Vung Tau – a peaceful land attracts tourists with its poetic and lyrical natural scenery, along with a fresh, airy atmosphere, away from the noisy and bustling urban life. If you are wondering which reputable and quality hotel to stay in Vung Tau, you can refer to it immediately Hafi Hotel and Restaurant Okay – a place to stay that is highly appreciated by many tourists. So let's go Discover what's special about this place!

Hafi Hotel and Restaurant

1. Some details about Hafi Hotel and Restaurant

Hafi Hotel and Restaurant Famous for tourists because of its luxurious, modern design and service quality meeting international 3-star standards. Besides, the hotel also owns a quite prime location, located near the center and very close to famous tourist attractions such as Thich Ca Phat Dai pagoda, Bai Sau beach, Ho May tourist area. , Big Mountain cable car house,….

Hafi Hotel and Restaurant

Although it has been established for a long time, the hotel is constantly improving its infrastructure and facilities to bring visitors the best experiences. The hotel's decoration and decor also bring a feeling of closeness and familiarity to customers. In addition, the service quality of the staff here is also very professional and methodical, always willing to serve visitors.

Hafi Hotel and Restaurant

2. Address and directions to Hafi Hotel and Restaurant

2.1 Detailed address

Hafi Hotel and Restaurant has a prime location at 68 Ha Huy Tap, Ward 10, Vung Tau city. With this location, visitors do not have to spend too much time traveling to famous tourist destinations in the region, which is very convenient, right?

Hafi Hotel and Restaurant

2.2 Instructions for moving to Hafi Hotel and Restaurant

With the advantage of poetic, lyrical, beautiful natural scenery like a natural picture in fairy tales along with a fresh, airy, pleasant atmosphere, Vung Tau attracts many visitors. travel every year. For that reason, there are many bus companies operating travel routes to this location. Below are some types of vehicles that visitors can refer to when coming here:

  • Plane: For tourists in the North, this is a suitable type of vehicle, it moves quickly and has a fairly high level of safety. There are a number of reputable, quality, and affordable airlines that tourists can refer to such as Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo Airways..
  • Coach: This type of car is trusted by many tourists because of its convenience and reasonable price. Bus travel time from Ho Chi Minh City to Vung Tau ranges from 2-3 hours, cost ranges from 180k-210k depending on different bus companies. Tourists should note that bus companies will have different departure times, so visitors should check in advance to avoid missing the trip. Below are a few reputable bus companies with high quality and reasonable prices that Tico would like to introduce to you such as: Phuong Trang bus company, Thanh Buoi bus company, Mai Linh bus company, Thien Phu bus company…
  • Car rental: This type of vehicle is suitable for tourists traveling in large groups, especially the elderly and children. The advantage of this type of vehicle is that the travel time is quite fast, there is no stopping midway and you can freely choose a good starting time. Car rental prices range from 1 million to 2 million depending on different car sizes. Some car companies trusted by many tourists include Hoa Mai limousine company, Toan Thang…
  • Motorbike: If you are passionate about thrills, interesting and exciting experiences, this is a reasonable means of transportation. By traveling by motorbike, visitors will directly admire the poetic and lyrical natural picture of the land of Vung Tau and enjoy the fresh, airy atmosphere, as if taking us into another world. The other world no longer has city dust and smoke. However, it should be noted that visitors should have a steady handlebar because the road is quite difficult, there are many dangerous slopes and should only bring necessary items for the trip to avoid being loose and difficult to move. .

3. Space and design style

3.1 Design style

Hafi Hotel and Restaurant Possessing a design with a romantic French style, sophisticated but no less modern and luxurious. The hotel's space is also very spacious, airy, planted with many types of trees and especially has spacious parking.

Hafi Hotel and Restaurant

From the outside, the hotel looks like a miniature fairy tale castle covered in two striking and attractive white and blue tones. Besides, Hafi Hotel and Restaurant It also has a large outdoor swimming pool, equipped with many modern equipment, giving visitors the most relaxing moments.

Hafi Hotel and Restaurant

Stepping inside the hotel, visitors will feel overwhelmed with the splendor and beauty of this place. In addition, the hotel also arranges a seating area so customers can rest while checking in.

Hafi Hotel and Restaurant

The hotel also has a restaurant area with very spacious and clean space and a diverse and attractive menu that will surely satisfy even the most demanding diners. If you have the opportunity to come here, please try the quality of the restaurant here, the service will not disappoint you.

3.2 Room system at Hafi Hotel and Restaurant

The room system at Hafi hotel is arranged very reasonably and logically, so even though the space is quite large, visitors do not need to spend too much time looking for a room. In addition, room cleaning such as changing sheets and pillowcases is also cleaned daily. Below are the room categories at Hafi Hotel and Restaurant that visitors can refer to:

3.2.1 Deluxe room category

This room type has a fairly large size of about 32m2, with maximum standards for 2 adults and 1 child. The room has a very spacious and airy design with large windows, covered in 2 cool white-blue tones along with dreamy white curtains, creating a very “poetic” space, as close as I'm in my own room.

