Lang Son tourism leaves visitors with many interesting experiences. There are not only many delicious foods here but also affordable markets. Let's learn about Dong Kinh market – one of the shopping paradises in Lang Son!

1. Brief introduction about Dong Kinh market

Dong Kinh Lang Son Market located right on the border of Vietnam and China. Therefore, there are many items imported from China here for tourists to choose from. Because of this, tourists will have many options when shopping. This market sells many different items, from electronics to consumer goods.

Dong Kinh Market - Cheap goods paradise for tourists to refer to

Another special feature of this market is the relatively cheap prices. Due to its close location to the Chinese border, traders do not have to spend much on transportation costs. Therefore, the selling price for customers is also very “agreeable”. If you are looking for a place to buy specialties in Lang Son, you can also visit this market!

Dong Kinh Market - Cheap goods paradise for tourists to refer to

2. Location and directions to Dong Kinh market

2.1. Location

The market is located at Phai Ve, Vinh Trai, Lang Son City, Lang Son. From the market, moving to Lang Son station or Dong Dang market is very close. This is also one of the beautiful and convenient locations for tourists to move around.

2.2. Instructions for moving to Dong Kinh Lang Son market Suggesting you popular types of ways to go to the market as follows:

  • Motorcycle: For young people, this type is very popular. In particular, motorbikes also help people feel comfortable and proactive. They can stop and admire the scenery anywhere. Motorbike rental prices in Lang Son are also very cheap.
  • Taxi: From bus stations and train stations, there are many taxi companies ready to welcome visitors. You can refer to this type if traveling with family or friends. Don't forget to ask about the price in advance to avoid being scammed.

Dong Kinh Market - Cheap goods paradise for tourists to refer to

3. What is attractive about Dong Kinh Market that makes so many visitors visit?

3.1. Floor 1 – Electronics

Come to Dong Kinh Lang Son marketWhen entering, visitors will be “shocked” by the electronic stores selling many items from lights, televisions, speakers, radios, mics, phones, etc. If you want to find “antique” and rare items. If you have been there for a long time, spend some time on the 1st floor of the market.

Dong Kinh Market - Cheap goods paradise for tourists to refer to

The items here have also been carefully selected by the seller, most of them are very new and well used. However, that doesn't mean tourists don't check before buying. You have to try plugging it in and test the appearance to see if there are any scratches anywhere. Don't forget to bargain down to a price that you feel is suitable.

Dong Kinh Market - Cheap goods paradise for tourists to refer to

3.2. 2nd floor of Dong Kinh market – grocery and consumer goods

When coming to the 2nd floor area of Dong Kinh market, Tourists seem lost in consumer paradise. It sells all kinds of things from snacks to daily shampoos and shower gels. In particular, this place also has many specialties such as kitchen buffalo, Mau Son wine, etc.

Dong Kinh Market - Cheap goods paradise for tourists to refer to

The prices here are quite reasonable and the sales lady is also extremely lovely. Thanks to that, tourists will feel comfortable. Many stalls also let customers try the taste before buying. Many dishes from China are also sold here to give visitors more new experiences.

Dong Kinh Market - Cheap goods paradise for tourists to refer to

3.3. 3rd floor – Clothing area

When entering the 3rd floor, visitors will be delighted by the stalls selling items of all styles and colors. Goods are mainly imported from Guangzhou, with reasonable and affordable prices. The clothes here are suitable for many people from young children to the elderly. Therefore, visitors can come to buy for themselves the right outfits here Dong Kinh market.

Dong Kinh Market - Cheap goods paradise for tourists to refer to

Many traders visit this market to import fashionable clothes to sell. So, if you also intend to start a business with this product, please refer to it! Compared to the market, wholesale prices here are usually quite cheaper.

4. Important notes when going to Dong Kinh Lang Son market

Image of Dong Kinh market In the eyes of tourists, it is a very large place with a variety of products. However, this place also has many problems that visitors need to note as follows:

  • Because the market is very crowded, theft can easily happen. Everyone needs to store things carefully and safely.
  • Not all stalls sell at the right price. Therefore, visitors should feel free to bargain to a level that suits their purchasing ability.
  • At this market there are many virtual living corners, so visitors don't forget to bring a camera with a full battery to capture all the moments here.
  • You need to check the quality of electronics before buying and the expiration date of food!

