Can Tho is a famous and familiar destinationbustling in summer and high water season. Cai Rang floating market is a special attraction for Western tourists. When visiting Can Tho, remember to include places to stay Dong Ha Hotel Can Tho Please. Follow along to know interesting things about this hotel.

1. Some details about Dong Ha Hotel Can Tho

Dong Ha Hotel Can Tho: healthy beauty of Tay Do

Dong Ha Hotel Can Tho Also known as Fortuneland hotel. The hotel has a large area and large scale with 12 floors with a total of more than 170 rooms to serve tourists.

Therefore, during peak seasons, the hotel still ensures the volume of accommodation. This is the top 4-star hotel in Can Tho that many tourists choose when they have the opportunity to come here.

2. Geographic location and transportation instructions to Dong Ha Can Tho hotel

2.1. Geographical location of Dong Ha Hotel Can Tho

Dong Ha Hotel Can Tho Located at 141 Tran Van Khe, Cai Kheo ward, Ninh Kieu district, this is a district famous for its bustling bustle of services and entertainment activities. Very suitable for tourists coming to Can Tho to experience the unique cultural features here.

Dong Ha Hotel Can Tho: healthy beauty of Tay Do

From the hotel's location, visitors can visit nearby tourist attractions such as Binh Thuy temple, An Phu church, ancient houses, Can Tho night market… just a few kilometers from the hotel. Therefore, this is considered an ideal place to stay when it fully meets the criteria for regional connection, distance…

2.2. Instructions for moving to Dong Ha Hotel Can Tho

Can Tho has its own airport, so traveling here is quite convenient by plane. Especially tourists from far away places like the North Central region should choose the most convenient means of transportation, which is the plane.

In addition, there are many other means of transportation such as passenger cars, trains, and private cars. All three of these vehicles travel from Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho in a few hours.

Dong Ha Hotel Can Tho: healthy beauty of Tay Do

Depending on each vehicle, the price is different. In Can Tho city, the most popular means of transportation are still motorbikes and taxis. Motorbikes help tourists be proactive in their time and schedule, while taxis are safer in travel.

A characteristic of Can Tho is that the tide rises high in the morning and evening. Tourists should choose transportation and clothing appropriate to the local weather.

3. Space at Dong Ha Hotel Can Tho

Space at Dong Ha Hotel Can Tho Like other 4-star hotels, it has a modern, simple yet sophisticated design style.

Inside is fully furnished, outside looks neat. Although there is not much green space at the hotel, the amenities and services here certainly make visitors satisfied.

Dong Ha Hotel Can Tho: healthy beauty of Tay Do

4. Room types at Dong Ha Hotel Can Tho

4.1. Fortuneland suite

This is the most special room type at the hotel Dong Ha Fortuneland Can Tho hotel with a large area of ​​up to 60m2. The room is equipped with 2 double beds that can accommodate up to 4 people and can add 1 extra bed.

The room overlooks Can Tho Bridge and the gentle Mekong River. That's why this is considered the most expensive room at the hotel.

The hotel is fully equipped with interior equipment such as: tea, coffee, mineral water, fresh fruit, TV with cable TV connection, refrigerator, international telephone, electric kettle, refrigerator, safe. safe, desk, bathrobe and other personal hygiene equipment.

Dong Ha Hotel Can Tho: healthy beauty of Tay Do

4.2 Superior suite room

The room has an area of ​​45 square meters and can accommodate up to 3 people. The room has a double bed and can add an extra bed. Suitable for households with small children, children under 11 years old stay free with their parents. The room has a direct view of the vibrant and bustling city of Can Tho with many dining and entertainment services.

Dong Ha Hotel Can Tho: healthy beauty of Tay Do

4.3 Deluxe room

There are three types of deluxe rooms: deluxe triple for three people with one double bed and one single bed. The room has an area of ​​32m2 for three people, quite spacious and airy. The room is suitable for a group of three friends traveling together.

Dong Ha Hotel Can Tho: healthy beauty of Tay Do

The deluxe twin room is equipped with two double beds for two friends traveling together. The room has an area of ​​30m2, ensuring both private space and common space for two friends to enjoy their relaxing vacation.

Dong Ha Hotel Can Tho: healthy beauty of Tay Do

The deluxe double room has an area of ​​30 square meters with a single double bed without an extra bed. The room is suitable for couples traveling or couples staying. View overlooking the river city of Can Tho.

