Con Dao – a place of nostalgia, imprinted with historical stories, is also a place that possesses many charming, pristine and majestic natural beauty. Coming to Con Dao, visitors will be immersed in the fresh air, the original beauty of nature and the peacefulness of life here. Can say Doris Hotel Con Dao is one of the ideal vacation stops on this beloved island. You can refer to the unique features of Doris Hotel Con Dao through detailed reviews of below!

1. Introducing Doris Hotel Con Dao

Doris Hotel Con Dao like a miniature world surrounded by the green of the mountains, the sea, the clouds and sky, and inside is a campus in harmony with nature.

Doris Hotel Con Dao

The 3-storey hotel is located peacefully in a spacious campus, inside is fully equipped with modern amenities and a transparent glass door system so that visitors can admire the scenery of Con Dao in a private and private space. entirety. Quiet space and convenient location with cool breezes from the sea for sure Doris Hotel Con Dao will be an ideal stopover for tourists' upcoming trip to Con Dao.

2. Location of Doris Hotel Con Dao

2.1 Address

With a prime location, possessing a wonderful natural view, Doris Hotel Con Dao Located at: No. 1 Le Duan Street – Con Dao. And this is also a convenient location for visitors to easily travel to famous attractions on this beautiful island.

2.2 Directions to Doris Hotel Con Dao

Previously, traveling to Con Dao was quite complicated because there were no flights here, visitors often had to travel by many means to get to Con Dao. But now, traveling to Con Dao is extremely easy when investing in building a flight route to Co Ong airport, about 12km from Con Dao town.

In addition, nearby tourists can also choose the high-speed boat and Dam – Con Dao wharf to enjoy the full view of the road and a very interesting experience for each tourist's trip.

3. Space design of Doris Hotel Con Dao

3.1 Common space of Doris Hotel Con Dao

Bringing a modern space right in the middle of the pristine space of Con Dao, Doris Hotel Con Dao brings visitors beautiful impressions thanks to its design style and meticulous investment aimed at visitors' comfort and satisfaction. The green outdoor swimming pool and green garden with many coconut trees, smooth green grass and many flowers bring fresh air and a faint fragrance.

Doris Hotel Con Dao

Red tile roof design creates Doris Hotel Con Dao more prominent when viewed from afar. The interior design is carefully selected and decorated according to classic French architecture with full amenities, promising to be a wonderful resort space when visitors come to Con Dao.

3.2 Space design of room categories at Doris Hotel Con Dao

As introduced above, the design of the rooms at Doris Hotel Con Dao Inspired by the classic French space. Below are details of the hotel's room categories:

3.2.1 Deluxe Room

Brings a quiet, somewhat nostalgic space thanks to the mixture of white and dark brown colors. Minimalist, elegant and neat design, unique and very sophisticated night light system. The whole room exudes a strange warmth and relaxation.

Doris Hotel Con Dao

High-quality wooden furniture is individually designed in an ancient style in accordance with the hotel's orientation. Transparent glass windows keep the room filled with natural light from outside. Along with that, the convenience of modernity makes it even more impressive and novel during the vacation days of visitors coming to this resort. Doris Hotel Con Dao.

3.2.2 Superior Room

Bringing a smart design when each staircase leading to the Superior rooms is decorated with small, thin ornamental plants that hang down into the space, creating a fresh feeling right from the moment you step up. Quiet space with windows overlooking the sea and mountains.

Doris Hotel Con Dao

The room is self-contained with full amenities in white and brown colors mixed with the warm yellow color of the room lighting system, creating a peaceful, warm and extremely comfortable room. The entire space is decorated in a minimalist style, creating a spacious and airy feeling when relaxing. Perhaps this will be an ideal room to rest after a long day of exploring Con Dao.

3.2.3 Family room

The family room offers a spacious space including 2 single beds placed parallel. The space is bright, with a view towards the sea and the island, so the room is always filled with natural light and cool breeze from the sea.

Doris Hotel Con Dao

All amenities from the bedroom to the bathroom are enclosed in a private space, creating comfort for the whole family. Besides, the furniture and equipment in the room are all modernly equipped, making the room more elegant as well as bringing satisfaction to visitors when coming to the hotel. Doris Hotel Con Dao.

4. Utility services at Doris Hotel Con Dao

In order to provide the perfect resort space, Doris Hotel Con Dao offers many types of convenient services to serve the needs of tourists.

4.1 Restaurant area

Providing a nostalgic culinary space, the restaurant at Doris Hotel Con Dao Designed in white and dark brown tones to create a polite and elegant feeling. The space is quiet with tables and chairs arranged neatly and neatly.

The food here is made from ingredients exploited right on the island so it always remains fresh and sweet. The menu has a variety of dishes, especially seafood, with a team of professional, skillful chefs and enthusiastic and attentive service staff. Can say restaurant at Doris Hotel Con Dao will bring attractive culinary experiences to visitors.

4.2 Outdoor swimming pool

Outdoor swimming pool at Doris Hotel Con Dao Designed in a lovely garden area. The swimming pool is large and clear, located under cool, shady coconut trees. The surrounding area is equipped with cushioned beds so visitors can sunbathe, relax after swimming in the swimming pool, and enjoy cool drinks.

Open space with a wide sea in front and an extremely romantic view of the sun when sunset falls. This is also the ideal time for tourists who love to live virtual lives and take memorable photos during the trip. go your own.

5. Reservation information at Doris Hotel Con Dao

  • Address: No. 1 Le Duan Street – Con Dao – Ba Ria – Vung Tau
  • Phone number: TravelgodaTravel_goda

6. Famous tourist attractions near Doris Hotel Con Dao

Coming to Con Dao, visitors will experience many cultural and natural features as well as famous historical stories here. And especially close by Doris Hotel Con Dao Visitors can visit some of the following addresses:

6.1 Con Dao Prison

It can be seen that every year Con Dao attracts millions of people to visit Con Dao Prison – a place that recreates the most horrifying historical scenes during the war against the French and Americans. Here, visitors will not only be able to directly see the scenes created through wax figures of the cruelty, cruelty and harshness of the enemy, but also hear inspiring historical stories.

Con Dao Prison is not only a place for people who love history but also a place for each visitor to better understand the history of the Vietnamese resistance, the resilience and thorns of the red and yellow blood, especially is with international tourists.

6.2 Con Dao Market

Con Dao Market is a busy shopping place here providing a variety of foods to serve the daily life of people in the island district. In particular, the market sells a variety of seafood from dried to fresh, exploited right on the island at extremely affordable prices.

Besides, the market also sells souvenirs typical of the island's culture, so visitors coming to the market will also be free to choose suitable and meaningful items for their loved ones or simply is to keep a memory of your trip to Con Dao.

6.3 Con Dao National Park

With an area of ​​nearly 20 thousand hectares, Con Dao National Park is a place to preserve many rare animal species and is also home to thousands of animals and plants.

Known as a famous eco-tourism area, visitors will be immersed in pristine nature with a variety of flora and fauna, watching and relaxing in a very fresh atmosphere. nature. This will be an ideal address for active tourists who like to explore and love nature.

7. Delicious places to eat near Doris Hotel Con Dao

Coming to Con Dao, in addition to experiencing the historical beauty, natural beauty and entertainment activities, the cuisine is also an interesting experience that visitors cannot ignore. Some nearby addresses can be mentioned Doris Hotel Con Dao like:

7.1 Tuan Bien Restaurant

The restaurant is designed in an open space so there is a cool area for visitors to enjoy food. The restaurant is beautifully decorated with a diverse menu of dishes mainly made from seafood, suitable for groups of friends gathering or drinking guests.

The restaurant's ingredients ensure fresh quality because they are imported from the local area every day. The dishes are prepared to taste, rich and quite flavorful. Besides, the enthusiastic and agile service of the staff brings visitors comfort and satisfaction when coming to the restaurant.

Address: Le Duan street, area 8, Con Dao

7.2 Ba Hai Khiem crab noodle soup

If you are a lover of crab vermicelli, then come to Ba Hai Khiem crab vermicelli restaurant, extremely famous in Con Dao to feel the difference between vermicelli on the island and the mainland? The restaurant's crab noodle soup is quite attractive and beautiful, seasoned just right, filling but the price is extremely affordable. The restaurant's design is simple and popular, but it is always crowded with customers. Therefore, this is also a famous dining address that tourists should try when visiting Con Dao.

It can be said that each trip is not only a time to relax but also to experience and learn new things in life. And Con Dao is a tourist destination with all of those things. So what are you waiting for, please plan your upcoming vacation to Con Dao and especially with the reviews above, We believe that visitors will have suitable choices on this beautiful island Doris Hotel Con Dao.