If you are someone looking for a peaceful place, close to nature and want to experience a simple life, Freedom Green Village Definitely the ideal destination. Come and experience life close to nature at the Farm to truly enjoy peaceful and meaningful moments.

1. Freedom Green Village location

Amenities at the Farm include:

  • Shared kitchen area for use.
  • Solar water heater system to ensure convenience and energy saving.
  • The shampoo and mouthwash are made from natural, herbal ingredients – at the Farm for a refreshing and natural experience.
  • It is allowed to use foods and ingredients available on the Farm to prepare your own meals.
  • Enjoy the charming scenery of Ta Dung Lake from the Farm.
  • Visit an organic agricultural garden to better understand the growing process and production of natural agricultural products.

Freedom Green Village - Where souls love nature and peace

Special feature of Freedom Green Village

Contrary to the trend of many homestays today, Freedom Green Village in Dak Nong maintains its unique beauty. Not a flashy or crowded check-in destination, this place focuses on creating authentic experiences for visitors.

Freedom Green Village is not only a place to stay but also a destination to enjoy and feel the natural beauty of Dak Nong in a sincere and quiet way. In particular, the support and favor from the Vietnamese Agricultural community further honors the special value and significance of Freedom Green Village.

Freedom Green Village - Where souls love nature and peace

The special thing at Freedom Green Village is that all visitors voluntarily give up technological devices to enjoy the natural space here. Instead, they spend time walking around the agricultural garden, discovering interesting things about life and people here.

Freedom Green Village - Where souls love nature and peace

Here, childhood seems to be recreated in the minds of each visitor. They are immersed in natureGo early in the morning and feel the peace when enjoying a family meal with everyone. Life is simple but full of meaning Freedom Green Village brings visitors many unforgettable memories.

The rooms here are designed quite simply, but each room has a view overlooking Ta Dung Lake, creating a cozy and relaxing space. At the homestay, natural herbal shampoo and mouthwash are available, but guests need to bring their own toothbrush.

Freedom Green Village - Where souls love nature and peace

Close your eyes and imagine, waking up every morning to the fresh sounds of nature, cleansing your soul and dispelling the fatigue of a hustle and bustle of life.

Room type and room price

In Freedom Green Village, there are only double rooms for guests to choose from. Room rates include breakfast and dinner, along with free coffee and fruit from the farm. For children under 6 years old, they will be exempt from additional fees.

  • Weekends from Thursday to Saturday: 1.5 million/night/2 people.
  • Weekdays from Sunday to Wednesday: 1 million/night/2 people.

Contact Info

  • Phone number: Travelgoda
  • Facebook:

Freedom Green Village - Where souls love nature and peace

Services at Freedom Green Village you can experience

In Freedom Green Village, you can enjoy the freshness of vegetables from the garden. You can use the kitchen and cooking utensils to enjoy family meals or dine with the Village, with the diversity and simplicity of fresh ingredients that the Village thoughtfully arranges.

Every afternoon, Freedom Green Village Also heat herbal water for your relaxing soak. This service is not only good for the skin but also brings a feeling of relaxation, relieving stress and fatigue. You won't have to rely on chemical-laden skin care products when you arrive Freedom Green Village.

Freedom Green Village - Where souls love nature and peace

Note that, when you choose the Village, you also agree to comply with environmental protection regulations such as not using chemicals, not smoking in common spaces but using filters, maintaining general hygiene and Do not discharge waste. Remember to bring a toothbrush as the Village does not provide this service, and the Village only accepts minimum guests for at least 2 days.

Some fun places near Freedom Green Village

Ta Dung National Park

Ta Dung National Park is one of the impressive tourist destinations in Dak Nong, making a strong impression on both domestic and foreign tourists. Known as the “Ha Long Bay on land” of the Central Highlands, this location is not only an important ecological reserve in Vietnam but also an attractive tourist destination.

When arriving at Ta Dung National Park, visitors will experience a cool and fresh climate all year round. In addition, there is also the opportunity to explore many magnificent natural landscapes such as Granite Waterfall, Sun Waterfall, Dak Rteng Stream, Dak Plao, and many other beautiful spots, bringing memorable experiences to visitors.

Ho Ta Dung

Ta Dung Lake, also known as Dong Nai 3 hydroelectric lake, takes its name from the fact that this is the third hydroelectric power plant on the Dong Nai river. Although not a natural lake, with its special natural beauty, Ta Dung Lake has become a charming destination.

Ta Dung Lake is captivating with its clear blue water and gentle waves creating unique light and dark bands. From a distance, Ta Dung Lake looks like a vivid picture, with the beauty of floating islands and blue water. Many tourists also compare this place to “Ha Long Bay of the Central Highlands”.

Dak Nong Three-Storey Waterfall

Dak Nong Three-Storey Waterfall, also known as Thuy Tien Waterfall, is one of the beautiful waterfalls that nature has bestowed on Dak Nong, with a unique flow structure. Explore from every angle, Three-Storey Waterfall always attracts with its unique and charming beauty.

Tourists often choose Three-Storey Waterfall as a destination for short trips, weekend getaways, or even to enjoy the exciting experiences of a short vacation.

With information about Freedom Green Village, Travelgoda.com Wishing readers will have a wonderful trip to this land of Dak Nong!

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