Coming to Lang Son, tourists will experience diverse culture and enjoy unique culinary specialties. Among the spiritual tourist destinations in Lang, want to introduce to you Dong Dang Mother Temple – famous destination in this land.

1.General introduction to Dong Dang Mother Temple

This Mother Temple is a famous sacred relic in the North. This place has become an attractive destination not only because of its unique architectural value but also because of the legend of Mother Lieu Hanh and many other historical figures.

Dong Dang Mother Temple - Famous spiritual tourist destination in Lang Son

January 10 is an important holiday at Mau Temple and is attended and attended by a large number of people, as well as tourists. In the vibrant atmosphere of the holiday, many unique activities take place at Dong Dang Mother Temple. Typically, lion dances, ethnic martial arts performances, and sports competitions are organized, attracting thousands of visitors.

Dong Dang Mother Temple - Famous spiritual tourist destination in Lang Son

In particular, this tourist destination is located quite close to Huu Nghi international border gate and the busy market in Lang Son. Therefore, when visiting Lang Son Mau Temple, visitors can combine visiting Huu Nghi international border gate and experiencing shopping or enjoying unique local cuisine at Dong Dang market.

2. Address and instructions on how to get to Dong Dang Mau Temple

2.1 Specific address of Mau Temple Lang Son

Mau Temple has a specific address located at: No. 133, Road 3-2, Block 6, Cao Loc town, Cao Loc district, Lang Son province.

2.2 Instructions on how to get to Dong Dang Mother Temple

Northern tourists: Visitors can travel to Mau Temple by private vehicle, bus or train. If traveling by bus, tourists will arrive in Lang Son city. If traveling by train, visitors can choose to go by train Lang Son to rule Dong Dang town. After that, visitors will catch a motorbike taxi to get to this sacred tourist destination.

Dong Dang Mother Temple - Famous spiritual tourist destination in Lang Son

For tourists from Central or Southern regions: tourists will travel by plane or train.

  • Plane: Tourists travel to Noi Bai International Airport. Then take a taxi straight there Dong Dang Mother Temple. If you want to save money, visitors can travel by bus or Limousine to Lang Son city, then catch a motorbike taxi to Mau Temple. Some passenger cars or Limousines for your reference: That Khe, Quynh Thanh Vip Limo, Hoang Phu Limousine,…
  • Train: Tourists travel to one of Hanoi's stations: Long Bien, Gia Lam, Hanoi. Then from these stations, tourists move to Dong Dang station, then catch a motorbike taxi to Mau Temple.

3. Explore Dong Dang Mother Temple

3.1 Who does Dong Dang Mother Temple worship?

Here, people not only show their faith in the Buddhas in the traditional way of worshiping First Saints and Later Buddhas but also worship the Holy Mother Lieu Hanh. In Buddhism, “First the Saints, then the Buddhas” means that we will first worship the Saints and then worship the Buddha.

Dong Dang Mother Temple - Famous spiritual tourist destination in Lang Son

A special point is that among the four “immortal saints”, only Holy Mother Lieu Hanh is the only saint to be conferred with this title. In folklore, it is said that there are four immortal saints including Holy Mother Lieu Hanh and Tan Vien Son Thanh, Phu Dong Thien Vuong, Chu Dong Tu.

3.2 Origin of Dong Dang Mau Temple

The story of this tourist destination becomes more mysterious and attractive when talking about the meeting between Trang Bung and Mother Lieu Hanh. According to the story, the Jade Emperor's daughter, Quynh Hoa, often had epiphanies to help people overcome difficulties and challenges.

Her humanitarian actions and kindness left a deep mark on humanity. Therefore, she was given the title Supreme Patriarch Phuc and Princess Lieu Hanh.

Dong Dang Mother Temple - Famous spiritual tourist destination in Lang Son

Initially, this temple was an abandoned temple in the forest, which she discovered during a trip. During her meeting with Trang Bung, she emphasized the need to repair this pagoda to worship the Buddhas. From then on, Trang Bung along with the village elders decided to repair and create the pagoda Dong Dang Mother Temple like nowadays.

3.3 The campus and architecture of Mau Temple Lang Son

3.3.1 The grounds of Mother Temple

This destination is an impressive architectural work, featuring uniquely designed spaces and delicate green spaces combined. The temple grounds are surrounded by gardens and natural landscapes, creating a peaceful and green space.

