If you are looking for a resort for your trip to Cat Ba, do not miss this introductory article Hung Long Harbor Hotel down here. Cat Ba is an archipelago with extremely poetic and airy scenery, and the atmosphere is always cool and fresh. Moreover, there is nothing better than staying at a place with full modern amenities like Hung Long Hotel. Together Travelgoda.com Learn about the special marks at this location!

1. General introduction about Hung Long Harbor Hotel

The hotel was officially put into operation in 2010. After more than 10 years of construction and development, until now, Hung Long Harbor has become a familiar name for many tourists when mentioning Cat Ba tourism.

Hung Long Harbor Hotel - a beautiful place to stay in Cat Ba

Inheriting the popularity and wild, majestic yet dreamy beauty of this beautiful island, since its opening, the hotel has always received the attention of many people. Furthermore, with its grand scale, modern room system and modern services, Hung Long Hotel Cat Ba increasingly asserting its attractiveness over the years.

In addition, the staff here is also highly appreciated by customers for their professional service attitude and agile behavior. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit Cat Ba Island, do not forget to experience staying at this modern 3-star hotel.

2. Address and directions to Hung Long Harbor Hotel

2.1. Specific address

The hotel is located at 268 April 1 Street, Cat Ba town, Cat Hai, Hai Phong. This place is loved by many tourists because of its prime location. From Hung Long Harbor Hotel, it only takes you about 10 minutes to walk to Cat Ba Port, Cat Co 2 and 3 beaches; It takes about 5 minutes to walk to the vibrant seafood market… and many interesting attractions.

You can easily explore the bustling life of Cat Ba with a bicycle rented at the hotel. The road system in this area is also extremely developed and synchronous. Traveling and accessing surrounding areas will definitely not be too difficult.

2.2. Detailed instructions on how to move

Cat Ba is located in the Northern region, so tourists from the Central and Southern provinces will take more time to travel to get here. The most popular means of transportation is the plane. As for Northern tourists, the most convenient means of transport are passenger cars, motorbikes or personal cars.

  • Airplane: From the airports of big cities like Da Nang and Saigon, you can book a direct flight to Cat Bi airport. However, for some provincial airports that do not have direct flights here, you will book a ticket to Noi Bai International Airport, then move to Hai Phong.
  • Passenger car: This option is suitable for tourists staying nearby. Every day, at major bus stations, there are trips to Hai Phong with many different time frames for you to freely choose.

Personal vehicle: Those who like to experience the feeling of “backpacking” and have hard steering wheels can move this way. It will definitely be a memorable memory!

3. Design style and room system at Hung Long Harbor Hotel

3.1. Design style

The hotel makes a strong impression on any visitor with its unique design. The project appears with the appearance of a ship reaching out to the ocean. This is a distinct, unmistakable highlight of Hung Long Hotel with any other accommodation. Not only in this beautiful archipelago but also in many places, it is difficult for you to see such attractive images.

Hung Long Harbor Hotel - a beautiful place to stay in Cat Ba

In addition, the hotel also owns a spacious and airy yard that no other resort in Cat Ba has. This place seems to open up a vast space, combined with the surrounding green tree system, bringing the most comfort and convenience to guests.

The main white color helps the project stand out against the sky and deep blue sea. Not only that, this detail also exudes luxury but no less elegance for the hotel.

3.2. Room system

Hung Long Harbor Cat Ba offers a total of 88 modern rooms, fully equipped with amenities: 32 inch LCD TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, safe, high-speed wifi, cable TV… All promises will bring great experiences to you.

3.2.1. Standard Double class

This room class includes 20 rooms located on the 8th floor of the hotel. Guests staying here will enjoy the airy balcony, facing the blue sea. At any time of the day, you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. In particular, the moment of waiting for the sunset on Pearl Island will definitely be an unforgettable memory for everyone.

