Vi Da village is one of the famous places in the ancient capital of Hue. This place is not only a destination in the idyllic poems of poet Han Mac Tu but also has a strong attraction for tourists. So where is Vi Da village? What is attractive about this place? Let's follow along Discover the answer right below!

1. Brief introduction about Vi Da village in Hue

Surely many people have heard of the place Vi Da when reading the immortal poems in the poem This Vi Da village by poet Han Mac Tu. This place is famous for its peaceful rural landscape next to the Huong Giang River, lush green gardens like jade and simple, close-knit houses.

Explore Vi Da Village - A Peaceful Place in the Ancient Capital

This land was originally called Vi Da, but later, according to the pronunciation of the local people, it gradually changed to Vi Da as it is today. Previously, Vi Da consisted of two communes: Vi Da Thuong and Vi Da Ha in Huong Tra district, Trieu Phong district. Later, it was changed to Vi Da ward, within Hue city.

Over time, even though the rhythm of urban life is deeply ingrained in every corner, you will find it Vi Da village, Hue, you will still feel the simplicity and peace of the old years. The journey back to Vi Da is a journey to discover the memories and traditional culture of Central Vietnam villages that have been preserved.

2. Location and instructions to get to Vi Da village

2.1. Location

Address: Con Hen, Vi Da, City. Hue, Thua Thien Hue

Vi Da is a small village located in Con Hen, Vi Da ward, Hue city. This place has a beautiful location surrounded by the Perfume River. This place was once famous as one of the impressive destinations of the ancient capital next to the Perfume River, Ngu Mountain, Thien Mu Pagoda, Tam Giang Lagoon,…

2.2. Moving instructions

Nowadays, tourists from far away who have the opportunity to go on a city tour of the ancient capital of Hue cannot miss the opportunity to explore Vi Da village. To get to this famous tourist destination, you can choose to take a plane, train, or bus to Hue city center. From here, you can choose to take a taxi or drive your own car or motorbike to the station Vi Da village, Hue:


From the airport, you can call a taxi to get there Vi Da village. This is considered a quick and convenient means of transportation for tourists, especially small groups of people carrying a lot of belongings. The travel distance takes about 1 hour, the cost is very reasonable.

Self-driving vehicles (Cars, motorbikes)

If you love experience or live nearby, you can drive your own car or ride a motorbike to get there Vi Da village. The route is also very easy, you don't have to worry about getting lost. With this form of transportation, tourists can take the initiative in their journey, save costs as well as have the opportunity to admire the roadside landscape in the ancient capital.

Explore Vi Da Village - A Peaceful Place in the Ancient Capital

3. Ideal time to explore Vi Da Hue village

According to shares from Hue travel enthusiasts as well as locals in the region, tourists can visit Vi Da village anytime I want. However, the most ideal time recommended is spring and fall.

Explore Vi Da Village - A Peaceful Place in the Ancient Capital

The weather in spring and autumn is fresh, cool, no rain, and mild sunshine, very suitable for enjoying the peaceful village scenery. At this time, the banks of Huong Giang River take on the fresh beauty, full of vitality of plants and trees.

Come to Vi Da village With these two colors, visitors have the opportunity to sit on a boat down the Perfume River. Besides, visitors can also cycle on smooth roads, participate in fishing as well as immerse themselves in the daily life of Vi Da people.

4. What is attractive about Vi Da village in Hue?

4.1. Enjoy the peaceful nature beside the Huong River wharf

Located next to Huong Giang river, Vi Da village, Hue brings with it a rustic and intimate beauty. Having the opportunity to visit villages on both banks of the Perfume River, visitors are immersed in the rich picture of nature in the ancient capital. The river is clear and blue all year round, accumulating alluvium for the homeland.

Explore Vi Da Village - A Peaceful Place in the Ancient Capital

From dawn to dusk, golden sunlight shines down on the river, creating a sparkling watercolor painting. The shores are silhouettes of small boats lying still, simple roofs and the sudden sound of roosters crowing. In contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city, in Vi Da you will feel so relieved and peaceful.

4.2. Check-in at Con bridge – Giang river

Con Bridge and Giang River are beautiful spots, often visited by tourists to “check-in” to capture special moments every time they travel. Vi Da village in Hue.

Explore Vi Da Village - A Peaceful Place in the Ancient Capital

Standing on the Con bridge, visitors can look out into the distance to see the peaceful, poetic and extremely romantic scenery of a countryside dyed in the green of trees and water waves. In the beautiful moments of dawn or dusk, just pick up the phone and you will immediately have stunningly beautiful photos.

4.3. Explore Con Hen

Tourism Vi Da village, surely visitors will not be able to miss the opportunity to explore Con Hen. This place is separate from the noisy and hurried lifestyle of the city. Appearing before visitors' eyes are images of peaceful countryside with ancient houses, images of simple people with sweet voices typical of ancient Hue.

