Cua Lo Beach Nghe An is no longer strange to tourists, always a top favorite destination in the summer every year. However, if you are coming here for the first time, you may be worried about choosing a place to stay, interesting activities and good food. To help you have a wonderful vacation, will share valuable experiences when traveling to Cua Lo beach that you definitely cannot miss.

1. The right time to go to Cua Lo beach, Nghe An

For a long time, Cua Lo Beach has been an extremely popular destination with both domestic and foreign tourists. In Cua Lo, the ocean waves are very big and nature is very fresh even though this place is very crowded because of tourism development.

Experience traveling to Cua Lo Nghe An beach from A - Z

Cua Lo Beach More than 10km long, the sand is fine white and very flat, not hard due to mud like some other places. The beach looks very chill with a large area and tall coconut and willow trees. Sea water has high salinity so Cua Lo Beach becoming one of the most ideal places for swimming in Vietnam.

OK Cua Lo beach When is the most appropriate time? The answer is summer, specifically from around April to around August. In addition, at this time the sunlight at sea is also very beautiful.

Experience traveling to Cua Lo Nghe An beach from A - Z

Traveling to neighboring islands becomes much more convenient, unless there are heavy storms on some special days. During April and May there are also a number of activities and festivals waiting for visitors to experience.

2. Address and how to get to Cua Lo beach

The beach is in Cua Lo commune, relatively close to Vinh city (less than 18km). But to move forward Cua Lo Beach From other provinces, you can consider choosing a plane to go to Nghe An even in the North to save time and spirit for fun.

The southern regions will have longer distances, so the plane is definitely a very reasonable choice. Furthermore, visitors can choose the train as a means of transportation when coming to Nghe An. Although the train ticket price is not much lower than the plane ticket, it will bring a more comfortable and quality experience with guaranteed seats.

Experience traveling to Cua Lo Nghe An beach from A - Z

Students in neighboring provinces have an even cheaper option: renting a bus or limousine. Vehicles may take more time to travel than driving or taking the train, but the price is also very reasonable. To evaluate, this is the choice of many families and students to travel.

Experience traveling to Cua Lo Nghe An beach from A - Z

If you really still choose to travel by personal vehicle, those in Hanoi can follow National Highway 1A or the Ho Chi Minh Trail for about 6 – 8 hours.

3. What to do when coming to Cua Lo beach, Nghe An?

3.1. Swimming at Cua Lo beach

When you go to the beach, you definitely cannot miss swimming activities. Cua Lo Beach There is a long, smooth white sand beach. The ocean waves are clear and gentle, you can bathe at any time of the day except the evening.

Also, the area management has set restrictions so avoid those areas because there may be big waves or coral. Cua Lo beach is very beautiful, but for safety, you should still have a life jacket if you don't know how to swim.

Experience traveling to Cua Lo Nghe An beach from A - Z

Besides swimming at Cua Lo, you also need to remember to rinse your body thoroughly after bathing to avoid getting sick or feeling greasy because the sea water here has a higher salt content than other beaches in Vietnam. Another important thing to note is that swimming time will help you enjoy wonderful moments of relaxation.

3.2. Visit Cua Hoi ecological area

For those who like to experience local culture or like to see ecological areas with mountains, rivers and forests, Cua Hoi is the place for you. This place is famous for bringing visitors peace and relaxation that few places can do.

Experience traveling to Cua Lo Nghe An beach from A - Z

Besides, Cua Lo – Nghe An is also known for its diverse organization of many major festivals, creating a bustling and vibrant place. This gives visitors unique cultural experiences about Nghe An in general and Cua Lo in particular, making the journey to explore this land interesting and memorable.

3.3. Water motor at Cua Lo beach

If you are an adrenaline junkie and want to experience high speeds at sea, you should definitely try riding a jet motorbike here. Cua Lo beach. In this beach area, visitors will easily find many water motorbike rental locations, creating favorable conditions to choose and enjoy the service without having to worry about missing out on the opportunity.

Experience traveling to Cua Lo Nghe An beach from A - Z

Driving a jet ski sounds like it, but it's not as easy as many people think. For newbies, riding a motorbike requires courage and calmness because even though there are waves Cua Lo Beach It's very large so when driving the motorbike it will be quite bumpy. If you're not careful, you can lose your grip if you drive too fast.

Besides water motorbikes, you can find some other games such as rowing boats or simply rent a big float to play with a group of friends.

