Van Don Airport is the most important intersection of Quang Ninh province, contributing to promoting socio-economic development including tourism activities. In this article, let's follow along Discover interesting and useful information about this international airport!

1. Brief introduction about Van Don Airport

Van Don Airport nice Van Don International Airport known as the only airport in Quang Ninh. This is also the first privately owned airport in Vietnam.

Explore Van Don Quang Ninh airport in the most detail

Van Don airport about 345 hectares wide. The airport is a combination of civil and military models. Every day there are dozens of domestic and international flights arriving and departing.

Currently, Van Don airport is not accepting domestic flights departing from Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Nha Trang and Phu Quoc. There are also international flights from Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (South Korea), Hunan and Shenzhen (China).

2. Location and travel instructions to Van Don International Airport

2.1. Location

  • Address: Doan Ket, Van Don, Quang Ninh.
  • Airport code: VDO

Van Don International Airport Located in Doan Ket commune, Van Don district. It is about 60km from Ha Long city and about 20km from Cam Pha. From the airport, you can conveniently travel to Ha Long, Cam Pha, Yen Tu, Cai Rong Port, Co To Island,…

2.2. Instructions for traveling from Van Don Airport

After landing Van Don airport Tourists have many transportation options to return to Ha Long center or to famous tourist destinations of Quang Ninh:

  • Bus: Departing from Ha Long center, there are 2 bus routes to the airport: routes 14A and 14B with a frequency of 30 – 45 minutes/trip.
  • Airport shuttle: Door-to-door transportation with a private, luxurious space, extremely suitable for large groups of guests with lots of luggage.
  • Taxi: At the airport, there are many taxi companies from affordable to high-end that you can refer to such as Vinasun, Me Linh, Quang Minh,… to travel to locations on the schedule. Taxi prices from the airport to Ha Long center range from 300,000 – 400,000 VND/trip.

Explore Van Don Quang Ninh airport in the most detail

3. History of formation and development

Van Don International Airport was built in 2015 with the investor being Sun Group. According to ICAO standard code, Van Don is a level 4E airport. In 2017, the airport was upgraded to an international airport.

Explore Van Don Quang Ninh airport in the most detail

On December 30, 2018, the airport was officially put into commercial flight operation. Each year, the airport can welcome a maximum of 2.5 million passengers.

4. Services and facilities at Van Don Airport

Van Don Airport There is a large station system with a total area of ​​about 26,991 square meters. This place makes a strong impression with its modern 2-storey design and soft dome architecture, inspired by the sails on Ha Long Bay.

At the airport, there are many outstanding services and amenities for tourists to use:

  • The airport campus is green and the highlight is the beautiful Koi fish pond.
  • Free wifi, phone charger and drinking water.
  • Public telephone service.
  • The business class lounge is 1,400m2 wide, luxurious space, equipped with high-class amenities.
  • Large TV screen in the center of the station.
  • Restaurant, cafe, cocktail bar, buffet with diverse menu.
  • Modern restrooms, the first airport in Vietnam to have restrooms specifically for disabled people.

Explore Van Don Quang Ninh airport in the most detail

5. Famous tourist destination around Van Don Airport area

5.1. Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is the most famous tourist destination of Quang Ninh province, located far away Van Don Airport about 50km. This scenic spot was voted as one of the 7 new natural wonders and was honored by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage.

Explore Van Don Quang Ninh airport in the most detail

The charming mountain and water beauty of Ha Long Bay emerges from thousands of large and small limestone islands floating poetically on the sea surface. Visiting Ha Long Bay, you will admire the breathtaking scenery of the sea and island nature of the Northeast region of the country.

5.2. Tra Co Beach

Tra Co beach is located far away Van Don Airport, Quang Ninh not far. This place is recognized as the beach with the longest coastline in Vietnam with a length of 17km running from Cape Got in the North to Cape Ngoc in the South.

Explore Van Don Quang Ninh airport in the most detail

Coming to Tra Co, tourists will see firsthand the beauty of white sand, blue sea and rows of green poplars. You can freely swim, play Team building, enjoy fresh seafood and explore the lives of local people.