Explore Vi Da Village - A Peaceful Place in the Ancient Capital

Con Hen not only attracts tourists because of the peace of the rustic countryside but also because of the traditional culture that has been passed down through many generations. Vi Da people still maintain their old lifestyle, growing vegetables and fishing every day. Coming here, visitors, in addition to exploring nature, can also enjoy many typical dishes of the ancient capital.

4.4. Take amazing “virtual life” photos

Explore Vi Da Village - A Peaceful Place in the Ancient Capital

In front of the beautiful natural scenery of Vi Da village, you certainly won't miss the opportunity to capture memorable moments through short films or photos. Here there are up to 7,749 virtual living corners with a rural feel for you to develop your photography and videography skills.

5. Quality hotels near Vi Da village

5.1. Melia Vinpearl Hue Hotel

On your journey back to Vi Da, if you are looking for an ideal stopover, stop by Melia Vinpearl Hue. This is a 5-star hotel located right in the central area so getting around is very easy.

Explore Vi Da Village - A Peaceful Place in the Ancient Capital

Melia Vinpearl Hue Hotel owns an area of ​​more than 4,500 square meters with a modern high-rise design that stands out on a street corner. The hotel tower has a unique V shape with luxurious and classy rooms. In addition, Melia Vinpearl Hue also has a 5-star restaurant, spa, conference room, swimming pool, and fitness for you to experience.

Hotline: Travel_goda

5.2. Emm Hue Hotel

Another classy hotel want to suggest you during the tour Vi Da village, Hue is Emm Hue Hotel. The hotel is located at 15 Ly Thuong Kiet, right in the bustling central area with many impressive entertainment, sightseeing, and shopping services.

Explore Vi Da Village - A Peaceful Place in the Ancient Capital

Emm Hue Hotel meets international 4-star standards with a design that combines modernity and traditionHue-style tube. In addition to classy rooms, this hotel also has a swimming pool restaurant, spa, and luxurious conference rooms on site.

Hotline: Travelgoda3

5.3. TTC Imperial Hotel

To travel and explore Vi Da, you can also choose TTC Imperial Hotel as a place to stay. TTC Imperial Hotel has a typical design of the ancient capital from architecture, interior to decoration. Staying here, visitors will feel like they are lost in the luxurious and regal life of the ancient royal palace.

Explore Vi Da Village - A Peaceful Place in the Ancient Capital

Imperial Hotel has a total of 192 rooms divided into 4 room categories from standard to luxury with poetic views of the Huong Giang river. Besides, you will experience high-class services such as restaurants, bars, swimming pools, conference and event rooms and many other 5-star entertainment facilities.


6. What to eat when visiting Vi Da village in Hue?

6.1. Mussel rice

Visiting Vi Da, in addition to the natural scenery, the cuisine is a factor that has a special appeal to tourists. Among them, the traditional mussel rice dish is the number 1 choice for gourmets.

A rustic dish with cold rice, stir-fried mussel meat and a cup of broth made from sweet mussel broth. It's just that much, yet it creates an extremely attractive and elegant flavor that makes anyone who eats it once remember it forever.

6.2. Bread flour

Banh loc cake is a specialty that any tourist visiting the ancient capital must find to enjoy. The beautiful little cake is made from clear tapioca flour with rich shrimp and meat filling wrapped in dark green banana leaves.

Peeling off the cake, the aromatic scent immediately penetrates every olfactory cell. Gently dip a piece of cake with a cup of rich fish sauce, you will feel the elasticity of the cake crust combined with the strong sweetness of the shrimp and meat, the more you eat, the more it rolls.

6.3. Bun Bo Hue

Beef noodle soup is a Hue specialty that visitors must immediately add to their dining notebook. The bowl of beef noodle soup has eye-catching colors and hot, rich broth that attracts at first sight.

Large, chewy and soft vermicelli noodles combined with toppings of beef, pork trotters, blood rolls and raw vegetables are rich and appealing. Enjoying a bowl of authentic beef noodle soup not only fills your stomach but also helps you get more nutrition and above all, feel the unique flavor of the ancient capital's cuisine.

7. Some notes when traveling to Vi Da village in Hue

When travelling Vi Da village in Hueyou need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • Follow the Hue weather forecast to update the situation, arrange a suitable schedule, and avoid going on stormy days.
  • Prepare a jacket, hat, apply sunscreen, and wear sunglasses when visiting outdoors, especially on hot days.
  • If you intend to go to Hue, especially during peak tourist season, you should book a hotel or resort room 2 – 4 weeks before your trip.

8. Photos of tourists checking in at Vi Da village

Below are some beautiful pictures Vi Da village recorded by tourists through their lenses:

Above, We have just discovered outstanding travel information with you Vi Da village. If you love the ancient, quiet beauty of the ancient capital, then immediately add this place to your travel itinerary!