3.4. Visit islands nearby Cua Lo beach

Coming to the beach, why not experience the beautiful islands surrounding it? You should immediately rent a yacht or speedboat and visit at least 3 islands: Lan Chau, Hon Ngu Island and Eye Island, otherwise you will feel regretful when returning.

Experience traveling to Cua Lo Nghe An beach from A - Z

Lan Chau Island has the largest area in the country Cua Lo Beach up to 300 hectares. The island is shaped like a dolphin and surrounded by beautiful coral reefs. The island is surrounded by a flooded forest with many types of plants and flowers waiting for you to explore. Lan Chau Island also has very high-end tourist and resort areas.

Hon Ngu Island, on the other hand, has a very small area, only about 133 square meters. However, the island has very high spiritual value so it is very popular with local fishermen. On Hon Ngu Island, there is a 36m high lighthouse built in the late 19th century. Because it is shaped like a turtle, people consider it sacred and brings good luck when sailing.

Experience traveling to Cua Lo Nghe An beach from A - Z

Finally, there is Eye Island, the only uninhabited island and home to many rare birds. This island is only kept for sightseeing and conservation purposes and is not developed for tourism to preserve its natural appearance.

3.5 Squid fishing at night

Many people do not know about this interesting activity Cua Lo Beach, pretty sure you do too. In the evening, you can rent a bamboo basket boat with a guide to “go out” squid fishing with a rod, plastic bait and a lantern.

Experience traveling to Cua Lo Nghe An beach from A - Z

To catch squid also requires patience and dexterity so that the squid is attracted to plastic bait. The newly caught squid is bright pink and is grilled and eaten on the boat. This is definitely an interesting experience that should not be missed.

3.6 Visit Van Temple

Now that you've had fun, there's the next activity The main suggestion is to experience spirituality and learn about historical culture here. Van Temple – Cua Rao is a place built to commemorate and honor General Doan Nhu Hai, a famous general of the Tran Dynasty who sacrificed his life to protect the land and lives of the villagers.

Experience traveling to Cua Lo Nghe An beach from A - Z

Van Temple is a temple located in Xa Luong commune, Tuong Duong district, Nghe An province. Located at the confluence of the Nam Non and Nam Mo rivers, this temple has become an archaeological site with many valuable artifacts, belonging to the Phung Nguyen culture and dating back nearly 4,000 years.

The festival at Van Temple – Cua Rao attracts tourists with cultural and artistic exchange programs, folk games and folk songs of the Thai, Mong, and Khmu ethnic groups, creating a bustling atmosphere. clear and profound, deeply expressing the diverse cultural identity of Nghe An. If the opportunity comes Cua Lo beach, Nghe An Then please visit this place.

4. Dishes you should try at Cua Lo beach

When arriving at Cua Lo beach, visitors cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy great seafood here. The diverse menu includes seafood dishes that have just been caught from the sea, kept fresh thanks to a large and continuous supply from local fishermen.

Customers coming to the restaurant can rest assured about the quality of seafood and its flavor. Here are some dishes you should try while here:

  • Crabs grow: Combined with natural flavors in a harmonious way, the food is very fragrant and highly nutritious, making anyone who tries it fall in love with it.
  • Fried crab with tamarind: Crab is not a very special dish in many places, but steamed crab is here Cua Lo Beach It has an unmistakable uniqueness.

Experience traveling to Cua Lo Nghe An beach from A - Z

  • Jumping Squid: Actually, these are just normal squid, but they have just been caught by fishermen and processed for diners to enjoy. The dish is considered in the top 10 best seafood in Vietnam.
  • Cobia 7 dishes: This is a fish dish that is very nutritious but very low in fat so it does not cause obesity. The chef will prepare 7 dishes: salad, steamed lemongrass, fish hotpot, stir-fried fish intestines, fish porridge, fried fish fins.

Experience traveling to Cua Lo Nghe An beach from A - Z

5. Check-in photos at Cua Lo beach

You definitely cannot ignore virtual living Cua Lo Beach. The beach has fine white sand and beautiful sunlight. The charms of nature promise to give you memorable photos.

Experience traveling to Cua Lo Nghe An beach from A - Z

Experience traveling to Cua Lo Nghe An beach from A - Z

The above are things about Cua Lo beach, Nghe An maybe you don't know. Hope this article will help you on your upcoming trip, please continue to follow to know more about tourist destinations.