Black Rock Beach is a famous tourist destination with clear water and cascading black rocks. Not only does it have a unique natural landscape, this place attracts tourists by its attractive entertainment and dining activities. Together Discover the mysteries now Da Den beach hey!

1. Introduction to Da Nang Black Rock Beach

A place that makes a big impression on any visitor here is the large, black rocks stacked on top of each other. At first sight, you will be attracted by its uniqueness and prominence. This is also the main reason for the name Da Den beach deeply imprinted in the hearts of residents and tourists.

Explore Black Rock Beach - Underground Pearl of the coastal city of Da Nang

Not only that, Da Den beach Another name is “Obama Rock”. As the name suggests, it makes visitors curious when it matches the name of an American president. However, with the unique colors of the rocks, people named this place after Obama – the first black American president.

2. Directions to Da Den beach

The stone beach is located in Tho Quang ward, Son Tra district, city. Da Nang attracts many people to check-in. So to move here conveniently, you can choose two routes below:

  • Route 1 (Road): If you go by road, you will travel about 20km to get there Da Den beach. You will go along Yet Kieu street to Ngo Quyen and follow National Highway 14B. After arriving at Golden Sand Beach, you follow the mountain road for about 350m, then park your car and walk a bit more to reach the rocky beach.
  • Route 2 (waterway): If you choose the waterway, you will go from Han River to Tien Sa port. From here, you just need to go through the port to reach the rocky beach.

Explore Black Rock Beach - Underground Pearl of the coastal city of Da Nang

3. Choose means of transportation

To be able to discover all the beauty of Tho Quang Son Tra Black Rock Beach, Da Nang, you should consider choosing suitable means. With different routes, vehicles will play an important role in helping you observe the beauty of this place.

Explore Black Rock Beach - Underground Pearl of the coastal city of Da Nang

  • Boat: One of the means of transport that brings you the most interesting experiences when going to the rocky beach. Traveling by boat, you can move quickly while admiring the beauty of the sea. You can buy tickets at Han River port to Son Tra tourist area. From the port, you only need to walk about 250m to reach this rocky beach.
  • Car: If you want to experience a more comfortable and convenient journey, a car will be a suitable choice. The price for 2-way travel from the center is 400,000 VND. You can explore the rocky beach with your loved ones in the privacy and comfort of your car.
  • Motorbike: You want to feel the freedom and flexibility in moving, motorbike is a great choice. You can freely explore every corner of the city Da Nang Black Rock Beach. However, the road has many difficult turns, so you need to steer firmly and be careful.

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4. Check out the activities present at Da Den beach

4.1. Go to the beach

A beautiful and unique beach – With extremely clear blue water. Difference of Da Den beach This is the presence of black rocks instead of pure white sand. This creates an attractive and new space for visitors

Explore Black Rock Beach - Underground Pearl of the coastal city of Da Nang

An additional advantage of this beach is that there are few tourists, so you can freely splash around and relax without worrying about noise or crowding. This is the perfect destination for you to have a private and peaceful moment.

4.2. Camping at the rocky beach

Camping at Da Den beach was an interesting experience. With picturesque scenery, you will be immersed in the wild beauty of the sea and blue water here.

Explore Black Rock Beach - Underground Pearl of the coastal city of Da Nang

It is a great stop for those who like to wander here and there. You can freely choose areas to camp, from near the beach to near green forests. You and your loved ones can have fun, organize parties or immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere of the campfire.

4.3. Let's watch the sunset and check-in virtually

Tourists come to Da Den beach Can't miss the peaceful sunset scene here. The image of sunlight shining on the clear blue sea creates a beautiful scene. This is the ideal check-in point for artistic souls with thousands of super cool photos.

Explore Black Rock Beach - Underground Pearl of the coastal city of Da Nang

4.4. Scuba diving at Da Den beach

Immersing yourself in the majestic beauty of the blue ocean with splendid coral beaches is an experience when visitors come Da Den beach. With good service and full modern equipment provided. You just need to prepare a beautiful soul to be able to save memorable moments in this beautiful sea.

