Tomb of Mr. and Mrs. Chieu, one of the oldest buildings in Saigon, is hidden in the middle of a busy and crowded place. With unique history and architecture, this place is a great tourist destination for you to discover about the people here. Together Explore and learn about historical heritage Tomb of Mr. and Mrs. Chieu in the article below!

1. Some details about Mr. and Mrs. Chieu's Mausoleum

1.1. Where is the mausoleum?

Tomb of Mr. and Mrs. Chieu, also known as Thuong Cong Temple, located at 1 Vu Tung Street, Ward 3, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City. This is one of the city's largest ancient spiritual works.

Explore the Tomb of Ong and Ba Chieu - A place that connects the past and present

Tomb of Mr. and Mrs. Chieu Built to worship the mausoleum of Le Van Duyet (1764-1832), who made great contributions to protecting and building the country. This work carries an extremely important historical and cultural value.

1.2. What time of year should you go to Ong and Ba Chieu Mausoleum?

Tomb of Mr. and Mrs. Chieu – a historical destination with many cultural values, a must-visit destination when you arrive in Saigon. In particular, no matter what time of year you come here, you will still be captivated by its beauty.

  • Spring: Green plants begin to sprout. Going to Lang Ong in the spring, you have the opportunity to admire the beautiful scenery and immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of the traditional Tet festival.
  • Summer: With the sweltering heat of summer, walking around the campus here will bring you a feeling of comfort and ease. This warm weather is the ideal time to explore the temples and historical symbols on site.
  • Autumn: When the leaves begin to change color and fall one by one, Tomb of Mr. and Mrs. Chieu become romantic and attractive. This is the time you can freely admire and create beautiful photos in natural settings.
  • Winter: Although colder than the other three seasons, going here in winter can bring you a special experience. With a peaceful and calming space, you can easily find peace and quiet in this campus.

Explore the Tomb of Ong and Ba Chieu - A place that connects the past and present

2. Directions to Ong Ba Chieu's mausoleum

If you are a tourist arriving in Saigon and want to find your way there Ong Ba Chieu's mausoleum, you have many options to choose from. Whether you want to use a taxi, motorbike taxi, self-sufficient car rental or public transportation, getting to this location is not too difficult. In particular, use a taxi or motorbike taxi, which is very convenient and fast for tourists who are unfamiliar with this city.

Explore the Tomb of Ong and Ba Chieu - A place that connects the past and present

Additionally, if you want to experience public transportation in this city. Please refer to the following bus route:

  • Some buses pass by the mausoleum: 104, 55, 54, 51, 24, 18, 08

3. Admire the architecture of Ong Ba Chieu's mausoleum

When arriving Tomb of Mr. and Mrs. Chieu, you will admire a unique and sophisticated architectural masterpiece. This mausoleum is divided into many separate areas, each containing the culture and heritage of the Nguyen Dynasty. The space in the mausoleum exudes ancientness and majesty, making visitors feel lost in an ancient royal world.

Explore the Tomb of Ong and Ba Chieu - A place that connects the past and present

3.1. The three-entrance gate of Ong Ba Chieu's mausoleum

Triple gate Ong Ba Chieu's mausoleum surrounded by a wall up to 500m long. Tomb of Mr. and Mrs. Chieu owns 4 gates facing 4 famous streets. These gates are all entrances to gain access to Ong Ba Chieu's mausoleum with different meanings.

Explore the Tomb of Ong and Ba Chieu - A place that connects the past and present

When you want to visit Ong Ba Chieu's mausoleum, you will pass through the Tam Quan gate facing south. This gate is engraved with a plaque with the words “Thuong Cong Temple” meaning respect. Behind is a large garden The main mausoleum area includes: stele house, mausoleum and shrine.

3.2. Beer house

The stele house is a special place, where the achievements and merits of Left Army Le Van Duyet are engraved. In this small temple, the steles are solemnly placed, surrounded by tiles and yin-yang tiled roofs, creating a sacred space.

Explore the Tomb of Ong and Ba Chieu - A place that connects the past and present

The stone stele is not only a symbol to remember the achievements of Left Army Le Van Duyet but also has profound historical and cultural significance. This stone stele is exquisitely sculpted, with the image of two golden cranes standing firmly on the back of a turtle. This harmony of yin and yang is a typical symbol expressing the loyalty and compassion of Left Army Le Van Duyet.

