The harmonious beauty of Hon Chen Palace creating a special attraction for Hue. This place is extremely sacred, containing culture and mystical stories. During festivals, electricity becomes the most impressive with crowds of visitors and many exciting activities. Let's Explore this place now.

1. Some main features about Hon Chen Palace in Hue

Hon Chen Palace is a sophisticated construction, located on the Perfume River, creating a charming and romantic scene. This has turned this place into a sacred destination. The beauty of this location has both royal elegance and harmony with folk style. The palace was built with sophistication and uniqueness, every detail reflecting the majesty and nobility of the land of Hue.

Hon Chen Palace - Explore the cultural heritage of the ancient capital

Because it is sacred and beautiful, Hon Chen Palace People come to worship and pray for peace and health for their loved ones. This place is also suitable for those who want to find peace in today's hustle and bustle of life. The quiet and peaceful space of the destination helps people temporarily separate from the noisy life of the outside world.

Hon Chen Palace - Explore the cultural heritage of the ancient capital

2. Address and quick way to get to Hon Chen Palace

Address: Hai Cat village, Huong Tra Town, Thua Thien Hue province

The tourist destination is located less than 10km from the city. Tourists from other provinces and cities, after arriving in Hue, can travel to the monument in many different ways:

  • Dragon boat ride: Sitting on a boat on the Perfume River, you will have time to admire many beautiful scenery and immerse yourself in nature. This means of transport will take more time than riding a motorbike or taxi.
  • Motorbike: If you want to freely explore, you should definitely rent a motorbike for the day. The rental price is also relatively cheap, so you can rest assured. The starting route is as follows: Hue city – Bui Thi Xuan street – Huyen Tran Cong Chua street – Than wharf – take a boat at Huong River – Hon Chen Palace.

Hon Chen Palace - Explore the cultural heritage of the ancient capital

3. Unique architecture, rich in cultural beauty of Hon Chen Palace in Hue

Hon Chen Palace It has quite unique architecture, a super large campus, hidden in a beautiful green landscape. Here, it attracts all eyes with its eye-catching design style and sophistication in decoration. Royal patterns and dragon and phoenix motifs flying on the walls bring a special feeling. The destination has dozens of mountain-like buildings, facing the romantic Huong River.

Hon Chen Palace - Explore the cultural heritage of the ancient capital

Minh Kinh Dai is a special place located in the center of the monument. Here, there is a dedicated worship area for worship and sacrifice, a storage area and an area for offering incense. Mr. Ho, mandarins and temples are objects often worshiped in this space. Architectural and artistic features at Hon Chen Palace Hue is not only a symbol of a historical period but also a symbol of the traditional culture of the Hue people. This is a place where everyone can come to find peace in life.

Hon Chen Palace - Explore the cultural heritage of the ancient capital

4. Some interesting activities when visiting Hon Chen Palace

4.1. Visit and check in virtually at Hon Chen Palace

Hon Chen Palace – an impressive and attractive spot, both a majestic historical relic and a place to explore the beauty of classic, nostalgic architecture. With a large space, you can freely immerse yourself in the unique architecture and culture.

Hon Chen Palace - Explore the cultural heritage of the ancient capital

The classic feature of the destination is not only the novelty in each architectural detail but also the preservation of ancient memories. Here, history is closely intertwined with culture, and each building is filled with its own story. There are many trees on the campus, so everyone who comes to this place feels relaxed and peaceful.

Hon Chen Palace - Explore the cultural heritage of the ancient capital

Been to Hon Chen Palace in Hue, you can freely check in. Thanks to its nostalgic features and many miniature landscapes, this location gives visitors the opportunity to take photos and save the best moments during their journey to Hue. Many tourists have chosen to wear traditional ao dai to have beautiful images here.

4.2. Learn about unique stories

  • Anecdotes about the goddess Ponagar

Hon Chen Palace It is also associated with the legend of Ponagar. According to legend, she is a fairy daughter sent to earth to teach people how to grow crops, how to grow crops, and how to live in harmony with nature. Later, Princess Lieu Hanh was worshiped here, bringing the most interesting things for people to explore.

