Hue is known as a place with many ancient temples. The most prominent is Huyen Khong Pagoda. Here brings serenity, located in the middle of a towering pine forest. Thanks to its peacefulness, this temple has attracted many people to pray and seek peace of mind. Let's Explore this sacred destination.

1. Some main features of Huyen Khong Pagoda

Huyen Khong Pagoda is an extremely attractive place in Hue, providing a peaceful space filled with nature. Surrounding the pagoda is a very large pine forest. At first sight, anyone who sets foot in the temple can feel the wonderful cool air. The path leading to the temple is impressive with small stairs, shimmering flowers and plants, adding to the charm and mystery of this place.

Huyen Khong Pagoda - A fairyland in the heart of Hue city

Huyen Khong Pagoda - A fairyland in the heart of Hue city

Huyen Khong Son Thuong Pagoda Ancient, outstanding with traditional style and sophisticated lines. You will be surprised by the harmonious landscape that the temple brings. Everything seems to blend into a watercolor painting, with a strange quietness. Those who come to the temple will have moments of calm amidst the vastness of heaven and earth, where peaceful nature washes away everyday worries and worries.

2. Address and how to get to Huyen Khong Pagoda

  • Address: Dong Cham Village, Huong Ho, Huong Tra, Thua Thien Hue

Located in Huong Tra district, visitors can easily get there Huyen Khong Son Thuong pagoda by how many different way. Motorbikes, buses or cars are the most popular.

Huyen Khong Pagoda - A fairyland in the heart of Hue city

The route starting from the center of Hue city that you can refer to is: Kim Long street – Thien Mu pagoda – Van Thanh street – Xuoc Du bridge – Dong Cham village – temple. Along the way, you will admire the mountains, the romantic Perfume River and take some beautiful photos. After reaching the foot of the mountain, you will walk along the steps leading up to the temple.

3. Admire the attractive and attractive beauty of Huyen Khong Son Thuong Pagoda

3.1. Temple grounds

Campus of Huyen Khong Pagoda Make your mark with peace and a pleasant atmosphere. The sound of birds singing, the sound of leaves rustling or the sound of insects chirping all blend together to create music that captivates people. Pine forests cover the campus all year round, so you will find it green and pleasant.

Huyen Khong Pagoda - A fairyland in the heart of Hue city

A liberal temple with a wide view opens before the eyes of visitors. There are many unique and notable works. First is the quiet stone grass garden, where many gray rocks and green grass are concentrated. The monks of Huyen Khong Pagoda Often come here to recite poetry, talk or practice martial arts.

Huyen Khong Pagoda - A fairyland in the heart of Hue city

The highlight of this pagoda is the Five Lakes – that is, there are 5 lakes. The lakes all have bridges across them, creating a wonderful and poetic space. In particular, Huyen Khong also designed a Calligraphy Court area located near the pine hill, displaying calligraphy.

3.2. Chung Hoa Duong area

Chung Hoa Duong's area Huyen Khong Pagoda is a special place, reserved for monks. This place is not only a space for monks to cultivate their minds and meditate, but also an ideal destination for tourists who want to find peace and immerse themselves in the spiritual atmosphere.

Huyen Khong Pagoda - A fairyland in the heart of Hue city

The surrounding trees and flowers add to the peacefulness. Many tourists like to come here to explore, admire, relax, and find inner balance.

3.3. Nghinh Luong Dinh

Nghinh Luong Dinh is an outstanding architectural masterpiece with open space design and elegance. The main materials for construction are tile and miscellaneous wood. This combination brings natural beauty, reflecting the spirit of environmental protection and sustainable use of resources. Hooked tiles and wooden architectural lines create an image of elegance and closeness to nature.

Huyen Khong Pagoda - A fairyland in the heart of Hue city

Three sides of this building are left blank, opening up an airy space. Besides, Nghinh Luong Dinh is also a place that makes visitors ecstatic about the hundreds of years old beauty of porcelain flower pots and orchids. This area of Huyen Khong Pagoda for visitors to stop, rest and enjoy the feeling of tranquility.

3.4. Explore the main hall

Huyen Khong Son Thuong Pagoda quite famous as the traditional main hall. The statues are exquisitely crafted, solemn and sacred. Behind the large calligraphy are two vases of flowers, adding decorative and artistic highlights to the space.

