Although Thanh Hoa is not too prominent, it still attracts tourists because of its relics with a long history. And Ham Rong Mountain, Thanh Hoa is one of the typical locations. Tourists should not rush to carry their backpacks Discover interesting things in this mountain!

1. Some details about Ham Rong Mountain, Thanh Hoa

Sites Ham Rong Mountain (Thanh Hoa) is a symbolic tourist destination of Thanh Hoa region. The mountain lies prominently on the banks of the Ma River, a witness to the remaining pages of heroic history. When viewed from above, visitors can see the mountain curving into 9 sections and bulging at the tail section like a dragon's head opening its mouth, absorbing cool water from the Ma River. That is also the reason why this place is called Ham Rong Mountain.

Ham Rong Mountain Thanh Hoa - Explore the land of

This mountain belongs to a relic area Ham Rong Mountain, Thanh Hoa and 3 other locations: Long Quang cave, Tien Son cave and Truc Lam Ham Rong Zen monastery. This is also considered one of the living witnesses to our nation's heroic historical period of fighting against foreign invaders. If you have the opportunity to travel to Thanh Hoa, remember to take the time to come here to learn more about it.

Ham Rong Mountain Thanh Hoa - Explore the land of

2. Location of Ham Rong Mountain, Thanh Hoa

2.1. Location

  • Detailed address: Duong Xa village, Thieu Duong commune, Thieu Hoa district, Thanh Hoa province

Ham Rong Mountain Thanh Hoa - Explore the land of

About 3km from Thanh Hoa city center, Ham Rong Mountain, Thanh Hoa Located on National Highway 1A, very easy to find. The mountain is located in a historical relic area, so visitors have no restrictions in choosing means of transportation.

2.2. Instructions for moving to Ham Rong Mountain, Thanh Hoa

If departing from the capital Hanoi, visitors can travel by popular means such as passenger cars, cars, and motorbikes.

  • Passenger car: With a travel route of about 200km from Hanoi to Thanh Hoa, it will take visitors about 3 hours if traveling by bus.

Ham Rong Mountain Thanh Hoa - Explore the land of

  • Motorbike, car: If tourists want to comfortably enjoy beautiful scenery along the road, they should choose to travel by personal vehicle. Although this method will take more time, visitors can also be flexible in arranging their schedules.

3. The right time to visit Ham Rong mountain relic area

Thanh Hoa is in the Northern region, so the climate here is divided into 4 distinct seasons. Each season of the year here has its own beauty and different activities. If tourists want to visit the relic site Ham Rong Mountain, Thanh Hoa Can go in spring or fall.

Ham Rong Mountain Thanh Hoa - Explore the land of

Spring will start from January to March, at this time the climate here is very pleasant, cool and many attractive festivals are held. The period from August to September is Thanh Hoa's autumn, so the climate is somewhat colder, windy and airy. This is the most ideal time for outdoor activities, including sightseeing Ham Rong Mountain, Thanh Hoa.

3. What is interesting about exploring Ham Rong mountain relic area (Thanh Hoa)?

3.1. Stroll around Ham Rong bridge

A not-to-be-missed stop at the relic site Ham Rong Mountain, Thanh Hoa Ham Rong bridge. Before the anti-American period in 1972, the bridge had been built for more than 60 years and was also the most modern steel arch project at that time. Later, because the war was fierce, the bridge was destroyed, causing traffic to stop.

Ham Rong Mountain Thanh Hoa - Explore the land of

It was not until 2 years later that a French engineer rebuilt this bridge with a more complete architecture. Having gone through many historical ups and downs, Ham Rong Bridge is now not only a tourist destination, but also considered a witness to the heroic historical periods of the nation.

Ham Rong Mountain Thanh Hoa - Explore the land of

Bridge at the relic site Ham Rong Mountain, Thanh Hoa Has a design similar to Hanoi's Long Bien Bridge, a steel bridge with the middle lane being the train tracks, both sides for motorbikes and cars. Here, in the afternoon, people often choose it as a place to walk or watch the extremely romantic sunset over the Ma River.

3.2. Ham Rong Mountain Thanh Hoa

This mountain is located next to the historic Ham Rong bridge with a length of about 2km. Ham Rong Mountain Thanh Hoa Possesses wild, majestic beauty with undulating mountain peaks, curving into 9 segments. The mountain is special in that it has a bulging tail as if all the cool water of the Ma River has been collected.

Ham Rong Mountain Thanh Hoa - Explore the land of

Surrounding this mountain is surrounded by green, soaring pine trees, creating a wild but strangely attractive natural scene. Standing from the coordinates of Ham Rong Mountain, Thanh Hoavisitors can also observe Ngoc Mountain with the shape of layers of rocks stacked on top of each other.

