Phu Quoc is considered a resort paradise for travel enthusiasts. Regardless of any season of the year, Phu Quoc is always the hottest destination of the year. Many famous hotels, homestays, and resorts in Phu Quoc have been reviewed by many tourists. Let's discover Levan Phu Quoc Go through the article below.

1. Some details about Levan Phu Quoc

If you are looking for a beautiful small hotel in Duong Dong town, don't miss it Levan Phu Quoc. This is the leading 3-star hotel in town, with full amenities to serve visitors and just a few steps from the beach. Staying in the room, guests can still enjoy the panoramic view of Phu Quoc beach. This is the plus point of this hotel.

Levan Phu Quoc Hotel: 4* standard resort

2. Geographic location and travel instructions to Levan Phu Quoc

2.1 Geographical location of Levan Phu Quoc

Levan Phu Quoc Hotel owns a prime location in Duong Dong town. Located next to the romantic beach, and convenient to move to surrounding attractions.

The hotel is located on Tran Hung Dao street, considered the main street of Duong Dong Phu Quoc town. Surrounded by sea on all sides and only 9km from Phu Quoc airport.

Levan Phu Quoc Hotel: 4* standard resort

2.2. Instructions for traveling to Levan Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc has many means of transportation to places such as airplanes, buses, and trains. The most popular means of choice is the plane. During peak times, airfare to Phu Quoc is quite expensive. Tourists can take the trouble to hunt for cheap tickets to save costs.

Passenger buses are often used to neighboring provinces near Kien Giang to save time and costs. This is also a safe means.

Levan Phu Quoc Hotel: 4* standard resort

In addition, Phu Quoc has a train station right in the city center. Therefore, visitors can choose the train if they have a lot of time and want a new experience when traveling.

In the city, taxis and motorbikes are still the two most popular means of transportation chosen by tourists. Motorbike rental price is about 150 thousand VND/day/motorbike. Taxis are calculated based on actual kilometers traveled. Some reputable brands are widely chosen such as Mai Linh, Sun Taxi….

3. Space at Levan Phu Quoc hotel

Space at Levan hotel Phu Quoc Full of necessary amenities and services for visitors such as swimming pool, spa, restaurant serving breakfast.

The exterior looks modern, clean and luxurious. The inside is decorated in a minimalist style full of youthful vitality. Brown and white paintings and furniture bring energy and freshness to the space visitors experience.

Levan Phu Quoc Hotel: 4* standard resort

4. Room types at Levan Phu Quoc

In Levan hotel Phu Quoc Diverse room types for guests to choose from. The rooms are fully equipped with amenities such as flat-screen cable TV, dryer, toiletries, slippers, wifi, refrigerator, dressing table and drinking chair, and telephone.

4.1. Standard double room

The room has an area of ​​32 square meters and has a double bed reserved for couples. The room will be decorated with candles to create a romantic space if guests request. The room has large windows with a direct view of Phu Quoc beach. Guests can watch the sunset or sunrise from their room.

Levan Phu Quoc Hotel: 4* standard resort

4.2. Standard twin room

The room has one double bed and one single bed. If traveling in a group of 3-4 people, this room is a great choice. Although it has the same area as a double room, 32 square meters, the interior of the room is very neatly designed and arranged.

Levan Phu Quoc Hotel: 4* standard resort

4.3. Super city view room

The room overlooking the city has a large double bed suitable for 2 people. The room has a large window design for visitors to enjoy panoramic views of the sunrise and sunset of the sea.

Levan Phu Quoc Hotel: 4* standard resort

4.4. Deluxe Room

The room is designed with white tones to create a youthful and modern look. The room has a double bed for maximum accommodation of two people.

Levan Phu Quoc Hotel: 4* standard resort

Deluxe sea view room has an area of ​​35 square meters. The room is designed with a large balcony facing the sea, a private chill space for visitors to experience.

For deluxe rooms, there are twin rooms with two single beds, double rooms with double beds for two people, and triple rooms for three people with a king bed. Therefore, depending on the needs of tourists, choose the appropriate room type.

4.5. VIP room

This is the room type with the largest area at the hotel with 50 square meters divided into a separate living room and separate bedroom. Large windows and open-space balconies give visitors panoramic views of the sea and real fishermen's life. The room is suitable for large households with a capacity of up to 5 people.

5. Utility services at Levan Phu Quoc

5.1. Outdoor swimming pool

The swimming pool has a large area on the upper floor for visitors to swim and enjoy panoramic views of the city and Phu Quoc sea. Relax on chairs at the edge of the pool.

5.2. The restaurant serves cuisine

The restaurant located on the first floor of the hotel serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner according to guests' tastes. The restaurant specializes in traditional dishes, Asian dishes, and local specialties. The hotel also has a bar serving seasonal drinks along with other mixed drinks.

5.3. Spa room

The spa includes popular hair washing and facial care services. No need to go far, visitors can experience the service right at their accommodation.

6. Fun places near Levan Phu Quoc hotel

6.1. Grand World Phu Quoc

Dubbed the miniature city that never sleeps, Grand World Phu Quoc is Vietnam's leading entertainment complex with 24/7 services. The program recreates cultural features through the real-life show Quintessence of Vietnam, which is well received by many people. Definitely visit this address.

6.2. Long Beach

Bai Dai has pristine wild beauty and is known as the most beautiful beach on the planet. Blue waves, white sand and coconut trees swaying in the wind make visitors fascinated.

In addition to the above places, tourists can visit: Ong Lang beach, Mot island, Doi Moi island, Ganh Dau…

7. Places to eat near Levan Phu Quoc

7.1. Phu Quoc farm chicken

  • Address: Hello Restaurant: 66 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong
  • Pho Tho Restaurant: 77, April 30, Quarter I, Duong Dong

The restaurant specializes in chicken dishes prepared into many dishes: boneless chicken feet, braised chicken with chili, chicken salad…

7.2. Grilled grouper fish

  • Address: Song Xanh Restaurant: 217 April 30 Street
  • Trung Duong Marina Restaurant: 136 April 30 Street

Grilled fish has its own unique flavor, grilled with charcoal, served with raw vegetables with peanuts and dipping sauce, bringing a wonderful experience to visitors.

8. Reservation information at Levan Phu Quoc

Hotel Levan Phu Quoc Many tourists always choose it because of its affordable price, beautiful location near the airport and essential services such as swimming pool, spa, restaurant. Always accompany guests to book rooms with the fastest and highest quality.

For further information please contact:

  • Address: No. 79 Tran Hung Dao Street, Area 1, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang.
  • Hotline:

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