With over 300 years of history and unique architecture, Go Vap Floating Temple has become a cultural and religious symbol forever in the hearts of the people of Saigon. Let's Travelgoda.com Discover the mysteries and interesting stories about the ancient temple – a place that preserves the spiritual beauty and precious historical memories of the Vietnamese people below!

1. Introduction to Go Vap Floating Temple

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City, there exists a historical and religious relic with a quiet, peaceful space – Go Vap Floating Temple. This is also known as Phu Chau Temple. If you are looking for an architectural wonder and a unique spiritual experience, don't miss the opportunity to explore this floating temple.

Go Vap Floating Temple - A 300-year-old structure in the middle of a magnificent city

History of Ba Mieu Noi pagoda This is a journey spanning more than 300 years, along with the story of King Gia Long and unique spiritual beliefs. Built in the 19th century, this temple is located on the Vam Thuat river. It carries within itself a blend of Chinese and Vietnamese architecture during the golden age of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Mieu Floating Pagoda It is not only a place to honor gods and deities in the sect, but also a destination for people to seek peace and pray for luck in life. With Buddha statues, Dragon statues, and exquisitely sculpted masterpieces, this shrine takes you back to ancient times, where art and religion were intertwined with everyday life.

2. Address and directions to Go Vap Floating Temple

2.1. Address

Nestled on a small island in the Vam Thuat river, Go Vap Floating Temple located in Ward 5, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City. Possessing a prime location, coming here, you will encounter protruding green rocks and sand dunes creating a unique natural scene. Although located next to noisy residential areas, this temple possesses a quiet and peaceful space. Something you can hardly find anywhere else in the city.

2.2. Instructions for moving to Go Vap Floating Temple

To move to Go Vap Floating Temple From Ho Chi Minh City center, you can use public transport or private car:

  • By motorbike: With a convenient location, visitors can easily get here by motorbike. From the central area, you will follow Nguyen Van Cong street, then turn into Nguyen Van Coc street and Quang Trung street. Finally, look for the signpost to reach the shrine.
  • By Public Transportation: If you want to use public transportation, you can use the internet to search for nearby bus stops with the appropriate bus number according to the instructions. Try to find out the exact location of the shrine before you depart to easily determine the route and know where you should get off.
  • Travel by Boat: Then to get to the temple, visitors will have to travel by boat. Ticket price is only from 10 thousand VND per trip.

3. History of Go Vap Floating Temple

Legend has it that the temple was formed by a fishing villager after discovering a woman's body floating in the river. They then established a small temple to worship the girl's soul. At first, the temple was quite simple, built of bamboo, and it was used to pray for peace during trips to the sea.

However, after a while, this temple was abandoned, and the story continued in 1992, when a local person stood up, renovated and repaired the temple. During this process, the shrine was expanded and used to worship many gods, including Ngu Hanh and Dragon Mother.

Go Vap Floating Temple - A 300-year-old structure in the middle of a magnificent city

Thanks to these restoration efforts, Go Vap Floating Temple has become more complete and beautiful, with unique architecture combining tradition and art. Today, it has become a famous spiritual tourist destination in Saigon, attracting locals and tourists to visit.

4. What time is Go Vap Floating Temple and Pagoda open?

Mieu Floating Pagoda Opens from 08:00 am and closes at 18:00 pm. However, on special occasions, the temple may be open until about 8:00 pm to serve people visiting and praying on these occasions. Please check the temple's specific schedule before you arrive to ensure you arrive at the correct opening time.

Go Vap Floating Temple - A 300-year-old structure in the middle of a magnificent city

5. Special features of Go Vap Floating Temple

5.1. Unique, “one of a kind” architectural design

Go Vap Floating Temple is one of the spiritual places in Go Vap, standing out with its unique “tam”-style facade. Three adjacent houses stand out with yin-yang roofs and turquoise enamel, creating a symbolic picture of harmony and balance. On the roof top of each house, dragon statues are meticulously and majestically sculpted, impressing visitors from the moment they see them.