Hung Long Harbor Hotel - a beautiful place to stay in Cat Ba

3.2.2. Standard Twin class

Still a 25m2 space but built with 39 rooms in a slightly different style. The architecture is modern but no less elegant, combined with wooden furniture to create a close and cozy feeling.

Hung Long Harbor Hotel - a beautiful place to stay in Cat Ba

Each room is arranged with 2 beds measuring 1m2 x 2m. Soft mattresses and high-quality bedding will help visitors quickly fall into a good night's sleep after a long day of activities. Three large windows with sea views are also a plus point that brings excitement to guests.

3.2.3. Superior class

5 Superior rooms with an area of ​​28m2 will bring comfort and convenience in the daily activities of guests. Hung Long Harbor Hotel Cat Ba This room class is designed with a unique, new space and a system of high-class, modern equipment and appliances.

Hung Long Harbor Hotel - a beautiful place to stay in Cat Ba

Colors, layout, lighting… all create a harmonious, elegant whole. The bathroom is equipped with a luxurious bathtub, allowing guests to comfortably soak in cool water to relax their minds. In addition, the hotel also prepares many free toiletries to quickly meet daily needs.

3.2.4. Deluxe Class

This is one of the most popular room types in the city Hung Long Hotel Cat Ba. The room is suitable for family groups, including 1 bed measuring 1m6 x 2m and 1 bed measuring 1m2 x 2m. The area is spacious so the activities of all members are not affected.

Hung Long Harbor Hotel - a beautiful place to stay in Cat Ba

3.2.5. Suite room

The highlight next to the large window is the striking red sofa set. You can lie down here, sip your favorite cup of coffee and admire the beautiful nature outside. The living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms are arranged scientifically and clearly. You will feel like living in your own comfortable home.

The airy space, filled with sunlight and sea breeze always brings the most comfortable spirit to guests.

4. Outstanding utility services at Hung Long Harbor Hotel

4.1. Restaurant

Hung Long Cat Ba owns a reputable seafood restaurant with excellent food quality and service style. Here, visitors can freely choose attractive dishes made from fresh seafood from the sea.

The diverse menu with Asian and European dishes offers many choices for diners. A team of highly skilled chefs will make you satisfied with both the look and taste of the food.

4.2. Event and conference space

Hung Long Hotel provides conference rooms equipped with modern sound and lighting systems. Enthusiastic staff with many years of experience always make customers feel secure in every stage of preparation.

In addition, the spacious courtyard that no other hotel has here is the ideal space to hold important parties or events. With a perfect view overlooking the ocean, specialized equipment, and professional behavior of the staff, Hung Long Cat Ba promises to bring success to conferences, seminars, and events.

5. Customer reviews about Hung Long Harbor Hotel

Possessing many outstanding advantages in both architecture and service quality, it is not difficult to understand that the hotel is always one of the accommodation destinations that attracts the most tourists in Cat Ba. To know more about the amenities this place offers, let's see some reviews from guests who have stayed here!

6. Hung Long Harbor Hotel room price list

The room price list will be complicated because there are many rooms available, and during peak tourist periods, rooms may run out. Therefore, if you have any needs, please visit our website Travelgoda.com or call directly to hotline Travelgoda.

Our staff is always ready to be on duty, receive customer requests and respond in the fastest time. Not only that, when you contact Travelgoda.com, you will be advised on attractive incentive packages and promotions. Don't miss this lucky opportunity to own your ideal trip while still saving a lot of money!

7. Hung Long Harbor Hotel booking information

  • Address: No. 268 April 1 Street, Cat Ba Town, Cat Hai, Hai Phong
  • Phone number:

8. Some famous entertainment spots near Hung Long Harbor Hotel

If you stay at the hotel, you can easily move to many entertainment spots that are loved by many people. Here are some suggestions for you and your family's schedule:

  • Cat Co 1 beach
  • Cat Co 3 beach
  • Town center with many shopping and entertainment stores…

Above is useful information about Hung Long Harbor Hotel but Travelgoda.com would like to introduce to you. Wishing you many beautiful memories during your trip!