Dong Ha Hotel Can Tho: healthy beauty of Tay Do

4.4. Superior room

Superior room class also has many options for guests to choose from. Superior triple room has an area of ​​30m for maximum accommodation of 3 people with 1 double bed and 1 additional single bed.

Superior twin and double rooms have an area of ​​28 square meters and are designed with a double bed for 2 people or two single beds. Depending on the needs and purposes of use, visitors choose the appropriate room. The couple chose a double room and their friends chose a twin room.

Dong Ha Hotel Can Tho: healthy beauty of Tay Do

5. Utility services at Dong Ha Hotel Can Tho

5.1. Outdoor pool

The swimming pool has a moderate area located on the upper floor of the building Dong Ha Hotel Can Tho. The outdoor swimming pool helps guests enjoy panoramic views of the natural scenery surrounding the hotel.

This is also an ideal chill and check-in space for tourists. On the shore there are benches for tourists to relax when tired. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the free swimming pool for hotel guests.

5.2. Restaurant serves at the hotel

Restaurants at Dong Ha Hotel Can Tho relatively large scale with a capacity of hundreds of people. The open space still has a view of the city center.

Specializes in serving dishes upon request, including Asian and European preparations of traditional ethnic dishes and local specialties. Our experienced staff is sure to make visitors satisfied,

5.3. Spa services

Relaxing spa and full body massage for visitors to dispel the stress and fatigue of the day are plus points Dong Ha Hotel Can Tho. Spending all day exploring and traveling, enjoying the relaxing space at the spa in the evening is a great suggestion.

Dong Ha Hotel Can Tho: healthy beauty of Tay Do

5.4. Fitness Center

For travelers who are passionate about sports, traveling combined with fitness is the best thing. The gym is fully equipped with the most prestigious modern equipment. Suitable for all positions and exercises.

5.5. Sing karaoke

Perhaps there are few hotels that provide karaoke services right at the accommodation. However, Dong Ha Can Tho Hotel has a theater room right on the first floor of the hotel. The theater room has a warm Japanese-style space and is equipped with quality lighting and sound equipment.

6. Entertainment places near Dong Ha Can Tho hotel

6.1. Con Son

This is one of the famous garden tourist destinations in Can Tho, only 8km from the city center. Visitors will experience a boat trip across the dunes.

The garden ecological area is divided into many areas, snakehead fish area, cake making experience area… Con Son has many local tour guides. Visitors can experience their favorite services when coming to this location.

6.2. Floated market

In Can Tho, there are Phong Dien floating market and Cai Rang floating market, which are the two most famous markets. Visitors will experience the activity of sitting on a boat admiring the river scenery and shopping for specialty fruits of the West.

Experience the culture of Can Tho people through shopping and sightseeing activities here. Visitors can choose to visit one of the two floating markets because the two markets have similar features.

In addition to the above prominent places, visitors can visit other tourist attractions such as: noodle oven, coconut candy oven, fruit garden, love bridge…

7. Places to eat near Dong Ha Can Tho hotel

7.1. Linh Dien fish hotpot

The West is the land of fish hotpot, the types of fish here all have their own unique flavors. Linh fish hotpot has a unique sweet taste combined with the sour taste of Sesbania flowers. Served with fresh vermicelli, fish sauce, and a little chili, visitors can't let go of their chopsticks.

  • Address: Can Tho Fish Hotpot: 162 Tran Ngoc Que, Ninh Kieu
  • Ma Nam fish hotpot: 98 Huynh Cuong street, Ninh Kieu

7.2. Cai Rang grilled spring rolls

Grilled spring rolls made from pork, grilled over charcoal, served with raw vegetables and a rich dipping sauce are considered a must-try delicacy when coming to Cai Rang.

  • Address: 17 Hoa Binh – Tan An – Ninh Kieu
  • Hai Van grilled spring rolls: located at 98 De Tham – Ninh Kieu
  • Thanh Van grilled spring rolls: located at 17 Hoa Binh – Ninh Kieu

8. Reservation information at Dong Ha Hotel Can Tho

Dong Ha Hotel Can Tho Many tourists choose it because of its outstanding advantages compared to hotels in the area. At the same time, the location in the city center is very convenient for moving to other tourist destinations.

Reservations are available Accompany tourists on their trip to book rooms fastest and with the highest quality. Contact us through the following channels:

  • Address: S141 Tran Van Khe, Cai Kheo ward, Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho.
  • Hotline: