Eo Gio Quan Lan – a pristine paradise with enchanting natural landscapes unlike anywhere else. This place not only enjoys beautiful natural scenery but is also a check-in spot not to be missed for young people. Together Travelgoda.com Find out in the article below.

1. Some details about Eo Gio Quan Lan

Eo Gio Quan Lan is a famous tourist destination in the north of Quang Ninh province. Located on Quan Lan island, Eo Gio possesses a wild beauty blending between the sea, fine white sand beaches and deep green hills. In particular, the most impressive point in Eo Gio is the rows of lush green trees covering this area.

Eo Gio Quan Lan - Natural, beautiful and unique wind island

In addition to enjoying the peaceful natural scenery, visitors can also participate in recreational activities at the hotel Eo Gio in Quan Lan. The large and soft beach is where you can swim or play games under the morning sunlight. In addition, you can also rent a beautiful small boat to explore the beautiful Ha Long Bay.

Eo Gio Quan Lan - Natural, beautiful and unique wind island

With wonderful scenery and peaceful space, Eo Gio is considered a famous tourist destination of Quang Ninh, attracting tourists from all over the world. In particular, what makes many people fascinated is the sunset at Eo Gio which has a magical and romantic beauty.

2. Geographic location and travel instructions to Eo Gio Quan Lan Quang Ninh

2.1. Geographical location

  • Address: South, Quan Lan island, Van Don district, Quang Ninh province

Eo Gio Got Beo is a famous tourist destination in the south of Quan Lan island, Quang Ninh province, Vietnam. Located on this island, Eo Gio is located in the border area between the ocean and the land. Located in the Northeast of the island, Eo Gio brings a sense of mystery and wild nature to visitors.

Eo Gio Quan Lan - Natural, beautiful and unique wind island

2.2. Moving instructions

Eo Gio is located quite far from the center of Quang Ninh province. Therefore, to get to Eo Gio Quan Lanvisitors can refer to some of the following transportation methods:

  • If you are a person who is passionate about exploring roads and enjoying beautiful nature, choosing transportation by motorbike or personal car will be most suitable. If you don't have a car, you can refer to some car rental locations in big cities with prices ranging from 120,000 VND – 200,000 VND/day.
  • The best and most convenient way to move to Eo Gio is by electric car. When traveling by electric vehicle, you won't need to waste time navigating your way or worrying about whether the vehicle will break down or not. You just need to sit in the car, the driver will take care of the rest for you. The cost of riding an electric car is also quite cheap, with a large group, the ticket price is only from 35,000 VND – 50,000 VND/person.

Eo Gio Quan Lan - Natural, beautiful and unique wind island

3. What time of year should you go to Eo Gio?

Eo Gio Quan Lan island is a great choice to experience pristine nature and relax in one of Vietnam's attractive destinations. However, choosing the right time to explore Eo Gio can affect your experience.

Eo Gio Quan Lan - Natural, beautiful and unique wind island

If you want to avoid peak travel times and want a cool, windy atmosphere, Travelgoda.com Suggested for you in fall or spring. At this time, the weather in Eo Gio is cool and fresh, making it an ideal moment to have a wonderful vacation.

4. Top must-try experiences when going to Eo Gio on Quan Lan island

Eo Gio is a place that gives visitors great experiences, making them want to come back next time. Below are the top experiences not to be missed when visiting Eo Gio Quan Lan Quang Ninh:

4.1. Swimming in Eo Gio

Surrounded by pristine natural beauty and clear blue sea, the beaches at Eo Gio are a major attraction for tourists. Here, you will enjoy the so-called “paradise” under the sunshine and the cool, fresh water of the sea.

Eo Gio Quan Lan - Natural, beautiful and unique wind island

Furthermore, swimming in the sea Eo Gio Quan Lan It is also considered as self-care for the body's health. The sea water here is rich in minerals that are beneficial for the skin, and can help reduce stress after fun activities such as kayaking, jet skiing, windsurfing…

4.2. Camp

If you want to have a close experience with wild nature, camping in Eo Gio is a perfect choice. Camping here allows you to enjoy the island's natural beauty at night. You can rent tent rental services or bring your own tent and necessary equipment to spend a night under the sparkling stars.

