Hue is not only beautiful in nature and in the essence of Hue people, but people are also fascinated with the culinary culture here. Famous for its sophisticated, beautiful, mouth-watering dishes. Not only that, visitors to Hue are also dazzled by the 36 flavors of Hue sweet soup. 36 types of sweet soup, none of which are the same but all located in a small sweet shop in the middle of the dreamy city of Hue – Hue Alley Tea. So now, let's follow Discover what's special about this tea shop located in an alley!

1. Where is Che Hem Hue?

  • Address: No. 1, Kiet 29, Hung Vuong Street, Phu Hoi Ward, Hue City

Hue Alley Tea It is a stopping place for countless generations of Hue people and tourists from all over. During its 30 years of operation, there have been many large and small tea shops in the city. However, the number 1 position in Hue tea, Hue Alley tea always “on top”. Because the taste of tea is still the same for many years, still cool, simple, rustic but very delicious.

Hue Alley Sweet Soup - A rustic gift at the royal court of Hue

Tourists should go to the Citadel and cross Trang Tien bridge to reach Hung Vuong street. The alley has a restaurant Hue Alley tea Located near 29 Hung Vuong Street. Or you can use google maps to find number 29 Hung Vuong Street to get here.

2. Hue Alley sweet soup menu and extremely special things.

The owner is a gentle, silver-haired old lady with extremely gentle gestures and actions. When you come here, you will be welcomed by the owner in a friendly and warm manner, making people feel like they are lost in a fairy tale scene with a fairy in the story.

Hue Alley Sweet Soup - A rustic gift at the royal court of Hue

Smell Hue alley tea With a sweet, delicate taste that makes people who eat it once want to eat it again. The taste is sweet but not cloying. With simple ingredients, but combined together, they create strangely delicious sweet soup flavors.

At any time of the year, you can choose to eat tea here Hue Alley tea Both are a reasonable choice because the restaurant's menu has both cold and hot tea. The sweet soup is scooped out just enough so you can eat it with shaved eggs if you want. Depending on each person's preferences, sweet soup can be mixed or eaten separately.

2.1. Roasted pork filter sweet soup

A royal dessert that every visitor to the ancient capital must try once. One of the sweet soup shops that best matches the royal flavor is Hue Alley tea.

It seemed like there would never be a combination of salty roasted pork and sweet sweet soup. However, the sweet and salty flavors compensate and blend together into an extremely harmonious specialty.

Hue Alley Sweet Soup - A rustic gift at the royal court of Hue

This is the most elaborate dessert dish, starting from the preparation stage, the ingredients are pork. Pork must be low in fat, not dry, and lean. Pork skin must be thin and clear. After roasting the pork, cut it into small pieces to make the filling. The shell is filtered flour cooked with rock sugar until clear. Cook just enough so that the inside is fatty, the outside is a bit chewy and eaten with sweet sugar water.

Roasted pork sweet soup has become a favorite delicacy of countless diners who visit Hue Alley tea. Because very few sweet soup shops can make this dish so accurately and with such authentic taste.

2.2. Lotus seed

Lotus seeds taken from Tinh Tam Lake are carefully selected. This series of lotus seeds was used in the past to be presented to kings in the royal court. It has a rich, fatty and fragrant taste. After being cooked with rock sugar, lotus seeds will produce a delicious and sweet lotus sweet soup.

Hue Alley Sweet Soup - A rustic gift at the royal court of Hue

Besides the lotus sweet soup cooked with sugar, Hue Alley tea It is also famous for its longan lotus sweet soup. After being cooked, the lotus will be covered with a layer of longan. The rich taste of lotus and the sweetness of longan create a delicious feeling for users.

2.3. Green bean sweet soup

Hue Alley Tea There is also green tea. It seems like a dessert that has one taste and is quite easy to make, but it actually takes a lot of time. After washing the green beans, soak the green beans in water. Next, the green beans must be simmered until soft and mashed with chopsticks. After the green beans are pureed, add sugar and boil. Green bean sweet soup is not only a snack of Hue but also a sweet dish used to worship ancestors on full moon days or holidays.

Hue Alley Sweet Soup - A rustic gift at the royal court of Hue

2.4. Purple potato sweet soup

In the tea menu of Hue Alley tea There are sweet soup dishes that people often see, and there are also strange sweet soup dishes that are rarely seen in other places. For example, purple potato sweet soup. People can often hear bean sweet soup, lotus sweet soup, corn sweet soup,… but purple potato sweet soup is strange in both name and color.

