Tien Cong Festival is a major cultural event of the people of Quang Yen town with many interesting rituals and activities, attracting a large number of tourists to participate. Let's Travelgoda.com Discover interesting things related to Quang Yen Fairy Cong Festival Please!

1. Some details about Quang Yen's Tien Cong festival

Quang Yen Fairy Cong Festival is a traditional festival of the people of Hao Nam, Quang Yen every January. This is the largest cultural event in the region at the beginning of the new year with extremely attractive ceremonies and festivals

Explore the Famous Quang Yen Fairy Festival from Near and Far

This festival not only has the meaning of expressing gratitude to one's roots and remembering the merits of heroes who fought against foreign invaders, but it is also an opportunity to celebrate the lives of the elderly. During the festival, people in the Hao Nam area often have the custom of bringing elderly people to Tien Cong temple to pray for health and peace.

Over time, the people of Quang Yen not only preserve but also develop the traditional festivals of their ancestors on a large scale. The festival's activities are sponsored by the Quang Yen town government to be organized solemnly and meticulously.

Explore the Famous Quang Yen Fairy Festival from Near and Far

If you have the opportunity to come to the town in January, visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in interesting activities Quang Yen Fairy Cong Festival. This is an opportunity for you to learn about the traditional cultural life of local people, participate in folk games as well as experience unique cuisine.

2. Where is Quang Yen Fairy Cong Festival? Instructions on how to get to the festival

2.1. Location of the Tien Cong festival

Tien Cong Festival is held in 4 communes of Trung Ban, Phong Coc, Cam La and Yen Dong of Quang Yen town. This area is about 250km from Hanoi capital.

2.2 Moving instructions

Currently, tourists from the capital Hanoi can participate Quang Yen Fairy Cong Festival by road vehicles such as buses, cars or motorbikes. Among these, the transportation method chosen by many tourists is to take a door-to-door Limousine, which helps you save time and does not need to take multiple trips.

Explore the Famous Quang Yen Fairy Festival from Near and Far

If you want to be proactive in traveling, you can choose personal vehicles such as cars or motorbikes. You just need to follow the directions of Google Maps and you can go to Quang Yen to participate in the festival easily and cost-effectively.

3. Origin and legend of Quang Yen Tien Cong festival

According to some records left behind, in the past, the still desolate land of Hao Nam was reclaimed by a group of people from Thang Long. Living in this land, a group of people suddenly remembered the bustling festive atmosphere in the capital every spring.

Over many generations, to commemorate the exploits of the elders, descendants have decided on solemn ceremonies to commemorate. During the festival, elders in the area will be carried on hammocks or dragon palanquins to Tien Cong temple. In addition to the procession of the elderly, the festival also includes a sacrificial ritual with well-prepared offerings.

Explore the Famous Quang Yen Fairy Festival from Near and Far

Gradually, over many generations, the festival was preserved and promoted to become a traditional cultural activity of people in the region. Quang Yen Fairy Cong Festival It is not only an opportunity to honor the merits of seniors but also has the meaning of educating gratitude for children and grandchildren.

Besides, there is also a theory that the Quang Yen Tien Cong festival originated in the 15th century. Legend has it that it was during the Ly Tran dynasty. There was a group of people who went to Hao Nam area to clear the wasteland. By the 15th century, Tien Cong and the residents came back to establish a village and settle down.

Explore the Famous Quang Yen Fairy Festival from Near and Far

To commemorate and honor the contributions of those who formed the community, people in the area built a temple to worship the Fairy Gods and held festivals with sacred rituals. Continuing the fine tradition of their ancestors, Hao Nam's children have maintained the Tien Cong festival culture until now.

4. What is special about the Quang Yen Fairy Festival?

4.1. The process of preparing the festival is thoughtful and neat

Before the festival took place, the people of Quang Yen commune prepared very carefully and elaborately, to ensure the festival was successful and grand. They cleaned and decorated Tien Cong temple, prepared offerings such as fruits, banh chung, banh day, precious pigs, tea, incense, incense, votive paper,…

Explore the Famous Quang Yen Fairy Festival from Near and Far

In addition, they have also prepared means of procession, announcements and distributed solemn costumes to the 80 and 90 year old seniors in the area since December. Here, they have also prepared costumes and equipment. Tools, scripts for rituals and game activities ensure the festival runs smoothly and safely.

Before the main ceremony day, the organizing committee will conduct the worshiping procedure to announce to heaven and earth, Tien Cong. This activity means praying that everything during the festival goes smoothly.

4.2. The ceremonies were held solemnly

Normally, Tien Cong festival in Quang Yen is usually held within 4 days from the 4th – 7th of the first lunar month every year. At the festival, local people will conduct solemn and sacred rituals, reflecting traditional culture and paying tribute to the roots of the Hao Nam people.

