Cua Dai Bridge is one of the most unique architectural works of Hoi An ancient town. This is not simply a transportation infrastructure project for the city but also plays an important role in the tourism development of Hoi An. Right now, let’s follow along Discover outstanding information about this famous bridge.

1. Some details about Cua Dai Bridge in Hoi An

Cua Dai Bridge is the largest pre-stressed reinforced concrete bridge in Hoi An, spanning the Thu Bon River, connecting the banks of Hoi An city and Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province. The name of this bridge is similar to Cua Dai Bridge, Quang Ngai So many tourists often get confused.

Hoi An Cua Dai Bridge - Not Just A Bridge

Construction of the bridge began in August 2009 with a total cost of up to 3,450 billion VND. By March 2016, the bridge was officially opened to traffic with a total length of about 18km and about 25m wide. In particular, the main bridge crossing the river is about 1.8km long.

Since it was put into use until now, Cua Dai bridge has played an important role in the travel and transportation of goods of Quang Nam people. Besides, the bridge is also a symbol of culture and architecture, connecting famous tourist destinations of Quang region.

2. Location and instructions to get to Cua Dai bridge

As mentioned above, Cua Dai bridge Hoi An crosses the Thu Bon river connecting Cam Thanh commune (Hoi An) and Duy Nghia commune (Duy Xuyen). This bridge is about 5km from the center of Hoi An ancient town.

Hoi An Cua Dai Bridge - Not Just A Bridge

From Hoi An center, to get to the bridge, you can ride a bicycle or motorbike along Tran Nhan Tong and Vo Chi Cong routes to Duy Nghia. For tourists who are afraid of sun and rain, they can call a taxi or drive their own car in about 10 – 15 minutes.

3. The meaning of Cua Dai bridge

3.1. Meaning of infrastructure

Cua Dai Bridge is considered an important transportation infrastructure project, contributing to improving the quality of life of local people. The bridge helps connect the two banks of Thu Bon River, facilitating trade, transport of goods, and economic development of the region.

Hoi An Cua Dai Bridge - Not Just A Bridge

Since being opened to traffic, Cua Dai Hoi An bridge has also reduced pressure on other bridges such as Cam Nam bridge, Cam Thanh bridge and An Hoi bridge. This helps reduce congestion and limit traffic accidents.

3.2. Significance for tourism development

If Image of Cua Dai Bridge in Quang Ngai plays a role in transport infrastructure Cua Dai bridge Hoi An also has cultural significance, contributing to the tourism development of the old town. It It is not only a simple bridge but also an attractive check-in point, attracting many tourists every time they come to Hoi An.

Hoi An Cua Dai Bridge - Not Just A Bridge

Visitors to Hoi An have the opportunity to admire the unique architectural beauty of the tree Cua Dai bridge. In particular, every morning at dawn or dusk, standing on the bridge, you will be able to see the gentle Thu Bon River in the silhouetted sunlight.

4. Unique architectural beauty of Cua Dai bridge

One of the interesting things that helps this bridge become a cultural symbol, carrying the image of Hoi An is its unique architecture. The bridge has a unique architectural beauty, with smooth curves and colorful street lights.

Hoi An Cua Dai Bridge - Not Just A Bridge

The bridge currently has a total of 23 spans and holds the record for the width of the cantilever span with the longest span of 150m in Vietnam at the present time. This is also the highest bridge in Hoi An ancient town. The bridge’s road surface is paved straight, without potholes or duck holes to serve the movement of vehicles.

In addition to clear lanes, Cua Dai bridge There are also 2 small walkways for pedestrians on both sides with sturdy railings. Visitors can come here to walk, jog for exercise or stand on the bridge to admire the scenery on both banks of the Thu Bon River.

Hoi An Cua Dai Bridge - Not Just A Bridge

According to residents and tourists, the best time to check-in at the bridge is early in the morning or late in the afternoon. At this time, the gentle sunlight silhouettes on the surface of the Thu Bon River, creating an extremely poetic and lyrical scene. That romantic scene is an unforgettable moment for anyone who has once set foot on this famous bridge.

5. Some famous tourist destinations near Cua Dai bridge

Cua Dai Bridge has an important position, connecting trade as well as creating conditions for tourism development of Hoi An in particular and Quang Nam in general. Thanks to this bridge, traveling and visiting famous destinations in Quang no longer takes as much time as before.

Near the famous bridge, there are also many impressive attractions for you to explore when coming to the old town. Down here, will suggest to you some beautiful and interesting check-in and entertainment spots nearby Cua Dai bridge:

5.1. Cua Dai Beach

Cua Dai Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Hoi An, about 3km from the bridge of the same name. The beach stands out with its fine white sand, clear blue sea water and extremely fresh air.