Eo Gio Quan Lan - Natural, beautiful and unique wind island

When camping in Eo Gio Quan Lan island, you will sleep to the soothing sound of ocean waves and breathe fresh air, bringing a feeling of serenity and comfort. You can also gather around the fire, grill fresh seafood or share life stories around the fire with family and friends.

4.3. Enjoy the dreamy natural beauty

Eo Gio is considered a “sleeping city” when the waves are gentle, creating a peaceful and romantic space. With a long coastline and no big waves, you will have the opportunity to enjoy peaceful and comfortable moments in free space.

Eo Gio Quan Lan - Natural, beautiful and unique wind island

Additionally, at sunset time, when the sun sinks into the distant horizon and light filters through the cliffs, Eo Gio Quan Lan becomes more attractive and romantic. You can freely sit and relax your heart out to the sea and admire the colorful sky, creating unforgettable moments of ecstatic beauty.

4.4. Checking in burned out

For those who love selfies and taking photos, “checking in with a camera” will bring many memorable experiences. From the majestic landscape of the strait and the endless sands of the archipelago, to the luxurious beach villa architecture. All will bring you vivid and sparkling photos.

Eo Gio Quan Lan - Natural, beautiful and unique wind island

Through taking photos and capturing moments at Eo Gio Quan Lan Quang Ninh, you can create beautiful and impressive photos to share on social networks. Furthermore, with fresh climate and quiet space, this is an ideal place to relax and enjoy peaceful moments with family and friends.

5. What should you eat when traveling to Eo Gio Quan Lan?

Tourism Eo Gio Quan Lan island, visitors not only enjoy the natural beauty but also have the opportunity to enjoy delicious specialties. Here are some Eo Gio specialties you definitely should not miss when coming here:

5.1. Van Don seafood

Located in Quang Ninh province, Van Don beach is famous as a paradise of fresh seafood. Therefore, when visiting Eo Gio Quan Lan, You should not miss the opportunity to enjoy the typical seafood dishes of this area.

Popular types of seafood in Van Don include fish such as eel, herring, scallops and snails. You can choose dishes such as crispy fried fish with green vegetables, stir-fried scallops with tamarind or steamed, and salt-roasted snails to discover the unique flavor of Van Don.

5.2. Sea worms – Delicious dish not to be missed when traveling to Eo Gio

Sea worms are a type of seafood originating from Eo Gio waters, thanks to very favorable natural conditions, creating high quality products. Sea worms are considered a “specialty” of this sea and have high nutritional value. When visiting Eo Gio Quan Lanvisitors can go to coastal restaurants and eateries to enjoy fresh sea worm dishes.

Sea worms can be processed into many different delicious dishes such as: stir-fried with garlic, roasted with tamarind, deep-fried or boiled in fish sauce. With its rich flavor and firm meat, sea worms make food lovers unable to contain their excitement.

5.3. Forest fruit: apricot fruit

Apricot fruit, also known as wild strawberry, has a compact shape and beautiful bright red color. Apricot fruit has a sweet and slightly sour taste, giving visitors a new culinary experience.

Apricot fruit is not only a delicious fruit, but also has many nutritional benefits. It contains many antioxidants and vitamin C, which can help strengthen resistance and protect general health. In addition, visitors can also buy this fruit as gifts for family and friends when traveling Eo Gio Quan Lan island.

6. Experience traveling to Eo Gio on Quan Lan island

For a perfect vacation at Eo Gio Quan Lan, Visitors can note the following experiences:

  • To avoid running out of rooms, visitors should consult and reserve rooms at home from reputable parties or official hotel websites.
  • Please bring sunscreen, jackets, hats and other personal items to protect your health during the trip.
  • There are also many mosquitoes and insects in Eo Gio, you should bring long clothes or insect spray to prevent them.
  • The road in Eo Gio is quite rough and difficult to travel. Therefore, to facilitate movement and avoid slipping, you should bring a pair of sports shoes with a bit of high friction.

7. Some check-in photos of tourists at Eo Gio

Below are some beautiful check-in photos of tourists when visiting Eo Gio. If you don't know how to angle or pose, you can refer to these photos:

Through this article, hopefully you will have more necessary information about Eo Gio Quan Lan. Monitor Travelgoda.com to be able to explore more new lands. Wishing you a wonderful trip to explore Eo Gio with your family and friends!