Nghe An has many places associated with Uncle Ho's name. Prominent among them must be mentioned Ho Chi Minh Square. In this article, same Learn more about this unique place!

1. Brief introduction about Ho Chi Minh Square, Nghe An

Ho Chi Minh Square Nghe An contains many historical and cultural values. This place is visited by many domestic and international visitors. They come here with a deep gratitude for the contributions that Uncle Ho has devoted to our country. The space around the square is extremely green and clean. This also leaves good feelings in the hearts of international visitors.

Ho Chi Minh Square Nghe An - Check-in spot not to be missed

The square is located right in the center. Thanks to its location on a major road, travel will not be difficult. Walking around here also helps you feel much more comfortable and relaxed. This project is the pride of Nghe An people in particular and Vietnam in general.

Ho Chi Minh Square Nghe An - Check-in spot not to be missed

Visitors should also note the opening times at the square to arrange a suitable visit time:

  • Morning: 8am – 11:30am; Afternoon: 14:00 – 16:30
  • Closed Monday and Friday.

2. Location and instructions to get to Ho Chi Minh Square

2.1. Location

The square is located at No. 2 Vuong Thuc Mau Street, Truong Thi Ward, Vinh City, Nghe An Province. As you can see, this location is right in the center. Therefore, visitors can choose from many types of transportation and get here extremely easily.

2.2. Instructions for moving to Ho Chi Minh Square

Let Suggesting a few popular types:

  • Motorbike: Nowadays, many tourists choose to rent motorbikes to get there Ho Chi Minh Square. Because the road is not difficult to follow, you just need to follow the directions from Google Map to get there. Motorbike rental prices in Nghe An are quite cheap. In addition, the procedures are also extremely simple.
  • Taxi: When moving to the square, please refer to taxis such as Mai Linh, An Binh Tam,… or through applications such as Be, Grab… These are all extremely reputable names. If you book online, you will also receive other extremely attractive discount codes.
  • Motorbike taxi: Visitors can also rent a motorbike taxi to get here. Therefore, you can both watch the road and admire the scenery here without having to worry about traffic jams. Please choose technology applications for your phone to book a car.

Ho Chi Minh Square Nghe An - Check-in spot not to be missed

3. What is special about the history of Ho Chi Minh Square?

Ho Chi Minh Square Nghe An contains great spiritual and artistic values. This is also an expression of the love of the Vietnamese people for a great president like Uncle Ho. This square began construction in 2000 and was completed after 3 years. This is also a project to celebrate Uncle Ho's 113th birthday.

Ho Chi Minh Square Nghe An - Check-in spot not to be missed

The square is about 11 hectares wide and has many different items. Overall, this is the place to go for local events. On each such occasion, a large number of visitors from all over gather. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to come to Nghe An, do not miss this special place!

4. How much is the ticket to visit the square?

Ho Chi Minh Square There is no entrance fee. You can visit and enjoy the beauty and atmosphere for free and comfortably. However, you must comply with regulations such as opening hours, not throwing trash, etc. If tourists travel by car, it may cost about 10,000 VND for parking fees. Besides, around the square also sells a lot of snacks. Therefore, please proactively bring some cash to make payment quick and easy.

Ho Chi Minh Square Nghe An - Check-in spot not to be missed

5. Explore special spots at Ho Chi Minh Square, Nghe An

5.1. Uncle Ho Nghe An monument

When it comes to Ho Chi Minh Square, You will be impressed by the scenery here. With many diverse items, creating many experiences for visitors. In the central position is Uncle Ho Nghe An monument. The statue is about 18 meters tall and weighs more than 100 tons.

Ho Chi Minh Square Nghe An - Check-in spot not to be missed

The statue is depicted extremely simply, like the virtues of a great old father. Uncle. The statue of Uncle Ho is dressed in a rustic khaki suit and simple rubber sandals. Everyone who comes here cannot help but feel moved by Uncle Ho's image.

5.2. View of Ho Chi Minh Square

Ho Chi Minh Square has an airy and wide view. Right in the center, the area where Uncle Ho's statue is located has a ceremony platform that can accommodate hundreds of people. The ceremony path is in front of the ceremony platform. This is the place for military parades when there are big and important events. In particular, the ceremony yard is divided into 99 squares of grass. This represents the 99 peaks of Hong Linh mountain. This is an extremely special and unique image of the square.