Hoi An Cua Dai Bridge - Not Just A Bridge

This is considered an ideal place for tourists to relax, sunbathe, swim or participate in water sports activities. In addition, you can also enjoy fresh seafood dishes or visit idyllic fishing villages nearby.

5.2. Bay Mau Coconut Forest Ecotourism Area

Bay Mau coconut forest eco-tourism area is located southwest of Cua Dai bridge, about 5km from the bridge. This is a primeval coconut forest, with an area of ​​about 7 acres, surrounded by the Thu Bon and Co Co rivers.

Hoi An Cua Dai Bridge - Not Just A Bridge

This is where visitors can experience interesting activities such as rowing basket boats, fishing, picking coconuts or participating in unique folk games. At the same time, you will also enjoy many attractive country dishes related to coconut such as braised coconut with meat, coconut salad,…

5.3. Hoi An

Hoi An ancient town is one of the world’s cultural heritages, about 5km from the bridge. This place impresses with the scenery of an old town filled with cultural and architectural interference with ancient houses, stone streets, souvenir shops or ancient temples.

Hoi An Cua Dai Bridge - Not Just A Bridge

Visitors can walk on the streets, admire the unique architecture or participate in cultural activities such as releasing flower lanterns, learning to make lanterns or watching water puppet shows. In the old town, there are also many restaurants and eateries specializing in selling local specialties such as Cao Lau, Quang noodles, etc., which are extremely attractive.

6. Quality accommodation addresses near Cua Dai bridge

6.1. Muong Thanh Hoi An Hotel

Muong Thanh Hoi An Hotel is a 4-star standard hotel, located near Cua Dai beach, featuring modern, harmonious and extremely luxurious architecture. Muong Thanh Hoi An has 159 luxurious rooms along with an Asian – European restaurant, outdoor swimming pool, spa and impressive bar.

Hoi An Cua Dai Bridge - Not Just A Bridge

In addition, the 4-star hotel from Muong Thanh also provides airport shuttle services, bicycle/car rentals as well as professional conference organization. This is considered one of the best quality stops that you should not miss.

Hotline: Travel_goda

6.2. Hoi An Historic Hotel

Hoi An Historic Hotel is a 4-star hotel located in the center of Hoi An with impressive architecture. The hotel has a total of 150 international standard rooms and suites, swimming pool, fitness center, spa, culinary restaurant and many other amenities.

This hotel also regularly organizes daily cooking classes to introduce traditional Vietnamese cuisine to international visitors. Hoi An Historic Hotel is highly appreciated for its location, elegance and most professional service in the old town.

6.3. Odyssey Hotel Hoi An

Another extremely impressive accommodation choice that you should not miss on your journey to explore Cua Dai bridge is Odyssey Hotel Hoi An. Luxurious and quiet hotel, located on the banks of Thu Bon River, about 600m from the old town.

The hotel has a variety of rooms with modern amenities, air conditioning, cable TV, minibar and private bathroom right inside. Some rooms also have balconies and extremely romantic views of the pool or river. Odyssey Hotel Hoi An is highly appreciated for its service quality, delicious breakfast and extremely comfortable bed.


7. What to eat at Cua Dai Bridge in Hoi An?

7.1. Cao Lau

Cao Lau is a specialty dish of Hoi An, made from large noodles, rich broth, char siu meat, raw vegetables, bean sprouts and quiche. The dish has a unique and attractive flavor, making many tourists fascinated every time they enjoy it.

7.2. Mi Quang

Equally famous as Cao Lau is the famous Quang noodle dish, with unique features of Quang cuisine. The dish has attractive colors and the ingredients are perfectly blended for an irresistible delicious taste.

7.3. Shrimp ramen

If you have the opportunity to pass by the bridge, don’t forget to stop at roadside restaurants to enjoy the specialty shrimp ram. Cleaned ground shrimps are rolled in a layer of rice paper and fried until crispy. When eating, roll up raw vegetables and dip with sweet and sour fish sauce to fully enjoy the delicious taste of the dish.

8. Some notes when visiting Cua Dai bridge

When you come to visit, explore Cua Dai bridge Hoi An, tourists need to pay attention to the following information:

  • Choose a suitable time to go to the bridge such as early morning, late afternoon or evening.
  • You should bring a camera, phone, or camcorder to capture beautiful and unique moments at Cua Dai Bridge.
  • Comply with traffic safety regulations when crossing the bridge, do not park on the bridge, do not climb on the bridge railing, do not throw trash indiscriminately, etc.

9. Beautiful pictures of Cua Dai Bridge in Hoi An

Below are impressive images of sentences Cua Dai bridge Hoi An is compiled and shared with tourists:

Above, has shared with you outstanding information about trees Cua Dai bridge in Hoi An city. If you have the opportunity to come to the old town, don’t forget to take the time to check-in at this famous bridge!