  • 4th day: Ancestor worship ceremony is held at the ancestral altar of each family in the area. In this ritual, people will prepare a tray of rice and offerings to offer to Tien Cong and invite relatives and neighbors to join in the celebration of the longevity of the elders in the house.
  • 5th: People prepare decent and formal clothes for the elderly people in the house.
  • 6th: Elderly men and women in formal clothes are carried by their descendants to Tien Cong temple.
  • 7th: A special Reception Ceremony takes place to honor the elderly, expressing the respect and gratitude of the descendants.

Explore the Famous Quang Yen Fairy Festival from Near and Far

4.3. Festival section with many special activities

Along with unique rituals, Quang Yen Fairy Cong Festival There is also a festival with many folk games and unique cultural exchange activities. Visitors have the opportunity to participate in wrestling, dike building, cockfighting, tug of war,… extremely exciting, bringing extreme excitement.

Explore the Famous Quang Yen Fairy Festival from Near and Far

5. Some impressive places to stay when coming to participate in the Tien Cong festival

5.1. Minh Quang Hotel

If you need to find a quality accommodation when participating Quang Yen Fairy Cong Festival Then stop by Minh Quang Hotel immediately. This is a hotel located right in the central area of ​​Quang Yen with modern design and clean rooms.

Explore the Famous Quang Yen Fairy Festival from Near and Far

The hotel has 50 rooms, fully equipped with amenities, such as air conditioning, television, refrigerator, bathtub, and high-speed wifi. Besides, Minh Quang Hotel also has a restaurant, bar, meeting room, gym and affordable laundry service for guests.

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5.2. DeLaSea Ha Long Hotel

Another quality hotel Travelgoda.com I want to give you some advice when participating Quang Yen Fairy Cong Festival is DeLaSea Ha Long Hotel. The hotel meets 4-star standards with high-rise design, modern rooms including many room types with airy sea or mountain views.

Explore the Famous Quang Yen Fairy Festival from Near and Far

Staying at DeLaSea Ha Long Hotel, visitors have the opportunity to experience top-notch services Meets international 4-star standard. Some outstanding services and amenities include Asian and European cuisine restaurants, spas, bars, gyms, swimming pools, conference and event rooms.


5.3. Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long

Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long is a great choice for tourists when coming to Quang Ninh and participating in the Quang Yen Tien Cong festival. This is a 5-star hotel with a large room fund and diverse room types, suitable for many different types of guests.

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6. Famous restaurants and eateries participating in the Tien Cong festival

6.1. La Ban Van Don Restaurant

  • Address: Thong Nhat Urban Area, Area 8, Cai Rong Town, Van Don District, Quang Ninh
  • Phone number: –

For those who live far away, come to participate in the Tien Cong festival and want to find a delicious, affordable place to eat near the airport, you can refer to La Ban Van Don restaurant. The 4-storey restaurant is located right in the center of Cai Rong town with a clean, luxurious space, accommodating up to 800 guests.

Coming to La Ban Van Don, you will enjoy a menu of special dishes made from fresh seafood. In addition, the restaurant also organizes weddings, parties, and Gala Dinners when customers need.

6.2. Bamboo Song Chanh Hoi Quan Restaurant

  • Address:
    • Facility 1: No. 11, Lane 29, Le Hoan Street, Quang Yen, Quang Ninh
    • Facility 2: Area 5, Phong Hai Ward, Quang Yen, Quang Ninh

Another delicious restaurant that diners should visit when traveling to Quang Yen is Bamboo Song Chanh Hoi Quan restaurant. The restaurant has spacious space, comfortable dining equipment, professional staff, and extremely dedicated service.

Bamboo Song Chanh Hoi Quan's menu is considered quite rich with many delicious dishes made from seafood, hill chicken and locally grown vegetables and fruits. Prices at the restaurant are publicly listed and reasonable, so there are quite a few customers coming to eat

6.3. Hong Hanh Phuong Dong Restaurant

  • Address: Dong Xa commune, Van Don, Quang Ninh.

Hong Hanh Phuong Dong is also the coordinates for delicious – nutritious – cheap dining for tourists when attending the Quang Yen Tien Cong festival. The restaurant has an airy space, simple but cozy style, large capacity, and car parking.

One of the factors that attracts visitors to this restaurant is the delicious and diverse food, made from fresh seafood, saying no to frozen foods. The restaurant's staff serves quickly and the food is served hot, so diners highly appreciate it.

7. Some important notes when participating in Quang Yen Tien Cong festival

When you come to join Quang Yen Fairy Cong Festivalyou need to pay attention to the following issues to have a meaningful and safe journey:

  • Prepare polite and elegant clothes when attending the festival.
  • The Tien Cong Festival attracts a large number of people and tourists to participate. Therefore, you need to raise awareness of protecting personal property and belongings, avoiding being taken advantage of by bad guys.
  • Comply with the regulations of the festival organizers, do not cause loss of order or litter indiscriminately

8. Some impressive images of tourists participating in the Quang Yen Tien Cong festival

Below are some beautiful and impressive images Quang Yen Fairy Cong Festival:

So, Travelgoda.com just discovered interesting information about Quang Yen Fairy Cong Festival. If you want to learn about the culture and traditions of gratitude to the roots of the people of Quang Yen, take the time to participate in this unique festival!