5. Hotels located near Dong Kinh Lang Son market for tourists' reference

5.1. Muong Thanh Lang Son

  • Address: No. 68, Ngo Quyen, Vinh Trai, Lang Son
  • Phone number:

The hotel is located far away Dong Kinh market Not too far away is Muong Thanh Lang Son. This is a fully equipped accommodation, 4-star standard and top-notch here. The hotel receives many high reviews from visitors. In addition, during their stay here, guests will enjoy free breakfast and other amenities provided by the hotel.

Dong Kinh Market - Cheap goods paradise for tourists to refer to

Muong Thanh is also a familiar Vietnamese brand and is present in many other prominent provinces and tourist areas. The overall quality of this brand is considered uniform. The hotel price is also very affordable, consistent with the quality of facilities here.

5.2. Four Points by Sheraton Lang Son

  • Address: No. 2 Tran Hung Dao, Chi Lang ward, Lang Son city
  • Phone number:

Four Points by Sheraton Lang Son belongs to Marriott International group. This is the world's leading brand specializing in providing high-class accommodation with modern amenities. The resort space is guaranteed quiet and the surrounding poetic natural scenery is guaranteed to make visitors satisfied. That's why the number of guests liking and booking rooms here is increasing day by day.

Each room here has a beautiful view of the entire city. Visitors can easily see the city at night. If you want to have a perfect vacation at Four Points by Sheraton, quickly book your room early.

5.3. A1 Hotel

  • Address: No. 35, Dinh Tien Hoang, Chi Lang Ward, City. Lang Son
  • Phone number:

The next resort destination that visitors can refer to is A1 hotel. The number of rooms here is relatively large with different categories, suitable for the resting needs of tourists. The rooms are neat, delicately and elegantly furnished and the furniture is arranged very reasonably. Guests will feel satisfied from the moment they step into the hotel.

In addition, A1 hotel is also far away Dong Kinh Lang Son market not so far. Best of all, the hotel is located right in a busy entertainment and dining area. Thanks to that, you will easily visit and explore this land without spending much time traveling.

6. Dishes you should try when going to Dong Kinh Lang Son market

Below is a summary of delicious dishes that you should try:

6.1. Sour pho

  • Address: Pho Phuong restaurant at 73 Nhi Thanh

Mentioned Image of Dong Kinh market It is impossible not to think of sour pho in Lang Son. This attractive dish that costs only about 30,000 VND has made many tourists satisfied. Pho is combined with many toppings, adding a viscous mixture that is extremely mouth-watering. The sweet and sour flavor is just right, sprinkled with peanuts on top, making this dish even more delicious.

Sour pho is also often a breakfast or lunch dish for people here. The noodles are chewy, crispy and can be eaten over and over without getting bored. There are many restaurants selling sour pho and the most prominent is Phuong restaurant at 73 Nhi Thanh. Visitors can take the time to visit the restaurant to enjoy this delicious and delicious dish.

6.2. Roasted duck

  • Address: No. 13 Bac Son, Vinh Trai ward, Lang Son city

The second dish that is also satisfied by many tourists is roasted duck. The duck is marinated with Lang Son's own spices. When roasted with charcoal, visitors will feel the attractive aroma emanating. The crispy skin has an extremely beautiful shiny golden color. The meat is still sweet and succulent. When you eat, you will feel the softness of the meat.

To make roasted duck delicious and attractive, the selection of duck also needs to be very careful and careful. Do not process the duck too old or too young. In addition, dipping sauce is also one of the factors that make this attractive dish successful. Roast duck is often combined with raw vegetables.

6.3. Lang Son fried rice cake

Come to Dong Kinh market, enjoy banh chao. This is an attractive afternoon gift that many people love. The shell is made from fragrant glutinous rice flour. The filling is minced duck meat that has been marinated with spices. After that, the cake is fried until crispy to taste. The waiter will bring a bowl of chili garlic fish sauce for you to dip into. However, this cake should only be eaten in moderate quantities to avoid being sick.

Banh chao is quite cheap. In addition, there are many places that sell this dish. You just need to walk along the market to see it. This dish would be very suitable if eaten in winter. So, if you come to Lang Son, you should try banh chao at least once.

Hopefully through the above article, visitors will understand better Dong Kinh market. Stay tuned for more useful travel tips and attractive tourist attractions in the future!