Dong Dang Mother Temple - Famous spiritual tourist destination in Lang Son

The large towers here contribute to the majestic and magnificent beauty of the city Dong Dang Mother Temple. These architectural works are not only symbols of reverence and sacredness, but are also prominent highlights in the overall picture of the temple. The light and shadow of the trees intertwine, creating unique and attractive perspectives for visitors at the temple.

3.3.2 Architecture of Dong Dang Mother Temple

The worship area at this tourist destination is divided into 5 spaces with a balanced and harmonious arrangement. Inside the worship area, also known as the three jewels, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the sacred and mystical atmosphere. Among the three jewels, there are temples to Quan The Bodhisattva and Chuan De Bodhisattva.

Dong Dang Mother Temple - Famous spiritual tourist destination in Lang Son

Outside the temple is the worshiping area for the three holy mother temples. The main hall is the most important place of this tourist attraction. This is the place to worship Lord Lieu, Adoration of Luc, Adoration of Bo, Adoration of the Fourth Envoy… and many other saints and saints.

In addition, the three-entrance gate of this location is designed in a rolling arch shape, with special patterns and motifs, creating an appearance that attracts all eyes. In the yard of Dong Dang mother templetwo elephants are worshiped at the entrance and behind the lawn is the entrance to the stupa which is only open on festival days.

4. Festival time at Dong Dang Mother Temple

Every January 10, this tourist destination often organizes special festivals, attracting a large number of tourists across the country. Celebrated with creativity, this festival is not only a place of sublimation of cultural traditions but also a festival of unique and exciting experiences.

In addition to enjoying vibrant lion dance performances, visitors also have the opportunity to admire unique ethnic martial dances of traditional arts. Especially, festivals Dong Dang Mother Temple It is also the place where sports competitions take place, making the space here more exciting than ever.

For food enthusiasts, participating in the festival at the temple is also a memorable experience to explore and enjoy delicious dishes in Lang. Delicious roasted pig, crispy roasted duck, sour pho imbued with flavor,… are all unique specialties that can only be found in this place.

5. Experience going to Dong Dang Mother Temple

When visiting Mau Temple, paying attention to the following will help make your trip meaningful and avoid unwanted incidents:

  • Formal attire: Avoid dressing too sexy or too flashy. Choose to wear modest, elegant clothing, suitable for the sacred and religious atmosphere of the temple.
  • Offering Mass to the Three Holy Mothers: If you decide to offer Mass to the Three Holy Mothers, offer Mass to all three, avoid offering Mass to only one or two.
  • Balanced offering tray: When offering and Shop at Dong Dang Mau Temple, choose a ceremony tray that is not too big but complete, showing your respect. If you offer offerings at altars such as worshiping uncles or aunts, you should buy offerings that are toys for children.
  • Vegetarian Son Trang Ceremony: For the vegetarian Son Trang Ceremony, limit the use of foods such as snails, crabs, eels, crabs, and lemons. Instead, you should use Vietnamese vegetarian specialties Go to Dong Dang Mausoleum ceremony.

6. Hotels near Dong Dang Mother Temple

6.1 Soju Hotel

  • Address: 297 Phai Ve, Mai Pha, Lang Son City

SOJO Hotel Lang Son is truly a unique and impressive destination for tourists. The hotel not only provides a comfortable stay experience, but also focuses on small details to optimize customer satisfaction.

Room mode selection service based on temperature, sound and light is a unique feature at Soju Hotel. And in particular, the full-view window gives visitors impressive and memorable photography angles.

6.2 Four Points by Sheraton Lang Son

  • Address: Tran Hung Dao, Chi Lang, Lang Son City

With a prime location right in the heart of Lang, the hotel offers visitors a rare opportunity to enjoy the entire poetic beauty of the city from a high floor. With comfortable rooms, luxurious restaurants and top relaxation and entertainment services, Sheraton Lang Son will meet all the wishes of visitors.

6.3 White Hotel

  • Address: 39 Le Hong Phong, Tam Thanh, Lang Son City

Like the name suggests, the hotel stands out with its elegant white appearance and luxurious European architecture. Built like a two-story house, the hotel will provide a cozy accommodation space, full amenities, and sweeping city views.

Discover Dong Dang Mother Temple This is an opportunity for you to better understand the local culture and beliefs. Hopefully this will be a place to help you temporarily “get away” from the hustle and bustle of life, immersing yourself in a solemn and peaceful atmosphere.