Huyen Khong Pagoda - A fairyland in the heart of Hue city

In the main hall, wood is mainly used and the floor is red. Other details of the main hall, from windows, pillars to roofs, are mainly made of wood, creating a rustic and traditional space. No paint is used here, but this highlights the natural beauty and sincerity of the architecture. When visiting the temple, you must go to the main hall to offer incense and pray.

3.5. Tinh Trai Duong

Located within the premises of Huyen Khong Son Thuong pagoda is Tinh Trai Duong. This project's main purpose is cooking. The area not only has the capacity to accommodate monks but also serves hundreds of Buddhist followers. The townhouses in Tinh Trai Duong are designed in harmony with the general architecture of the temple grounds. The spacious area helps create a comfortable and convenient space for cooking activities.

3.6. Am May Tia at the temple

Am May Tia is an important part of the campus Huyen Khong Pagoda. This is the abbot's residence and is also a special place for receiving guests and calligraphy. Am May Tia becomes an ideal destination for those who love literature, poetry and calligraphy. Visitors have the opportunity to admire unique works.

3.7. Thanh Tam Vien – Super beautiful check-in place that you should go to

Quite impressive area at the Pagoda Huyen Khong Son Tu Attractive is the extremely charming Thanh Tam Vien. Standing on this bridge, you will be fascinated by the peaceful space and harmony with the surrounding nature. The lines of Thanh Tam Vien are meticulously cared for, making them a prominent highlight in the space. Thanh Tam Vien is also a place to capture beautiful moments.

3.8. Zen forest – the quietest attraction of the temple

Zen forest is a special area, surrounded by mountains and forests. The road to the Zen forest is quite deserted, but in return you will feel the peace of the mountains. The sound of leaves rustling in the wind and the gently flowing stream create a natural concert, helping people find peace in their souls.

4. Things that tourists should keep in mind when traveling to Huyen Khong Son Tu Pagoda

Down here, will give you some things you should know before coming to this temple:

  • Before departing, learn carefully about the way to the temple. You should master the Hue city tourist map to have a proactive and safe trip.
  • Huyen Khong Pagoda This is a place of meditation, so visitors should choose polite, discreet clothing, avoid clothes that are too ostentatious and impolite.
  • Absolutely do not take any action that affects the landscape and spiritual space of the temple. Keep quiet and avoid making unnecessary noise.
  • To fully experience the mysterious beauty of this temple, visitors should choose to arrive early in the morning. Not only is there fresh air, but also the opportunity to capture magical moments.
  • Make a specific plan and schedule to be proactive in your trip. This helps visitors have enough time to explore the temple and not have to worry about time issues.

5. Reveal other tourist attractions near Huyen Khong Pagoda

5.1. Hon Chen Palace

One place away Huyen Khong Pagoda Not too far away is probably Hon Chen Palace. Here, it makes its mark with an ancient, culturally rich style. Ancient spaces with delicate lines are arranged harmoniously, creating a wonderful picture, making visitors feel lost in another space.

Visitors to this relic can worship and pray for health and wealth. There are many ways to get to this place: by car or motorbike. In particular, if you want to have more interesting things, choose the Dragon Boat to cross the Perfume River. Hon Chen Palace is suitable for people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere.

5.2. Thuy Xuan incense village

Thuy Xuan Incense Village is a traditional village where you can find peace, explore culture and eat unique culinary specialties. The traditional architecture of the houses here contributes to the unique beauty of the village. The unicorn houses, suspension bridges and village communal houses are features that reflect the traditional style of the people of Hue.

In particular, the village is also attractive for its long-standing incense making profession. In particular, the romantic colorful space in Huong village will give you beautiful check-in photos. Dress yourself in an ao dai to keep your photo album.

5.3. Phu Cam Church – the second most attractive destination in Hue

Located amidst beautiful natural space, Phu Cam church stands out, bringing a captivating impression to all visitors. This is a very close check-in point Huyen Khong Pagoda. Coming to the church, you will be quite amazed by the artistic Western European architecture. To capture beautiful moments, visitors should choose direct angles.

Article above have explored with you more specifically Huyen Khong Pagoda. During their journey to Hue, tourists must definitely visit this temple to visit as well as worship and pray. In particular, please continue to follow the website to have more experience exploring this dreamy city.