Considered the muse of the Northeast, Mau Son is always an ideal place of discovery that many people aspire to visit. This is a place with both magnificent nature and quite unique religious culture. Below this article, will travel with you Mau Son Lang Son Please.

1. Some details about Mau Son Lang Son tourist area

Experience exploring Mau Son Lang Son is extremely useful

With an area of ​​more than 10,000 hectares and diverse terrain, Mau Son Lang Son Possessing up to 80 mountains, each mountain has its own unique and enchanting beauty. The ecosystem here is extremely rich, with many rare types of trees and diverse wildlife. In addition, Mau Son is also a place to preserve and promote national identity values.

2. Address and how to get to Mau Son Lang Son

  • Address: 3 communes: Cong Son, Mau Son of Cao Loc district and Mau Son commune of Loc Binh district.

The vehicles arrive Mau Son Lang Son which you can consider as follows:

  • Passenger bus: Please buy a ticket departing from My Dinh bus station. Reputable car brands are Eagle car, Phuong Hung car and Duc Dung car with prices from only 100,000 VND – 150,000 VND. During the few hours of travel, visitors will have more time to rest. On peak occasions, the number of visitors is quite large, so please contact to buy tickets as soon as possible.
  • Motorbike: The distance from Hanoi to Mau Son only takes about 4 hours. Although the path is a bit difficult, it is full of excitement for backpackers. Along the way, stop to take photos of the natural scenery. Before planning to travel, prepare your health, physical strength and mental state.

Experience exploring Mau Son Lang Son is extremely useful

3. What are the most beautiful times to explore Mau Son Mountain in Lang Son?

Mau Son Lang Son is an attractive destination for tourists all year round, as each season brings unique experiences and landscapes.

  • In April – May, when summer begins, Mau Son becomes alive with flowers blooming everywhere. This is the ideal time to camp and enjoy the wonderful beauty of the waterfalls in the area.
  • In July – August, the rice season begins to ripen on terraced fields. You can walk among the rice fields and admire the majestic natural scenery.
  • From September to October is the most ideal time to enjoy the beauty of Mau Son. With pleasant, cool and not too cold weather, this is the most suitable time to relax with friends and family.
  • At the end of the year, from December to January, Mau Son Lang Son is immersed in the cold atmosphere of winter. This is the time when frosty days and snowfall make the landscape especially mysterious and alluring.

Experience exploring Mau Son Lang Son is extremely useful

Experience exploring Mau Son Lang Son is extremely useful

4. The most beautiful places in Mau Son that thousands of people love

4.1. Long Dau Stream, Mau Son

Nestled in the majestic Mau Son mountain region, Long Dau Stream is a soft silk strip, winding through rocky rapids, creating breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls. The stream gurgling, overcoming challenging slopes, as if wanting to affirm its strong vitality among the vastness. Long Dau Stream is like a natural harmony, where the sound of flowing water harmonizes with the sound of wind and birds, creating an enchanting forest music.

Experience exploring Mau Son Lang Son is extremely useful

The spring water is so clear that you can see every pebble and every small fish playing in the cool water. When the sun rises high, light glimmers through the leaves, reflecting on the stream, creating shimmering, magical dances of light. And when sunset falls, Long Dau stream changes into a different color – much calmer and quieter.

4.2. Buddha Chi Mountain

Buddha Mountain is just a part of the range Mau Son Mountain Lang Son, is an impressive destination for those who are passionate about exploring and learning about natural beauty. With endless green space, Buddha Mountain attracts tourists with the majestic beauty and tranquility of the mountains and forests. This is not only a place to admire and take check-in photos, but also a place to immerse yourself in the peaceful and quiet atmosphere of nature. This place is also a sacred place, many people come here to worship.

Experience exploring Mau Son Lang Son is extremely useful

4.3. Dao ethnic village in Mau Son Lang Son

The Dao ethnic village is where traditional culture is preserved and promoted through each generation. The population here is quite dense, creating a rich and diverse cultural space. Dao people live Lang Son Mau Son peak Preserve unique cultural beauty through costumes, language, and long-standing customs. Their costumes stand out with intricate hand-embroidered motifs and vibrant colors, reflecting the talent and creativity of Dao women.