3.2. Check-in to Long Quang cave

Long Quang Cave, also known as Dragon Eye Cave, belongs to a relic complex Ham Rong Mountain, Thanh Hoa. The reason for its name is because on the side of the cave there are two doors shaped like wide eyes.

This cave is a familiar check-in point for many tourists. Standing from Long Quang cave, visitors can see the panoramic view Ham Rong Mountain, Thanh Hoa and admire the gentle beauty of the Ma River. In addition, this cave is also a place to store memorabilia from the Later Le period.

3.3. Visit Tien Son cave

Tien Son Cave is also a place worth visiting in the relic area Ham Rong Mountain, Thanh Hoa. This place is associated with legends about Hoa Qua Son, Fairy tales,… recreated through the stone slabs around the cave.

The three levels of the cave are in Ham Rong Mountain, Thanh Hoa Each of these contains its own beauty and stories. Stepping inside the cave, you will feel like you are lost in the land of natural masterpieces with mysterious and magical beauty but also full of legendary features. The stones here have a very unique charm, the sparkling beauty bestowed by nature.

3.4. Truc Lam Ham Rong Zen Monastery

Truc Lam Ham Rong Zen Monastery is located in a convenient geographical location, near Ham Rong Mountain (Thanh Hoa). The pagoda impresses with its modern, dignified pagoda architecture with three-entrance gate, main hall, monk's house, etc. The pagoda has a view overlooking the Ma River, allowing you to easily see the beauty of the historic river. This.

This temple is one of the popular religious activities of indigenous people on every holiday. In addition, a special attraction for tourists and Buddhists in the surrounding area is the summer retreat held every June. Buddhists participating in this activity will hear about Buddhism, practice,…

4. Hotels and resorts near Ham Rong mountain, Thanh Hoa

4.1. Melia Vinpearl Thanh Hoa

Melia is a hotel belonging to the famous Vinpearl group. So the quality of the resort here is not much in dispute. The hotel is designed in the style of a skyscraper with 34 floors. The hotel meticulously designs every small detail, creating a harmonious, high-class resort space.

In addition, the staff is also carefully recruited and all have high professional qualifications. Customers will experience all the most advanced services, worthy of the vacation money they spend.

  • Address: 27 Tran Phu, Dien Bien Ward, Thanh Hoa City
  • Phone number:

4.2. Huong Duong Hotel Thanh Hoa

Huong Duong Hotel Thanh Hoa stands out with its elegant, modern design like a mini apartment. The hotel is located in a central location, designed with a view of the bustling city. The view from the room here can see the whole city at night, extremely chill.

Even though it has just come into operation, the hotel has never bothered customers with its service facilities. If you are traveling to Thanh Hoa for the first time, this will be a safe accommodation choice for you.

  • Address: 556 – 558 Quang Trung, Dong Ve Ward, Thanh Hoa City
  • Phone number:

4.3. Kingsales Hotel Thanh Hoa

Located in the city area, Kingsale Hotel is a familiar place to stay for many Thanh tourists. The hotel's rooms are fully furnished and equipped with high-class furniture. Surely the hotel's modern rooms and enthusiastic staff will give visitors a wonderful vacation experience.

  • Address: Lot No. 18, 19, Area A, Nguyen Hue Street, Dong Huong Ward, City. Thanh Hoa
  • Phone number: 098 247 9999

5. Experience visiting Ham Rong Mountain in Thanh Hoa

If you are visiting for the first time Ham Rong Mountain, Thanh Hoa Don't forget to take note of the notes below. This information promises to help visitors have the most complete trip.

  • Because the relic site is an outdoor tourist destination, the weather factor is very important. You should choose a time when there is little rain and beautiful sunny weather to visit and take more check-in photos.
  • Tourists should make a specific schedule before going and choose the appropriate means of transportation for the entire travel itinerary.

  • During the tour, you have to move a lot, so visitors should choose low-cut shoes and sandals that are easy to walk in and anti-slip.
  • In addition to visiting famous tourist destinations such as Ham Rong Mountain, Thanh Hoathen experiencing cuisine is also an activity tourists cannot miss.
  • You can also book in advance to avoid running out of rooms during peak tourist seasons. In addition, you also receive more incentives.

Ham Rong Mountain Thanh Hoa It is both a historical witness and a famous tourist destination that tourists cannot miss when coming to Thanh Hoa. We are confident that the beautiful scenery and interesting activities in this relic will bring you meaningful experiences.