If you are looking for an ideal vacation destination this summer, Nha Trang is certainly at the top of the list of most attractive destinations. Nha Trang has a long and beautiful coastline and a cool climate all year round, so it is chosen by many tourists. Together Travelgoda.com Discover a prestigious and top quality accommodation here – Vesna Hotel Nha Trang Go through the article below.

1. Some details about Vesna Hotel Nha Trang

Hotel Vesna Hotel Nha Trang considered the leading 5-star hotel in the area chosen by many tourists. This place provides full 5-star amenities and good service quality with a team of professional and experienced staff. The youthful modern design is also considered a big plus because it attracts all ages. Another plus point is that the hotel is located in the city center so moving around is extremely convenient and easy.

Vesna Hotel Nha Trang

2. Travel instructions and geographical location of Vesna Hotel Nha Trang

2.1 Geographical location of Vesna Hotel Nha Trang

Address: No. 100 Tran Phu Street, Loc Tho Ward. The road is considered a lifeline with a bustling bustle of resort services as well as dining and entertainment services. Along Tran Phu street, there are only high-end hotels and resorts because this road overlooks the long stretch of Nha Trang beach. All vehicles can move right to the hotel's door, and the hotel is very close to the train station and Cam Ranh airport. From this location, visitors can visit nearby places within a very close radius: Sailing Club, Nha Trang beach, Long Son pagoda, stone church…

Vesna Hotel Nha Trang

2.2 Instructions for getting to Vesna Hotel Nha Trang

There are many means of transportation to Nha Trang because it is located on the North-South railway line. Not only trains but also buses and planes are also very convenient when coming to Nha Trang. Among them, the plane is the most popular means of transport for many tourists because it saves time and has a quite reasonable price. If you hunt for the cheapest tickets at the right time, you can get cheap tickets. Travel time to Nha Trang is only about 2-3 hours.

The train is suitable for tourists who have a lot of time and want to experience sightseeing on both sides of the road, bringing a new feeling. The hotel is also very close to the train station so transportation is extremely convenient and easy.

Passenger cars are for tourists nearby Nha Trang, with a travel time of 5-8 hours/turn. This is an economical and safe means of transportation that tourists can experience. Every day, there are many direct buses to Nha Trang.

Vesna Hotel Nha Trang

3. Space at Vesna Hotel Nha Trang

Space at Vesna Hotel Nha Trang Extremely modern and spacious in a minimalist style but still fully equipped for visitors to have the best experience. The areas of different rooms are arranged reasonably. The hotel campus is combined with surrounding green trees to create a feeling of closeness to nature.

Along with other outstanding amenities at the hotel, it will definitely make visitors satisfied from their first stay. The hotel is 45 floors high with the brand logo and hotel name text on the outside. At night, shimmering letters highlight a corner of Nha Trang's sky.

Vesna Hotel Nha Trang

4. Room types at Vesna Hotel Nha Trang

The entire hotel has a total of 354 rooms, enough to accommodate a large number of guests during peak holidays and tourist seasons. Because it is a 5-star hotel, it also has high-class utility services to serve the maximum needs of visitors. All rooms at the hotel are fully equipped with televisions, mini bars, drinking tables and chairs, and high-end furniture with luxurious, modern colors. Personal hygiene equipment and items ensure privacy. There are also other essential items such as dryers, laundry services, and daily room cleaning.

4.1 Superior room

The national room with an area of ​​24m has 1 double bed or 2 single beds depending on the needs of the traveler. The advantage of the room is that there are two small windows that help visitors enjoy an eye-catching view of Nha Trang beach. At the same time, the elegant and modern colors of the room are an attractive highlight for visitors.

Vesna Hotel Nha Trang

4.2 Premier Ocean View Room

The room is larger than the superior room, the room has an area of ​​32m with reasonable designs such as very large glass windows, an ideal view of the sea and in the bathroom there is a glass window with a sea view. If you like romance, you can soak in the tub and watch the sunset or sunrise through the window.

Vesna Hotel Nha Trang

4.3 Premier Deluxe Room

The room stands out with a view of the entire city. Nha Trang at night is definitely very gorgeous. This is a room with a special view with a double bed or two single beds inside. True to the name deluxe, visitors will experience a perfect modern space.

Vesna Hotel Nha Trang

4.4 Deluxe Rooms

The hotel has 88 deluxe rooms, so visitors often choose this one the most. The room has an area of ​​28m2. The room has a balcony with a sofa overlooking the sea. This is an extremely romantic private space. The room is suitable for couples traveling together.

Vesna Hotel Nha Trang

4.5 Deluxe Honeymoon Room

The room has a unique highlight with a circular bed reserved for couples. In addition, the sea view, with large sofas looking straight through the full-length glass windows, is the advantage of the room. The room is reserved for couples as the name suggests honeymoon. Therefore, visitors can prioritize this room type when traveling to Nha Trang and visiting the hotel.