Ho Chi Minh Square Nghe An - Check-in spot not to be missed

In addition, the view of the square becomes even more interesting when there is an Ellipse lake with a brilliant water music system. The sound and design use modern technology, creating beautiful images of water strips shooting into the air. Because of that majestic beauty, visitors cannot help but admire it.

Ho Chi Minh Square Nghe An - Check-in spot not to be missed

5.3. Venue for many large and small events in Nghe An

Thanks to the outdoor grandstand with a large capacity, this place is chosen to organize many large and small events in the province. Many monumental art shows are carefully invested. Besides, there are also many local people who often come here to walk, watch water music and enjoy the cool, fresh air in this area. Furthermore, Ho Chi Minh Square This is a check-in point that cannot be missed for tourists when coming to Nghe An.

Ho Chi Minh Square Nghe An - Check-in spot not to be missed

6. Summary of accommodation facilities near Ho Chi Minh Square that you should experience

6.1. Muong Thanh Grand Phuong Dong

  • Address: No. 02 Truong Thi Street, Truong Thi Ward, Vinh City, Nghe An Province
  • Phone number: Travelgoda

Muong Thanh Grand Phuong Dong is the first hotel you should experience upon arrival Ho Chi Minh Square. Thanks to its prime location, close to the square and beautiful, luxurious design, the hotel receives the support of many tourists. Besides, this place owns more than 170 rooms, meeting 4-star standards. Visitors can freely choose a location that suits their needs.

Besides, the hotel also has many other additional services such as Bar, Gym,… With reasonable prices, accompanied by thoughtfulness, this place has received many good reviews from visitors. So hurry up and book a room to choose a satisfactory stop!

6.2. Melia Vinpearl Cua Hoi Beach Resort

  • Address: Binh Minh Street, Cua Lo beach, Cua Lo town, Nghe An
  • Phone number: Travel_goda

Coming to Melia Vinpearl Cua Hoi Beach Resort, visitors can freely enjoy the peaceful natural beauty. The resort grounds are filled with green trees. Besides, when you come here, you will also experience 5-star amenities. This also helps visitors have a comfortable and pleasant vacation.

Melia Vinpearl Cua Hoi Beach Resort has a Cham style mixed with luxurious, classic French architecture. Here, visitors can freely check in with many different virtual living corners. In general, this resort has received many compliments from many tourists. This area also includes a restaurant, bar, outdoor swimming pool,… and many other amenities to serve your entertainment needs.

6.3. Cua Lo Golf Resort

  • Address: Binh Minh Street, Nghi Huong, Cua Lo Town, Nghe An
  • Phone number: Travelgoda

Cua Lo Golf Resort has an area of ​​about 133 hectares. This is a resort with a lot of green space, suitable for those who love vacation travel. In particular, the resort has a standard golf course, serving guests who love this “noble” sport. In addition, when coming here, visitors should not forget to experience Orchid Healthy Spa. The services here will help you relax, refresh your spirit and improve your health after a series of hard working days.

The room system here is all separate apartments. Therefore, visitors will feel extremely private. All staff are carefully trained and provide professional service, bringing unforgettable experiences to guests. Therefore, this is one of the vacation spots that every tourist should try when going there Ho Chi Minh Square, Nghe An.

6.4. Saigon Kim Lien Hotel

  • Address: 25 Quang Trung, City. Vinh, Nghe An
  • Phone number: Travel_goda

This Saigon Kim Lien hotel is in a beautiful location, right in the center. Therefore, it will be easier for visitors to visit, eat, have fun, etc. When booking a room here, you will be provided with a full range of equipment and utilities for the most comfortable and convenient living. . In general, Saigon Kim Lien Hotel is an extremely hot destination and is always sold out.

Therefore, visitors should book rooms as early as possible to receive good prices and their favorite room type. Besides, the hotel also has a restaurant, serving many delicious local dishes. The staff here are considered polite and always welcoming to guests. The price per night at this hotel is also very affordable. So, this is the perfect choice for those who come to visit Ho Chi Minh Square.

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