After peeling and washing purple potatoes, they are cooked with coconut milk. A cup of purple sweet potato soup will be added with a little fresh ginger or some toppings such as pearls or semolina, etc. The result looks extremely beautiful and suits the taste of many people.

2.5. Corn sweet soup

In addition, standing top of Hue alley tea Don't miss the corn sweet soup. To make delicious and delicious corn sweet soup, the corn selected must be sticky corn or sweet corn (fresh, fragrant with milk).

Corn kernels are separated and after boiling, filtered through a sieve to remove silk. The corn broth is cooked with pandan leaves and sticky rice until fragrant. After removing the pandan leaves, the boiled corn kernels are added to cook with sugar.

After being finished, corn sweet soup must be both sweet and fragrant and have a viscosity mixed with coconut milk. About the taste of corn sweet soup Hue alley tea Deserves to be one of the sweet soup shops with the most authentic taste. Corn sweet soup can be served both hot and cold depending on each diner's preference. Besides the desserts Just proposed Hue Alley tea There are many delicious sweet soup dishes such as banana sweet soup, pomegranate seed sweet soup, mixed sweet soup…

3. Review of Hue alley sweet soup shop

3.1. About the price

Old price of the shop Hue alley tea from only 10,000 VND/1 glass and now each cup has increased to 12,000 VND/1 glass. The above price is considered quite affordable enough for all diners to come and enjoy the tea. However, due to the affordable price, the restaurant Hue alley tea Do not use air conditioning. However, with a clean and spacious space, diners who come here to eat dessert always feel comfortable.

3.2. About serving

Innkeeper Hue Alley tea Always smiling and greeting every guest who comes by. Besides, you will also be served free iced tea by the owner. The staff and owner always make customers feel simple, close, and familiar. That's why Hue alley tea Always pleased with customers near and far.

3.3. About tea quality

As a traditional tea shop, the flavor of the tea is always guaranteed according to the ancient recipe and the appearance is extremely beautiful. Each type of bean is boiled very carefully by the shop owner without being crushed or crumbly, but each bean is still beautiful and soft. The cup of sweet soup priced at 12,000 VND is also flavored with coconut milk on top to increase the creaminess of the sweet soup.

4. Suggest some other options besides Hue Alley sweet soup

Because Hue tea is a specialty of the ancient capital Hue Alley tea Famous, Hue city has many delicious sweet soup shops that diners can visit. Depending on your location, you can choose a reasonable tea shop that ensures both quality and travel time.

4.1. Hue royal tea

  • Address: 31 Nguyen Hue, Vinh Ninh, Hue City
  • Reference price: 10,000 – 20,000 VND /glass

Hue royal sweet soup is not inferior to Hung Vuong Hue Alley sweet soup shop because of the diversity and eye-catching variety of more than 21 sweet soup dishes. The sweet soup shop is famous for its Hue royal royal flavor and is loved by many diners near and far.

4.2. Mr. Lac's tea shop

  • Address: No. 36 Thanh Tinh, Hue City
  • Reference price: 8,000- 10,000 VND / glass

In a small space full of ancient features typical of the ancient capital of Hue, Mr. Lac's sweet soup brings diners the bold flavors of “Hue”. Although the cup of tea is cheap, it is always full of toppings.

4.3. Tea baskets at the gate of Dong Ba market

  • Address: Dong Ba Market Gate, Tran Hung Dao, Hue City
  • Reference price: 10,000 VND /glass

The beauty of ancient Hue is indispensable in the tea baskets at the gate of Dong Ba market. Although simple and rustic, the taste of the tea never disappoints visitors.

4.4.Mother Ton Dich's sweet soup

  • Address: Dong Ba market gate, No. 2 Tran Hung Dao Street, Phu Hoa, Hue City

Mo Ton Dich tea shop is known and loved by people for its meticulousness and care in every step of service. The most special shop is the traditional sweet soup dishes

Besides the choice of Hue sweet soup with delicious flavor, in Hue there are also flavors of other specialties. Once you come to Hue, you must try Hue beef noodle soup, Hue tapioca cake, Hue soup cake, underworld rice, grilled meat vermicelli, banh beo,…

At this point, you probably partly understand the reason why Hue alley tea It is so popular with so many diners. With the above sharing of Travelgoda.comwe hope you will visit once Hue alley tea to check it out for yourself!