5.3. Co To

Co To is an island district near the shore of Quang Ninh province. Once coming to Co To, visitors will feel the rich, peaceful natural scenery of islands and islands and the simple, honest people.

Explore Van Don Quang Ninh airport in the most detail

Co To tourism has many attractive places such as Uncle Ho Memorial House, Hong Van beach, Co To lighthouse, Cau My rock beach,… You will have the opportunity to explore the lives of local people, enjoy and Specialty shopping as well as extreme virtual check-in at the Northern pearl island.

6. Quality hotels and resorts near Van Don International Airport

6.1. Diamond Hotel Van Don

If you need to find a hotel close by Van Don Airport Then stop by Diamond Hotel immediately. The 4-star hotel has a modern, trendy design with large rooms, spacious terraces and airy city views. There are full amenities here such as restaurants, bars, massage, airport shuttle, etc. for you to experience during your vacation.

Explore Van Don Quang Ninh airport in the most detail


6.2. Best Western Premier Sapphire Ha Long

Best Western Premier Sapphire Ha Long is a 5-star hotel Van Don international airport about nearly 40km. This is the largest hotel in Ha Long with 1,005 rooms, luxurious interior. In addition, Sapphire Ha Long has a large restaurant area, meeting and conference rooms, fitness, and international standard spa.

Explore Van Don Quang Ninh airport in the most detail


6.3. Halios Hotel Halong

Halios Hotel Halong has a luxurious and warm resort space. Although located in the city center, the hotels are very spacious with beautiful bay views. Halios Hotel's room system is highly appreciated with 4 types of modern rooms and apartments and a rich system of services and amenities, 4-star international standard.

Explore Van Don Quang Ninh airport in the most detail


7. Top famous eateries and restaurants near Van Don International Airport

7.1. La Ban Van Don Restaurant

When landing Van Don airport Visitors can visit La Ban Van Don restaurant to enjoy delicious dishes and recharge their energy. The restaurant has an open, luxurious and airy design, with sophisticated interior decoration. La Ban Van Don is open all day, accommodating more than 100 guests with a diverse and attractive menu, especially delicious seafood dishes.

Address: Thong Nhat Urban Area, Area 8, Cai Rong Town, Van Don District, Quang Ninh


7.2. Nha Be Binh Yen Restaurant

Nha Be Binh Yen Restaurant offers visitors a space to enjoy peaceful cuisine amidst the vast waves of water. The restaurant has a loti design is simple and approachable. Here, you will be served delicious dishes made from fresh seafood with rich flavors, typical of Van Don.

Address: Bridge No. 3 Van Don, Van Don district, Quang Ninh province.

7.3. Hong Hanh Phuong Dong Van Don Restaurant

One more restaurant nearby Van Don Airport but will be with you The reference is Hong Hanh Phuong Dong Van Don Restaurant. The restaurant space is spacious and clean, allowing for flexible setup to organize intimate parties. The restaurant's seafood dishes are prepared according to its own recipe, preserving the original flavor so you can feel all the fresh flavors.

Address: Dong Xa commune, Van Don, Quang Ninh.

8. Some notes when traveling to and from Van Don Airport, Quang Ninh

When arriving and departing from Van Don International Airportyou need to note the following:

  • Follow flight information carefully to prepare luggage, check in and check in on time.
  • Comply with management board regulations Van Don International Airport.
  • At the airport, there are many means of transportation to Ha Long, Yen Tu, Mong Cai, Cam Pha, etc. Pay attention to checking route information to call the correct route and not be cut off on prices!

9. Photos of tourists checking in at Van Don International Airport

Below are impressive check-in images of tourists at Van Don Airport for you to admire:

Above, discovered useful information with you Van Don Airport and notes when arriving and departing from the airport. Hopefully these shares will help you prepare well and give yourself many experiences in moving, eating, and having fun during your upcoming trip to Quang Ninh.