Explore Black Rock Beach - Underground Pearl of the coastal city of Da Nang

4.5. Thrilling game

You are a speed enthusiast, a fishermanDo you have a brave spirit? Thrilling game at Tho Quang Son Tra Black Rock beach is the place for you. Water motorcycling will not make you bored, canoe racing on the water will make you more excited than ever.

Explore Black Rock Beach - Underground Pearl of the coastal city of Da Nang

5. Experience going to Da Den beach

5.1. What do you need to prepare?

Before every trip you should prepare the necessary items to have the best trip. Please save these things immediately to protect your body and help you have a perfect route when coming to the special location. Da Den beach This:

  • With the atmosphere of the central region, when traveling here Da Nang Black Rock Beach You should bring sunscreen, sunscreen, and a hat to protect your body
  • Sneakers and beach sandals will be more suitable than high heels when traveling here
  • If you and your loved ones intend to camp overnight, you should prepare a tent, flashlight and some necessary tools. By service at the rocky beach Quite limited, please prepare cooking utensils, grill and food.
  • With many beautiful check-in locations, cameras and pretty dresses are indispensable when traveling here.

5.2. Ideal time to travel

Surely March to September is the best time of the year to see the rocky beach in its most perfect appearance. At that time, Da Nang had quite a bit of rain, a lot of sunshine, and the cool air made you feel extremely comfortable.

During this season, shiny rays of sunlight shine on the clear blue water here. The golden sand beaches stretching far and wide, the shady green trees create a beautiful picture that will make you fall in love.

6. Other attractive places near Da Den beach in Da Nang

Perhaps Son Tra Black Rock Beach is definitely a place with a lot of resonance in the hearts of every visitor when visiting beautiful Da Nang. Not only is the rocky beach loved by many tourists, this place also contains many other attractive places. Here are a few typical names:

6.1. Golden sand

Mere distance from Da Den beach 650m, this place attracts visitors with its wild natural beauty and beautiful beach with fine golden sand grains. Because of that peace and wilderness, Golden Sand Beach is a tourist destination that you should visit in the Son Tra area.

With such a beach scene, Golden Sand Beach is an ideal place for visitors to freely immerse themselves in the sea and participate in many interesting activities. Visitors can also enjoy playing in the cool sea water or taking beautiful check-in photos.

6.2. Om Stream

Om Stream is a beautiful small stream located on Son Tra peninsula. With fresh and pure nature, this place has become an ideal destination for tourists who want to escape the noise of the city.

Fascinated by the pure and gentle beauty of Suoi Om, visitors cannot resist its charm. When setting foot in this romantic area, visitors will be filled with a quiet space and immersed in the landscape amidst this wonderful fairyland.

6.3. Linh Ung Pagoda Son Tra

Known as one of the three famous Linh Ung ancient pagodas in Da Nang. Located in a very special location, with its back leaning against the mountain and facing the vast East Sea. This ancient temple is considered a tourist attraction from near and far.

From the temple yard, visitors can admire the entire green peninsula and the vast stretch of beach. The highlight of this ancient pagoda is the tallest statue of Guanyin in our country. This beautiful landscape, Linh Ung Pagoda, is a must-visit destination when you travel to the most livable city in our country.

6.4. Chess Board Peak

Ban Co Peak, with an altitude of 700m above sea level, is a tourist destination for young people who love to learn and adventure. Located in the beautiful city, this is a place you should definitely visit when you want to enjoy the beautiful natural landscape. Ban Co Peak is associated with many fascinating legendary stories. In addition, this is also a place to enjoy beautiful sunrise and sunset views.

Da Den Beach is the beauty of perfection, this place with mountain and forest landscape combined with the vast space of the sea. If you are an adventure enthusiast, this place is definitely the ideal stop. Hopefully the above is useful information Da Den beach. Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and smooth trip!