Go Ken Pagoda is an ancient temple over a hundred years old, located in Tay Ninh, an attractive destination for tourists who love history and religion. With traditional Asian-style architecture, what is it about Go Ken Pagoda that attracts so many tourists every year? Together Travelgoda.com Discover what this special temple has in the article below!

1. Brief introduction about Go Coon Pagoda Tay Ninh

Go Ken Pagoda (Thien Lam Tu Pagoda) has an undeniable specialness. The temple was built in 1094 and its full name is Thien Lam Tu Pagoda. In ancient times, this temple was built with construction materials from bamboo and cork.

Go Ken Pagoda - Mysterious spiritual relic in Tay Ninh

The person who contributed to the construction of the pagoda is none other than monk Thich Tri Luong – a man with great compassion and sincere respect for Buddhism. The temple has an area of ​​up to 6000 square meters, surrounding the temple is surrounded by shady rice fields.

2. Location of Go Ken Pagoda

  • Address: Long Thanh Trung, Hoa Thanh, Tay Ninh,

Go Ken Thien Lam Pagoda is a special temple located in a prime location. This is a combination of beautiful natural scenery and architectural works that create a space filled with serenity. For this reason, the temple is a suitable destination for Buddhists and tourists who love peace and coolness.

Go Ken Pagoda - Mysterious spiritual relic in Tay Ninh

3. Instructions for moving to Go Ken Pagoda

Next Go Ken Pagoda Not too far from the center, you can move easily and without taking too much time. There are many means of transportation to get to Go Ken Pagoda. However, here are 2 suggestions Travelgoda.com introduce to you.

Go Ken Pagoda - Mysterious spiritual relic in Tay Ninh

3.1. Travel by personal vehicle

From Tay Ninh city, you just need to go along Road 30/4 then continue to Highway 22B. When you have traveled about 5km from Highway 22B, turn left onto Long Thanh Trung. This itinerary helps you enjoy the trip in the freedom and comfort of a personal vehicle. You can enjoy the surrounding landscape and stop to take beautiful photos along the way.

3.2. Travel by public transport

If you don't care about travel time and want to save money, there are many public transportation options you can choose to get there. Go Ken Pagoda. Taxi and Grab are both good options, but if you want to take the bus, please refer to the following two routes:

  • Bus 07: Departs from Tay Ninh bus – Arrives at Xa Mat border gate
  • Bus 04: Departs from Tay Ninh bus station – Arrives at Go Dau bus station

Please pay attention to the stop at the stop, avoid going past the stop as it will affect your experience.

4. History of Go Ken Thien Lam Pagoda

The pagoda is called “Go Ken” because the land on which the pagoda was built is quite high, and around it there are many cocoon vines growing. The history of the temple began to change in the early 1970s, the temple was renovated and remodeled to bring more beauty and aesthetics to the building.

Go Ken Pagoda - Mysterious spiritual relic in Tay Ninh

The next important change of Go Ken Pagoda took place in 2007. At this time, the pagoda overcame its shortcomings and underwent a comprehensive change in appearance. With restructuring and renovation, the pagoda now shines with a splendid new appearance, attracting many tourists and Buddhists.

5. Admire the architectural beauty of Go Ken Pagoda in Tay Ninh city

Go Ken Thien Lam Pagoda is an architectural masterpiece worth exploring. With an area of ​​up to 450 square meters, this temple represents a wonderful combination of Eastern and Western architecture. Ancient architecture mixed with modern elements creates a unique space.

5.1. Main hall of Go Ken Pagoda Tay Ninh

At the main hall There are 14 special altars, made entirely of rosewood and rosewood. Among the prominent altars at the pagoda, there is a Buddha altar about 3 meters high, worshiping important Buddha statues such as Amitabha Buddha, Avalokiteshvara, The Chi, Anan, Shakyamuni and Kasyapa.

Go Ken Pagoda - Mysterious spiritual relic in Tay Ninh

In addition, in the main hall there are 53 Buddha statues carved from wood. In particular, there are two statues cast from bronze to highlight important details of the blessed saints. Even more notable is the presence of 18 Arhat statues covered with cement. These statues are carefully selected to show grace and elegance.