Go Vap Floating Temple - A 300-year-old structure in the middle of a magnificent city

Besides, Go Vap Floating Temple They also worship Mr. Ho, a spiritual object brought from their homeland. This is a testament to the diversity and creativity in beliefs and religions. Inside the temple, the altar with 5 tiger statues “leaning” up is extremely lively, reminiscent of ancient worship practices and religious traditions.

5.2. Possessing beautiful and diverse natural scenery

Go Vap Ba Mieu Floating Temple Located on an island of more than 2,500 square meters, surrounded by a cool river. To the west of the pagoda, there is a busy residential area, from here visitors can visit to see the majestic landscape and the bustling city of Saigon from afar.

Go Vap Floating Temple - A 300-year-old structure in the middle of a magnificent city

The east side of the temple is extremely different, still retaining the richness of the ancient land of Gia Dinh, with lush green gardens and peaceful space. The interaction between the temple's architecture and green nature creates a quiet space, suitable for people who come here to seek relaxation and peace of mind.

5.3. Interesting activities at Go Vap Floating Temple

Go Vap Floating Temple is not only an important spiritual site but also a place full of color and interesting activities. Especially, during festivals, the temple becomes more vibrant and worth exploring than ever.

Go Vap Floating Temple - A 300-year-old structure in the middle of a magnificent city

One of the special experiences at Mieu Noi pagoda is to participate in traditional festivals. Under the moonlight and shimmering lanterns, you will witness traditional rituals and activities such as the Hau Dong ceremony and praying for love. This is an opportunity to learn about local culture and beliefs in an intimate and interesting way.

6. Attractions around Go Vap Floating Temple

6.1. Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral is a unique religious architectural symbol in Ho Chi Minh. Built in the 19th century during the French colonial period, this structure shines with brilliant French royal architecture. The true beauty of Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral is discovered when you step inside. The murals, altars, and even works of art will definitely surprise you.

6.2. Buu Long Pagoda

Located amidst a majestic and green natural landscape, this temple is located on a high hill. Therefore, Buu Long Pagoda is not only famous for its unique architecture, with towers, temples, and Buddha statues, but also for its fresh, cool campus.

6.3. Independence Palace

Built in 1966, the Independence Palace is more than just a beautiful work of art. It also carries important historical and spiritual values ​​for the Vietnamese people. This is where the decisive meeting took place on April 30, 1975, ending our country's many-year war to regain independence.

6.4. Thien Hau pagoda

The architecture of Ba Thien Hau Pagoda is a wonderful combination of Chinese-style architecture and unique artistry. Statues of Buddha and gods, elegant patterns on stone and wood, along with symbolic paintings, create a charming religious and traditional space. Not only is it a religious temple, Ba Thien Hau Pagoda is also a place to honor gods and fairies. People often come here to seek tranquility and spiritual connection.

6.5. Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden

Stepping into the Zoo, visitors seem to enter a diverse and rich world of wildlife. Here, you can encounter rare animals, from cute pandas to powerful tigers and even African elephants that are often only seen in photos.

7. Notes when going to Go Vap Floating Temple

Sightseeing Go Vap Floating Temple, Travelgoda.com There are some important notes below to ensure your trip goes smoothly and memorable:

  • Opening times and visiting hours: Please check the opening times and visiting hours of Go Vap Floating Temple before you arrive. This helps you plan your trip properly and avoid arriving when the place is closed.
  • Formal attire: When visiting a temple or religious place, you should dress politely and discreetly. Avoid wearing clothes that are too short or too revealing, especially for women.

  • Religious rituals: If you participate in religious activities or festivals at a shrine, follow the rituals and rules of that place. Respect rituals and do not make noise or disturbance.
  • Parking and amenities: If you travel by personal vehicle, you should check to see if there is a reasonable parking space. If not, you should consider public transportation or park your car safely at a nearby location.

If you have the chance, take the time to visit Go Vap Floating Temple. Come here to listen to stories and visit the architecture, learn more about the cultural beauty of ancient times. Coming here, you will feel a different, extremely unique color of Saigon Travelgoda.com Haven't seen any other place that can deliver it.