Hue is one of Vietnam’s famous tourist cities, with many historical and cultural relics and beautiful natural landscapes. In addition to familiar landmarks such as Truong Tien Bridge, the Citadel, etc., Hue also has an attractive destination that not everyone knows: Lap An lagoon. Let’s Explore this interesting destination!

1. Some details about Lap An Hue lagoon

Lap An lagoon Also known as An Cu lagoon. This is a brackish water lagoon located next to National Highway 1A, passing through Lang Co town, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien – Hue province.

The lagoon has an area of ​​up to 800 hectares, belonging to the largest system of brackish water lagoons in the Central region of Vietnam. Lap An is surrounded by the majestic Bach Ma mountain range, in front of Lang Co bay with emerald green water creating a wild but no less romantic natural scene.

Lap An Lagoon - Tuyet Tinh Coc of Hue

In recent years, Lap An lagoon This is a check-in city that is extremely attractive to tourists, especially young people and photography enthusiasts. This place is known as the “Tuyet Tinh Coc” of Hue because of its romantic, dim and wild beauty.

2. Location and instructions to get to Lap An lagoon

2.1. Where is Lap An Hue Lagoon?

Address: Lang Co Town, Phu Loc, Thua Thien Hue

Where is Lap An Hue Lagoon? This brackish water lagoon is located right next to National Highway 1A, the section passing through Lang Co town, Phu Loc district. This place is about 60km southeast of Hue city center and about 40km north of Da Nang.

2.2. Moving instructions

To come Lap An lagoonvisitors can use many different means of transportation such as tourist cars, motorbikes, self-driving cars, taxis or sleeper buses… Depending on the starting location, needs, and budget, you can Choose the most suitable means.

Lap An Lagoon - Tuyet Tinh Coc of Hue

If traveling from the center of Hue ancient capital, you can move along National Highway 1A, across Phu Loc bridge. Then, you turn right onto the road to Lang Co town, go about 10km to get there Lap An lagoon.

In case of departure from Da Nang city, visitors can follow National Highway 1A back north through Hai Van Pass. After passing through the tunnel, you turn left onto the road to Lang Co town, go about 12km to reach the brackish lagoon.

3. Ideal time to explore Lap An lagoon

According to the natives of Hue, Lap An lagoon There is charming beauty all year round so you can come here anytime. However, the most ideal time to explore this scenic spot is from April to July every year. At this time, there is a lot of sunshine, little rain, the weather is very ideal and the natural landscape is shimmering and magical.

Lap An Lagoon - Tuyet Tinh Coc of Hue

Visitors can easily admire breathtakingly beautiful scenes without worrying about being affected by extreme weather phenomena. Visitors will be overwhelmed by the beauty of sunrise or sunset on the surface of the lagoon, the white sand road in the middle of the lagoon when the tide recedes, or the clouds covering Bach Ma mountain…

Lap An Lagoon - Tuyet Tinh Coc of Hue

In addition, coming to Lap An in the summer, you can also participate in many interesting activities. Some impressive experiences that tourists cannot miss include boat driving, fishing, taking photos, enjoying Hue cuisine,…

4. What is it about Lap An Hue Lagoon that makes tourists so fascinated?

4.1. Tuyet Tinh Coc in real life

Lap An lagoon It is considered the “Tuyet Tinh Coc” of the ancient capital because of its romantic, hazy and seductive beauty of nature. Coming here, visitors will see a beautiful natural picture harmoniously combining mountains, forests and the sea.

Lap An Lagoon - Tuyet Tinh Coc of Hue

Lap An’s beautiful natural picture stands out with the clear blue lake surface, green Bach Ma mountain and clouds hanging lazily across the mountain top. In particular, the scenery here changes with each moment of the day and each season of the year, creating unforgettable scenes.

Lost in Tuyet Tinh Coc of Hue, visitors can feel peace, relaxation and harmony with nature. The surrounding area is wild and quiet, you will not be disturbed by noise or the sound of engines or vehicles like in the city.

4.2. Become a boatman to explore nature

One of the unique and fun experiences to come Lap An Hue lagoon is to transform into a ferryman, exploring nature on a small boat. Visitors can drive the raft themselves or hire local people to drive for them.

Lap An Lagoon - Tuyet Tinh Coc of Hue

On a lovely wooden raft, you can admire the surrounding landscape, hear birds singing and feel the peace here. In addition, you can also participate in fishing and enjoy delicious dishes right on the wooden raft.

4.3. Check-in for a luxurious – genuine – smooth virtual life

Lap An lagoon It is also considered an ideal destination for those who love photography and virtual living. This place has many beautiful shooting angles, spacious and airy space, suitable for many styles and preferences.

