Famous as a mysterious abandoned building in Hue city, Thuy Tien lake attracting millions of tourists to check in in recent years. So what is it about this tourist destination that attracts so many tourists? Together Travelgoda.com Explore Thuy Tien Lake from A to Z!

1. Brief introduction about Thuy Tien Lake

Thuy Tien Lake Park Hue Built in 2000 with an area of ​​50 hectares. The park welcomes its first guests in June 2024. With natural beauty and pristine space, Thuy Tien water park gives visitors the feeling of being lost in another world.

Ho Thuy Tien - Magical water park in Hue city

Although it has been abandoned for a long time, Thuy Tien lake still attracts tourists from all over the world. The landscape around the lake is covered with green moss, creating a magical and mystical space. This is the perfect destination for those who want to experience tourist attractions and wild nature.

2. Location and instructions to get to Thuy Tien Lake Hue

2.1. Location

  • Address: Thien An Hill, Thuy Bang Commune, Huong Thuy Town, Hue City

2.2. Moving instructions

There are many ways to get there Thuy Tien Lake Hue. Depending on each individual's needs and preferences, visitors can choose to travel by car, personal vehicle or bus:

  • By car: From Hue city center, you can follow Highway 49 about 10 km east to reach the lake area.
  • By motorbike: If you want to explore by motorbike, from Hue city center, follow Highway 49 and continue about 10 km east to reach Thuy Tien lake.
  • By bus: There are public bus routes from Hue city center that pass through the area near the water park. You can look up information about bus routes and schedules to choose the appropriate means of transportation.

Ho Thuy Tien - Magical water park in Hue city

3. What is the mysterious, magical beauty of Thuy Tien Lake that makes it so attractive?

Located not far from Hue city center, Thuy Tien lake carries within it a purity and peace. With many types of entertainment services and unique architectural works such as aquariums, water music,… with a capacity of up to 2,500 seats.

Ho Thuy Tien - Magical water park in Hue city

Besides, after appearing in foreign newspapers, Thuy Tien lake water park has become increasingly famous and is a photo hunting spot for many tourists. With its spooky and unique beauty, this is a place that attracts those who are passionate about exploring beautiful – unique – strange scenery, especially foreign tourists.

4. What time of year should you go to Thuy Tien Lake Hue?

For the best experience, you should go in the dry season, from January to April. During this period, the weather in Hue is quite mild and not too hot or cold. Visitors will be able to admire the beauty of the lake in fresh air.

Ho Thuy Tien - Magical water park in Hue city

Additionally, you can also consider going in late fall or early winter (September – December) when the trees around the lake turn their leaves and flowers yellow. This is a great time to take sparkling photos and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this area.

5. Interesting experiences at Thuy Tien Park

5.1. Check in the dragon statue – Mysterious symbol of Thuy Tien Lake

Considered a typical symbol of Thuy Tien lake park, visiting and taking photos with the dragon statue will bring visitors interesting experiences. Everyone can explore the details of the dragon's architecture, which is majestic and a bit scary. Here, just stand and relax, skillfully adjust the shooting angle a little, and you'll be able to capture some great photos.

Ho Thuy Tien - Magical water park in Hue city

5.2. Explore the ruined aquarium building

Exploring the ruined aquarium will bring you a sense of adventure and excitement. You can walk through the alleys and through dense green trees to admire the lost houses in the wild space of Hue's rain forest. This is the ideal place for you to freely explore and observe the sad beauty of once beloved buildings.

Ho Thuy Tien - Magical water park in Hue city

4.3. Relax in an antique car

Discover Thuy Tien lake, visitors will be able to perform freely in front of an antique car, a symbol of the past and modern Western architecture. This is an opportunity for you to change your fashion style and “show off” your own style in front of the camera lens to capture these moments.

Ho Thuy Tien - Magical water park in Hue city

4.4. Visit the quiet Thuy Tien lake

Thuy Tien Lake Hue Located right in the heart of the park, making a strong impression with its peaceful setting and blending with the surrounding green nature. With a rich history and special related stories, this place is not only a tourist stop that attracts tourists but also has high cultural value.

Ho Thuy Tien - Magical water park in Hue city

Spending quiet moments by the lake, you can relax, unwind and immerse yourself in the peace of this space. This is an ideal stopover to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life and explore a fresh area close to nature.

4.5. Admire the pristine water music stage

Close your eyes and watch the water park's pristine water music stage Thuy Tien lake. From the moment you enter the water music stage area, you will be immersed in the magical space of performances and natural landscapes.

However, because the park has been abandoned for quite a long time, the entire scene of this place has been tinged with sadness. The rows of seats, stands, and walls have grown full of moss, creating a magical and mysterious picture.

7. Things to note when going to Hue Thuy Tien Lake Park

To ensure a safe and comfortable sightseeing trip, here are some necessary notes that you can refer to:

  • Thuy Tien Lake Park is considered a nature reserve so please respect and protect the surrounding environment. Do not disturb or destroy trees, flowers or public property.
  • Since activities in the park often take place outdoors, it is important that you wear breathable and comfortable clothing such as shirts or t-shirts combined with pants or shorts, along with a hat and sunglasses for protection. protect from the sun.
  • Because the park has many trees, you should bring mosquito spray to use when necessary.
  • Although this is a long-abandoned tourist attraction, once inside, you still have to pay 10,000 VND/person and 5,000 VND for parking. Remember to prepare money at home in advance.

8. Collection of beautiful check-in images of tourists at Hue Thuy Tien Lake Park

Above is a summary of all information from A to Z Thuy Tien Lake Hue. This place is always considered a favorite tourist destination of many tourists when coming to Hue because of its magical and interesting beauty. Stay tuned Travelgoda.com Let's explore more unique places to visit!