3.3. Tomb

Ong Ba Chieu's tomb area is a very old architectural building built during the reign of King Thieu Tri. Located in this area, we can find two special graves – the grave of Left Army Le Van Duyet is on the right (looking in from the stele house) and the grave of Mrs. Do Thi Phan is on the left.

A special point of Ong Ba Chieu's mausoleum is the existence of a double grave, with another name “tomb tomb”. This mausoleum is not only the final resting place of the two people, but also carries special spiritual value.

Image of Ong Ba Chieu's mausoleum has attracted many tourists and heritage lovers to learn and admire. Coming here, you can feel not only the architectural beauty of the building, but also the quiet and solemn atmosphere of this place.

3.4. Temple

Mr. and Mrs. Chieu's shrine is an important place at Mr. and Mrs. Chieu's mausoleum. The place where people can show their gratitude for special activities is worshiping Left Army Le Van Duyet and his wife. Built a long time ago, this shrine is not only a sacred place, but also an admirable work.

The above sculpture technique of Ong Ba Chieu temple is done extremely delicately and artistically. The motifs and patterns on the statues and paintings are decorated with special materials, bringing brilliant beauty to the entire architecture of the temple. Ong Ba Chieu Temple is divided into three parts: front, middle and main hall. This is where most of the mausoleum's worship activities take place. Please be careful to avoid walking freely at the shrine.

4. Travel experience and suggested activities at Ong Ba Chieu Mausoleum

4.1. Ong Ba Chieu mausoleum festival season

Ong Ba Chieu Mausoleum Festival is an extremely interesting event and attracts a large number of visitors every year. Starting from July 29 – 30 and August 1 – 2 of the lunar calendar, the death anniversary of General Le Van Duyet has become an important occasion to pray for peace, fortune and luck.

This event not only attracts tourists from all over to attend the festival, but also has a profound meaning in honoring the merits of a famous general. The festival is very thoughtfully organized with activities taking place in the sacred space of Ong Ba Chieu's mausoleum.

4.2. Please tattoo Mr. and Mrs. Chieu's mausoleum

When visiting Ong Ba Chieu's mausoleum, the opportunity to experience a unique form of praying for prosperity and health – getting a tattoo. This is a traditional method called “medicine tattooing” done at the stele house, central hall or front hall of the mausoleum.

How to apply for a tattoo according to local people is as follows:

  • Kneel down, clasp your hands and sincerely pray for a tattoo. During the process of praying, your name, date of birth, place of residence and wishes are things that need to be said.
  • Prostrate according to traditional customs 3 times, then draw the hexagram. Note that when drawing hexagrams, you can only draw exactly 1 hexagram and only 1 time.
  • The tattoo card shows the serial number and letters. Through the numbers on the card, find the corresponding poem with accompanying translation to predict your situation.

4.3. Opening ceremony – Praying for peace at Ong Ba Chieu's mausoleum

Opening ceremony – Praying for peace Ong Ba Chieu's mausoleum is one of the typical traditional festivals. January 7 is the solemn day to celebrate this festival, at the Tomb of Ong Ba Chieu – a famous historical and cultural relic in Ho Chi Minh City.

Held according to royal cultural rituals under the Nguyen Dynasty. The ceremony includes many different performances, including opening the bow, lowering the tree, opening the pen and opening the seal. Each part has a deep meaning and plays an important role in praying for luck, peace and success for the whole family and community.

Opening ceremony – Praying for peace Ong Ba Chieu's mausoleum It is not only an opportunity to preserve and promote traditional cultural values, but also an opportunity for the whole family and community to gather, bond and join hands to pray for a peaceful and successful new year.

5. Note when traveling to Ong Ba Chieu mausoleum

With a variety of sacred rituals and solemn festive activities. You will be able to freely view the mausoleum from many angles such as history, culture, and beliefs. However, when traveling here you should keep in mind a few things to avoid affecting the sacred place and yourself.

  • The mausoleum is a spiritual place, so when you come here, you need to maintain order and avoid walking freely in places of worship that have prohibited signs.
  • Please maintain general hygiene and do not litter. In particular, you should avoid wearing revealing clothes and instead wear discreet and polite clothes.
  • From 7:00 – 17:00 on weekdays is the administrative time that this tourist area operates. You should pay attention to avoid arriving late because it will affect the experience.

With a special formation history, Tomb of Mr. and Mrs. Chieu is a stop not to be missed for those who love to explore and want to learn about the beauty of ancient architecture. Above is a summary of all information about Ong Ba Chieu's mausoleum but brought to you. Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and smooth trip!