Vesna Hotel Nha Trang

5. Outstanding utility services at Vesna Hotel Nha Trang

Amenities at the hotel Vesna Hotel Nha Trang always makes visitors satisfied with dedicated service and other wonderful experiences. This place has a full range of services into a closed process such as: restaurant, spa, swimming pool, gym, babysitting service…

5.1 Outdoor swimming pool

The hotel has a swimming pool overlooking Nha Trang beach located on the 5th floor, open 12 hours a day from 6 am to 6 pm. Visitors have space to enjoy relaxing moments while soaking in the water watching the blue sea, while regaining their energy and spirit. The hotel has transparent glass railings.

Vesna Hotel Nha Trang

5.2 Spa and gym

The two places always go together and cannot be separated. The gym provides modern and quality equipment for visitors to exercise, while the spa offers relaxing treatments for visitors to enjoy maximum relaxation and relaxation here. Herbal massages are the highlight of the spa and most visitors experience this treatment. Spa room on the 4th floor with service time 12 hours/day from 10 am to 10 pm. Visitors can make the most of their time enjoying the above treatments.

5.3 Babysitting services and children's clubs

This is a familiar place for tourists with small children but want to have private space for each other. Children's services and clubs have many play equipment for children to experience and get acquainted with many children of the same age. Create a perfect environment for children to experience together and create a private space for parents.

5.4 Restaurant at the hotel

The restaurant on the 3rd floor serves from morning to evening three full meals for visitors to experience. The restaurant serves a full range of traditional dishes and Asian-European seafood with a capacity of more than 100 guests at the same time. In particular, there is a famous fresh buffet open from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Don't miss the experience at the hotel restaurant.

5.5 Bar

Located right in the lobby on the first floor, moving to the bar is extremely convenient. For tourists who love diverse drinks and strong feelings, don't miss this place. Seasonal drinks and other featured drinks will be served according to guests' needs. Being able to order a glass of any drink and then go to the swimming pool to experience it is also a great choice.

6. Places to eat near Vesna Hotel Nha Trang

6.1 Banh xeo

Banh Xeo is a famous dish in the Central region in provinces like Hue, Da Nang, but is also a delicious dish in the Southern provinces like Nha Trang. Banh xeo is considered a delicious, popular and easy-to-eat dish with delicious flavor and simple preparation with familiar ingredients. Nha Trang pancakes are filled with squid and shrimp in addition to meat… served with raw vegetables and a dipping sauce made from chili, salad and other familiar spices.

Addresses worth experiencing in Nha Trang:

  • Banh xeo pan: 85 To Hien Thanh
  • Le Loi pancake: 29 Le Loi
  • Miss Tam's Banh Xeo: 6 Thap Ba

6.2 Nha Trang grilled spring rolls

Nowadays, Nha Trang grilled spring rolls is a famous dish nationwide, with variations in every province to suit each local taste. That's why the national dish is becoming more famous and all tourists want to experience Nha Trang grilled spring rolls when they have the opportunity to come here. Join travelgoda.com to discover delicious places to eat grilled spring rolls below.

  • Dang Van Quyen grilled spring rolls: 16A Lan Ong
  • Nha Trang grilled spring rolls: 39 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai

6.3 Hue beef noodle soup

If tourists are thinking that Hue beef noodle soup is only available in Hue, then try beef noodle soup in Nha Trang right away. The special feature here is that beef noodle soup has a lot of raw vegetables and bean sprouts, and soft and fresh beef shank. The characteristic flavor is made from broth stewed from pork bones.

  • Hue beef noodle soup: 18 Han Thuyen
  • Hue beef noodle soup: 127 Ngo Gia Tu
  • Hue beef noodle soup O Thi: 42 Phan Chu Trinh

7. Fun places near Vesna Hotel Nha Trang

7.1 Ocean Institute

The Institute of Oceanography is a familiar place for many tourists to Nha Trang. This place is not only a cultural tourist destination but also a place to store many ocean samples. Very suitable for young children, traveling families, and young people who love culture and science. In particular, the location of the oceanography institute is in the city center, so moving here is very convenient. Remember the address of Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography to visit immediately.

7.2 Nha Trang Ba Tower

It is called Ba Tower because it was built a long time ago and is also a cultural place worth experiencing when coming to Nha Trang. Ba Tower is a symbol of the Cham people here, and this is also a familiar check-in address for many tourists. On special occasions, this place regularly organizes unique cultural and artistic activities to help visitors better understand Thap Ba.

7.3 Long Son Pagoda

If you love spiritual tourism and discovering unique cultural features, don't miss Long Son Pagoda. The temple has many features such as the largest outdoor Buddha statue in Nha Trang… along with other special features of the temple. The temple is a combination of ancient and modern and is an attractive tourist destination for tourists.

8. Reservation information at Vesna Hotel Nha Trang

Hotel Vesna Hotel Nha Trang is the ideal place for visitors to experience the best things in Nha Trang. The service facilities and service staff are definitely great plus points, scoring points for visitors right from the first time they come here. Contact with Travelgoda.com to book the fastest, highest quality rooms with many attractive promotions from time to time.

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