticky rice with fresh coconut water, coconut rice has a naturally sweet flavor. Each grain of rice is carefully selected to create perfect softness, combined with the rich flavor of coconut water.

6.3. Fish sauce hotpot

  • Address: 22A1 Truong Dinh, Binh Khoi Street, Ward 6, Ben Tre

Fish sauce hotpot is a traditional dish loved by many visitors every time they visit Ben Tre eco-tourism area. Fish sauce hotpot combines fresh fish, vegetables and seasoning sauce. The scent of broth made from ling fish that has been marinated in spices creates an irresistible appeal.

7. Suggestions for attractive, quality Ben Tre tours

You are looking for suggestions Ben Tre tour attractive and quality? Let helps you plan interesting destinations in Ben Tre. Below are some reputable tours you can refer to:

  • Ben Tre tour 2 days 1 night
  • 3 days 2 nights tour package from Ho Chi Minh
  • The hottest 4 days 3 nights tour from Ho Chi Minh

Contact phone number:

8. When traveling to Ben Tre, what should you buy as a gift?

8.1. Coconut wax

  • Address: 232B Nguyen Van Tu Street, Ward 7, Ben Tre

Ben Tre eco-tourism area known as the “land of coconuts” with millions of endless green coconut trees. Wax coconut is a type of coconut with delicious sweet white flesh and attractive flavor. In particular, this type of coconut can be stored for a long time without spoiling.

When eating, you can sip coconut wax with many different delicious dishes. You can eat it with condensed milk, make coconut cream or create other delicious dishes. Coconut wax is not only delicious but also nutritious and good for health.

8.2. Smashed banana cake

  • Address: 311B Dong Khoi Avenue, Phu Khuong Ward, Ben Tre

Banana Banh Banh is a traditional cake of the Mekong River region and is considered a culinary symbol of the region Ben Tre travel. This cake has a delicious, chewy flavor and is made from naturally ripe bananas. The cake making process is also very elaborate and meticulous, from choosing delicious bananas, peeling the bananas to frying and smashing them.

8.3. Coconut candy

  • Address: 73B1 Nguyen Van Tu, Quarter 2, Ward 7, Ben Tre

Ben Tre coconut candy is not only a delicious gift but also has a deep cultural meaning. It is a symbol of hospitality and sincerity from the people of Ben Tre put into each candy. You can buy coconut candy as a gift to give to family, friends or colleagues, bringing with you the familiar flavors of this land.

9. Important notes when going to Ben Tre tourist area

When you go Ben Tre travelhere are some notes to make your trip enjoyable and safe:

  • When exploring Ben Tre, visitors should bring necessary equipment such as raincoats (in case of rain), sunscreen, drinking water or snacks.
  • Show respect for nature by keeping tourist areas clean and not polluting the environment.
  • Refer to Ben Tre tours from reputable companies to avoid losing money unfairly.
  • To facilitate movement, prepare elastic clothes and a pair of sports shoes to explore Ben Tre eco-tourism area entirety.

10. Collection of extremely hot check-in images of tourists in Ben Tre

This article is a collection of tips Ben Tre travel from A to Z want to share with you. Wishing you a fun and meaningful trip to the river!