Below are some beautiful check-in locations in Lap An that you should not miss:

Suspension bridge

This is a newly built project Lap An lagoon, shaped like a suspension bridge suspended in the sky. The bridge is about 100m long, 1.5m wide and about 10m high above the water surface below.

From the suspension bridge, you can easily see the panoramic view of the lagoon, Lang Co bay and the nearby Bach Ma mountain range. This is an ideal photography location, with many unique and impressive perspectives.

Wooden bridge

The wooden bridge has a simple shape, but brings a feeling of closeness and friendliness to visitors. The bridge is located right on the water, under its feet are swimming fish, surrounded by beautiful small boats that are very suitable as photo backgrounds.

Lap An Lagoon - Tuyet Tinh Coc of Hue

White sand road

The white sand road is a romantic and unique place to take photos, with the feeling of walking on water every time the tide is low. The road is about 2 km long, about 10 m wide, stretching from the mainland to a small island in the middle of the lagoon. Visitors can take advantage of low water to walk, visit the lagoon and take check-in photos.

Lap An Lagoon - Tuyet Tinh Coc of Hue

5. Top quality accommodation locations near Lap An lagoon, Hue

5.1. Imperial Hue Hotel

If you are looking for a quality hotel when visiting Lap An, you can go to Imperial Hue. This is a 5-star hotel located in the center of the ancient capital, on the banks of the Perfume River.

Lap An Lagoon - Tuyet Tinh Coc of Hue

The hotel has 194 luxurious rooms along with amenities such as an outdoor swimming pool, spa, bar and 3 Asian and European restaurants. In addition, Imperial Hue also has airport pick-up and drop-off services, event organization, and tour booking services for guests.


5.2. Emm Hue Hotel

Emm Hue Hotel is a 3-star hotel located in the center of Hue city, near the Perfume River and Trang Tien Bridge. Emm Hue currently has 72 modern rooms and amenities such as Spice Viet and Yen restaurants, outdoor swimming pool, meeting rooms and other services.

Lap An Lagoon - Tuyet Tinh Coc of Hue

Hotline: Travel_goda

5.3. Muong Thanh Hue

Muong Thanh Holiday Hue is a 4-star hotel located on Le Loi Street, opposite Toa Kham wharf. The hotel currently owns 108 modern rooms, with many room types for guests to choose from. Besides, services and amenities such as restaurant, bar, swimming pool, spa and gym,… are always ready to serve.

6. What to eat when exploring Lap An?

6.1. Bun Bo Hue

When exploring Lap An, you should not miss the delicious and typical dishes of Hue, including the famous beef noodle dish. Hue beef noodle soup is famous for its broth made from beef bones for a rich and slightly spicy taste.

The vermicelli bowl served is eye-catching with white vermicelli noodles, blood, spring rolls, pork trotters, beef shank and green raw vegetables. When eating, add a little spicy satay to add more delicious flavor to the shrimp vermicelli.

6.2. Bread flour

A specialty of the ancient capital What I want to suggest to you is tapioca cake. The beautiful little cakes are meticulously wrapped in banana leaves for a delicious aroma. The transparent crust covers the rich shrimp and meat filling dipped in a delicious, spicy and sour fish sauce that aches your armpits.

6.3. Mussel rice

Discover Lap An lagoon, don’t forget to stop by to enjoy mussel rice. The dish seems simple but the taste is indescribably delicious. The sweetness of mussels and broth combined with the spiciness of chili and the smell of roasted peanuts create a famous specialty near and far.

7. Things to know when visiting Lap An Hue lagoon

When travelling Lap An lagoonyou need to keep in mind the following things to have a safe and fun trip:

  • Weather: You should monitor the weather before going, to avoid stormy days, high winds, fog or too hot sunshine. You should bring raincoats, jackets, hats, sunscreen, drinking water and necessary medicine.
  • Safe: You should comply with the regulations and instructions of the manager Lap An lagoon, like don’t swim, don’t climb, don’t light fires or litter. You should keep yourself and your assets safe from being stolen by thieves.
  • Respect culture: You should respect the culture and customs of the local people. You should communicate politely, friendly and sociably with local people to receive help and guidance when needed.

8. Some impressive check-in photos of tourists at Lap An Hue lagoon

To end the journey to Lap An, would like to introduce to you some impressive check-in photos at the lagoon. Hopefully these images will make you love it more and want to come to Lap An once in your life.

Lap An lagoon is an attractive tourist destination of Hue with many beautiful natural landscapes and many interesting experiences. Quickly plan and book tickets to explore Lap An today. Wishing you a safe and joy-filled journey.