Hon Chen Palace - Explore the cultural heritage of the ancient capital

  • Legend of King Minh Mang

Arrival Hon Chen Palace, you will hear the story of King Minh Mang. According to the story, while on a trip to visit the palace, the king lost a precious bowl into the river. Faced with regret, the king thought there was no way to get that cup back. However, a miracle happened. One day, a huge turtle suddenly emerged from the river, holding in its mouth the jade cup that the king had dropped. This event surprised both the court and the people.

5. Explore unique festivals

Hon Chen Palace becomes very different when it comes to the festive season. The space of this place suddenly becomes lively, bustling, exciting, filled with color. This place will be decorated delicately and elaborately. Dragon boats are placed everywhere or traditional costumes from ao dai, to conical hats, and bandannas are worn by people on this occasion, creating a diverse cultural picture.

The sight of the monument is truly a vivid image. Here people can immerse themselves in a new space, enjoy traditional performances and participate in activities. This occasion is probably an opportunity for you to explore the attractive charm of Hue land.

5.1 Divine Ceremony

Nghinh Than Festival is a meaningful festival of Hue. The festival will be held solemnly, with careful preparation in advance. Highlight of Hon Chen Temple Festival are countless colorful dragon boats on the Perfume River. The dragon boats are beautifully and splendidly decorated, making the festival picture sparkling and impressive.

5.2. Chief Priest Ceremony

The main priest ceremony is also a quite important event that you should participate in. There are many cultural activities here such as releasing flower lanterns, welcoming the Holy Mother, and releasing animals. Each activity carries with it meaning and value. This is an opportunity for everyone to unite, respect and preserve spiritual beauty.

6. Some things to keep in mind when coming to Hon Chen Palace in Hue Give notes that you need to know when visiting Hon Chen Palace in Hue Please:

  • First of all, maintaining general hygiene is very important. Tourists need to be conscious of preserving the environment and not throwing trash.
  • Absolutely no playing, running or jumping around. Because this is a sacred place, where people come to seek peace and spirituality. Keeping this space quiet and dignified will help everyone have a truly meaningful experience.
  • The site is a solemn monument, so you need to dress modestly and discreetly when visiting.
  • Taking photos in unauthorized places is also a must-know thing.
  • In addition, you should consider exploring the monument during the festival season to experience the vibrant atmosphere.

7. Other tourist destinations in Hue that cannot be missed

7.1. Minh Mang Tomb – Outstanding monument in Hue

  • Address: An Bang hamlet, Huong Tho commune, Hue city, Thua Thien Hue province

Minh Mang Tomb is quite close to Hon Chen Palace, known as a famous historical site with majestic beauty. The carved details are delicately and meticulously done, highlighting the talent and refinement in each line. The beauty of Minh Mang Tomb is extremely vivid, recreating the beauty and power of the ancient dynasty.

The scenery around the monument is also a notable highlight. With mountain ranges, green trees and lush lawns, Minh Mang Tomb stands out with its lyrical and romantic appeal. The peaceful, quiet space of this place makes visitors feel the solemnity and position of the current king.

7.2. Thuan An Beach – the most beautiful beach in Hue

  • Address: Thuan An ward, Hue city, Thua Thien Hue province

Thuan An beach has a delicate and poetic appeal, captivating many people. During the summer, this beach is extremely suitable for you to enjoy the coolness and refreshment. Walking on the golden sand of Thuan An Beach is a wonderful experience.

Not only that, the beach also has countless seafood. You will be served elaborately cooked dishes with a strong taste of the sea. Every trip to Thuan An Beach is extremely fulfilling and interesting for visitors. It's truly a must-see for anyone who loves the ocean.

7.3. Perfume River Hue

  • Address: flowing along the foot of Ngoc Tran mountain, Hue city, Thua Thien Hue province

Perfume River creates an impression of tranquility and peace. With soft and calm water, here brings peace and relaxation, and is an endless source of inspiration for literary and artistic works. Huong Hue River is extremely special, the sunlight shining down creates an attractive scene.

Every dawn or sunset, admiring the view of this river is something not to be missed. On the banks of the river there are also many historical relics and great architectural works such as famous landmarks such as Hon Chen PalaceTomb of Tu Duc, Tomb of Khai Dinh,…

Hue city has many destinations for you to freely admire. Special, Hon Chen Palace This is a must-visit place on your journey to explore the beloved ancient capital. The above shares of will be helpful to visitors.