Hafi Hotel and Restaurant

In addition, the room has a balcony and a direct view of the garden and the very relaxing pool. The room is fully equipped with amenities such as high-speed wifi system, flat-screen TV, and small sofa set so guests can comfortably chat with each other. The bathroom also has quite spacious space, complete with sink, shower… very clean and comfortable.

Hafi Hotel and Restaurant

3.2.2 Superior room class

Superior class has an area of ​​about 20m2, with maximum standards for 2 adults and 1 child. Like the room category above, the Superior room also has full amenities and equipment such as flat-screen TV, high-speed wifi along with a small sofa set and mini refrigerator.

The room has a balcony so guests can go out to admire the scenery and enjoy the cool, pleasant atmosphere. This room type will have a very chill garden view. Decorative objects are placed very skillfully, meticulously, and neatly, enhancing the beauty of this room.

3.2.3 Deluxe Triple room category

Like the Deluxe class above, Deluxe Triple also has an area of ​​32m2 but is arranged with 2 single beds. The room has an elegant, pleasant design with 2 colors of white and blue covered with gentle white curtains.

The bathroom also has spacious space and full amenities to serve visitors. If you are traveling in a group of 3 people, you should choose this room type for comfort.

3.2.4 Deluxe Family room class

This is the room with the largest size and most modern design at Hafi hotel. The room is divided into 2 small rooms connected to each other. The room is covered in warm, pleasant brown tones and modern, comfortable furniture that will definitely make you satisfied. In addition, services such as free towels, shampoo, toothpaste, and basic toiletries will also be fully provided.

4. Outstanding utility services at Hafi Hotel and Restaurant

4.1 Restaurants

The restaurant is one of the outstanding services at the hotel Hafi Hotel and Restaurant. The restaurant space is designed to be spacious, modern, clean, and has a large capacity. The restaurant is combined with many bright colors, creating a very close and warm atmosphere.

Besides, this place also has a diverse and rich menu, the dishes are very delicious, fully seasoned, suitable for the taste of most visitors. The preparation of ingredients is carefully censored to ensure freshness. In addition, guests will be served free breakfast if they book a room here. The breakfast buffet is very delicious and diverse.

4.2 Outdoor swimming pool

One of the most outstanding services at Hafi hotel is the outdoor swimming pool. The swimming pool has an area of ​​up to 180m2, equipped with many modern technologies to bring customers the best experience.

The water at the tank is very clear and is filtered daily. On both sides of the pool are two rows of benches so guests can rest and relax. In addition, visitors can also order drinks to be served to the pool if needed. In particular, the swimming pool also has a direct view of the green and beautiful nature. Imagine being able to soak in cool water while sipping a cool, delicious drink, right?

4.3 BBQ grill area

Come to Hafi Hotel and Restaurant, visitors can comfortably organize team building or crowded BBQ meals. The yard area here is very spacious and has a large capacity.

In addition, the hotel also fully prepares modern BBQ grilling equipment to serve guests. If you want to organize a barbecue here, please contact the hotel in advance so the staff will prepare basic supplies for you in advance.

5. Customer reviews about Hafi hotel and Restaurant

With professional and methodical service and service quality that meets 3-star quality standards, Hafi Hotel has received many good reviews from customers. Below are some experiences from customers when coming here Hafi Hotel and Restaurant:

  • An (rate 5/5) shared: I go to VT almost regularly, each time staying in a different hotel. This is the first time I've written such a long review of my experience, because it's really great here. The staff are great, the receptionist is friendly, flexible and solves problems very well. The kitchen staff is also very good and agile. The security guard at night after 11 o'clock still carefully arranges cars for customers, placing each customer's hat neatly on the car, probably afraid of getting wet in the rain or something. The swimming pool always has a security guard sitting there to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the pool. Ks is indeed very careful and cares about customers. Finally, I will definitely come back to Hafi and introduce my friends to come here.”
  • Minh (rate 5/5) commented: “The room is very clean, modern decor, spacious and comfortable. The price is very good compared to the service. The hotel is quiet. If there is a chance, I will definitely come back again.”
  • Thanh (rate 5/5) shared: “It's a great vacation spot. New hotel, very nice, modern room amenities. Everyone is very friendly, from the security guard, the staff, and especially the hotel owner. Varied breakfast, attentive service. Because I didn't have dinner at the hotel, I only rated the lunch as very delicious, cheap, and clean.”

6. Price list at Hafi Hotel and Restaurant

Room price Hafi Hotel and Restaurant often changes according to actual conditions (according to room status or tourist season, etc.), so please contact us. to get the best price deals. Below is the official phone number and website, our team of consultants is always ready to connect to support you.

7. Reservation information at Hafi Hotel and Restaurant

  • Address: No. 68 Ha Huy Tap, Ward 10, Vung Tau city
  • Phone number:

8. Tourist attractions near Hafi hotel and restaurant

  • Thuy Tien Beach (250m)
  • Vung Tau White Rabbit Park (4.6km)
  • Shakyamuni Buddha Temple (6km)
  • Lam Son Museum (6.2km)
  • Front Beach (7km)

So along with Travelgoda.comyou have a detailed review about Hafi Hotel and Restaurant – one of the famous 3-star hotels in Vung Tau city. We hope you will have wonderful and unforgettable experiences here.