Experience exploring Mau Son Lang Son is extremely useful

In the village, you can also participate in local festivals. These festivals are not only cultural events, but also an opportunity for people to show hospitality to visitors. The villages are arranged in a community format, with houses close together so people can gather and socialize. Cultural values ​​are passed down from generation to generation, ensuring that no matter how much time passes, Dao cultural identity will forever exist.

4.4. Mau Son ancient spiritual area

Ancient spiritual land Mau Son Lang Son It is a place to worship the mountain god and a sacred pilgrimage site. The road to the ancient spiritual land is not easy but is a winding, steep and steep path that requires patience and strength from those who come to this place. Located on a steep mountainside, the Ancient Spiritual Land contains historical stories, long-standing traditions, and is a symbol of the connection between humans and nature.

Experience exploring Mau Son Lang Son is extremely useful

People come to this location of Mau Son Mountain Lang Son not only to worship but also to find peace for the soul. They carry their hopes, wishes and gratitude to the mountain god, praying for protection and blessings. For researchers, Mau Son ancient spiritual site is a valuable source of information, where it is possible to learn more deeply about customs, beliefs and how spiritual culture is preserved over time.

5. Famous delicious specialties at the top of Mau Son Lang Son mountain

5.1. Sour Pho Lang Son

Sour pho is a typical dish of the Northern mountainous region, with a unique taste and quite meticulous cooking method. Sour pho is not like the traditional pho that many people are familiar with. It is a combination of many different ingredients, creating a complex but harmonious flavor. Pho noodles are astringent so that when eaten, they have a characteristic elasticity and chewiness. The special feature of sour pho is the sauce, with the most important ingredient being sugar vinegar – an exclusive recipe of Vietnamese people. Mau Son Lang Son.

Experience exploring Mau Son Lang Son is extremely useful

When enjoying sour pho, diners should mix the ingredients to feel each separate layer of flavor. This dish is suitable for both hot sunny days and cold winter weather.

5.2. Mau Son fried rice cake

Mau Son tourism, Lang Son province, Suggest you should try banh chao. This cake not only impresses with its familiar donut-like appearance, but also with its unique flavor and creativity in preparation.

The process of frying banh chao is very special. The baker will scoop out a moderate amount of dough, stuff the meat into the middle, and then gently drop it into the pan of boiling oil. For every Lang Son resident, banh chao is not simply a type of cake, but also a part of affection, a pride in the local culinary culture.

5.3. Lang Son roast duck

Roast duck is a famous specialty and the pride of the people of Lang. Roast duck is made from high quality, naturally raised ducks. The process of roasting a duck also requires meticulousness and high technique. After being marinated with spices, the duck will be roasted on charcoal until the outside skin is crispy and golden, while the meat inside is soft and sweet. The dipping sauce accompanying roasted duck is also an indispensable part, contributing to the uniqueness of the dish. Arrival Mau Son Lang Son, Remember to enjoy this dish.

5.4. Mau Son peaches

Peach Mau Son Lang Son It has a delicious, sweet flavor and is a meaningful gift that tourists often choose to buy as a gift. When you buy peaches for your loved ones, you will bring with you a part of the flavor of Lang Son mountains and forests, a bit of the essence of majestic nature. Please pay attention to choosing fruits that have a beautiful appearance, are not crushed and have a natural aroma to ensure quality.

5.5. Lang Son humiliation

Traditional dishes, reflecting the culinary quintessence of the Tay ethnic people in the region Mau Son Lang Son That's the humiliating step. Pork belly is the main ingredient of the dish, carefully selected to ensure quality. It takes half a day to cook the meat until it's soft and melts in your mouth. To enjoy the dish properly, eat it with bread or rice.

6. Super beautiful check-in images of Mau Son for tourists

The above article, shared with you about Mau Son Lang Son. This is considered a fairyland of the Northern mountains and forests, making everyone who comes here for the first time fall in love. Remember to save the above information to have a complete trip plan.