5.2. Go Coo Pagoda Ancestral Church of Tay Ninh

The temple's ancestral hall is a unique building and has extremely important historical value. Over many centuries of development, this church has unique structural and architectural features.

Go Ken Pagoda - Mysterious spiritual relic in Tay Ninh

A notable point at the ancestral church Go Ken Pagoda Tay Ninh is the ancestral worship hall, with a lower floor than the main hall. In addition, this place also contains two precious bookcases left by Venerable Tu Phong. These books are not only a treasure of knowledge but also a priceless cultural heritage of Buddhism.

6. Meaningful social activities at Go Ken Pagoda Tay Ninh

Not only stands out with the beauty of architectural works, Go Ken Pagoda There are also meaningful activities held every year

  • The Lantern Festival is a special traditional event that takes place on the full moon day of July every year. On this occasion, local people along with tourists from many places flock to the temple to pray for luck and fortune.
  • Medicine distribution support activities: At the temple often organizes free medical examinations and treatments and distributes medicine to people. This program has been professionally organized and implemented to ensure everyone receives the best support.
  • Summer retreats: Every year, the temple organizes summer retreats, specifically for different ages. If you have the opportunity, experience it to help your soul become more pure and at the same time awaken new hope in you.
  • Volunteer programs: Go Ken Thien Lam Pagoda always organizes volunteer programs aimed at building and bringing joy and hope to the community. The purpose is to build charity houses and schools, helping those in difficult situations who need protection.

7. Note when visiting Go Ken Pagoda Tay Ninh

As a spiritual tourist destination, when coming here visitors should note a few things as follows:

  • You should wear discreet clothes, suitable for the sacred environment of the temple
  • While walking around the temple, visitors should walk lightly and speak softly to keep the temple space as pure as possible.
  • Maintain hygiene in the temple grounds, avoid littering that affects the temple's beauty
  • At the temple, there will be some places with warning signs, so visitors should pay attention to avoid going into prohibited areas of the temple.

It is a tourist destination with spiritual features over hundreds of years. Therefore, visitors should keep in mind the above notes so that their visit to the temple will be as complete and convenient as possible.

8. Suggestions for attractive tourist destinations near Go Ken Pagoda in Tay Ninh

Besides visiting the temple Thien Lam Go Ken pagoda sacred, visitors can refer to some famous places located close to this temple:

8.1. Ba Den Mountain Tay Ninh

Ba Den Mountain Tay Ninh is an ideal destination for those who want to explore the wild and spiritual natural beauty of Vietnam. The mountain lies far away Go Ken Pagoda nearly 20km, is one of the highest mountains in the Southeast with an altitude of nearly 1000m.

Nicknamed “the roof of the Southeast”, this place attracts tourists with the large Buddhist cultural architecture built on the top. In addition, you can also admire the panoramic view of green forests and rivers from above.

8.2. Dau Tieng Lake

This is the largest artificial lake in Tay Ninh, an extremely attractive and beautiful place. The scenery around the lake is created from a wonderful combination of mountains and water and pure nature, bringing peace and quiet.

With its vast space and extremely rich nature, Dau Tieng Lake is an ideal place to organize picnics and camping. You can enjoy life under the clear sky, admiring the blue scenery of forests and lake water during this trip.

8.3. Tay Ninh Holy See

Located in a beautiful location Go Ken Pagoda very close, this is an outstanding location with extremely new architectural features. With its diversity of civilizations, the Holy See offers visitors a unique and profound experience.

The Holy See not only attracts tourists by its unique architectural beauty but also by regularly held religious activities and festivals. Visitors can immerse themselves in sacred festivals and interesting experiences.

Hopefully the above information about Go Ken Pagoda Okay Travelgoda.com provided will help you have a meaningful sightseeing journey. Not only is it a sacred place of worship, this place is also a cultural symbol of Tay Ninh city in particular and the cultural heritage of Vietnam in general.