Located on top of Dragon Mountain, Lung Cu flagpole is the symbol of Ha Giang province in particular and Vietnam in general. This is a tourist destination of great significance in the history of our country's construction, a place that witnessed the ups and downs of the entire nation. Right after this, Travelgoda.com will introduce about Lung Cu flagpole come to you guys.

1. A few words about Lung Cu flagpole

Lung Cu flagpole is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Ha Giang. Located on Dragon Peak, also known by another familiar name, Lung Cu Peak, this work stands tall, showing off its great beauty.

Lung Cu flagpole - The sacred landmark of the Fatherland

Construction of the flagpole began during the Ly Dynasty. The first flagpole has a quite simple shape like a sa moc tree. In 1887, France rebuilt this project. Up to now, the building has been restored many times and the scale has been greatly improved.

Lung Cu Flagpole was last renovated in 2002, when the project reached its largest scale. The column is over 20m high, the base is quite wide and is shaped like a hexagon. Acreage National flag in Lung Cu about 54m2, always fluttering in the wind.

Lung Cu Flagpole - The sacred headland of the Fatherland

In 2010, this project was restored and brought many significant changes. The flagpole was raised about 30m higher with a unique octagonal shape. Up to now, the flagpole has been almost completed with a majestic, towering appearance, expressing the heroism, sustainability, and will of our nation.

2. Location and directions to Lung Cu flagpole

2.1. Location

Lung Cu Flagpole Located on Dragon peak, also known as Lung Cu peak, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province.

2.2. Directions to Lung Cu flagpole

This place is 1470 above sea level. If you travel from Ha Giang city, you need to travel another 200km to reach this project. Fortunately, in the city center, there are many different means of transportation to serve you.

Lung Cu Flagpole - The sacred headland of the Fatherland

In addition, you can also use personal vehicles to go to the top of Lung Cu such as motorbikes. If you are a first-time tourist traveling on this road, you should be very careful because the Ha Giang mountain road is quite dangerous.

Lung Cu Flagpole - The sacred headland of the Fatherland

If you love to explore the natural beauty of Lung Cu flagpole in the purest way, backpacking will be a great choice. The natural beauty of Ha Giang will make you fascinated.

3. Entrance fee to visit Lung Cu flagpole

Lung Cu Flagpole It is not a free tourist destination, so you need to own a ticket to visit and experience this place. Specifically, ticket prices are divided into 2 types:

  • Adults: 25,000 / turn
  • Children: Free (height under 1m3)

Lung Cu Flagpole - The sacred headland of the Fatherland

The price has remained almost unchanged over the years and is quite cheap to facilitate everyone to visit this milestone. In addition, the car rental price is also listed as follows:

  • Tram ticket: 15,000 VND/person
  • Children's bus ticket: Free
  • Parking fee: 10,000 VND

4. Explanation about Lung Cu flagpole

Lung Cu Flagpole very famous but not everyone can clearly understand all the features of this project. Right after this, Travelgoda.com will bring you useful information about this Ha Giang tourist destination.

4.1. Height of Lung Cu flagpole

Initially, the building had a rather modest height, but after the last renovation by the local People's Committee, Lung Cu flagpole has been exalted quite a bit. Until now, Lung Cu flagpole The flagpole is over 30m high. It has an octagonal shape and a hexagonal base. There are 6 unique reliefs carved at the foot of the pole with motifs typical of Dong Son bronze drums.

Lung Cu flagpole - The sacred landmark of the Fatherland

Although Lung Cu flagpole is not too large and high compared to other flagpoles in Vietnam, visitors can still clearly feel the greatness of the project. The reason is because the Lung Cu flagpole is located right on top of Dragon Peak, which is very high and stands tall, alone with nature, somewhat enhancing its height and majestic beauty.

4.2. How many steps do you need to climb to reach Lung Cu flagpole?

To reach the top of Lung Cu and visit the flagpole, you need to go through 849 steps. The steps are quite easy to climb and quite wide so that if you are tired you can easily rest halfway. This entire staircase is divided into 3 different journeys.

Lung Cu Flagpole - The sacred headland of the Fatherland

The higher you go, the more tired you will be, but in return, the majestic and beautiful natural scenery will gradually appear before your eyes. The hills, villages, terraced fields, etc. will gradually shrink before your eyes. If you are climbing the stairs and feel tired, take a look at this beautiful natural scenery, it is a great motivation for you to conquer the rest of the journey.

4.3. What is the area of ​​Lung Cu flag?

The Lung Cu flag is meticulously designed to have an area of ​​exactly 54 square meters, a number that represents the 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam. Visitors can completely touch the flagpole when they have conquered the top of this structure. That action makes visitors feel relieved of all worries, fatigue and pride in being a child of Vietnam.

Lung Cu flagpole - The sacred landmark of the Fatherland

4.4. Experience the feeling of conquering milestones

If you stand looking up from the valley or from other hills, the flagpole stands tall on top of the Dragon with the flag always fluttering. It is a very beautiful and meaningful image, expressing the greatness and priceless beauty of this project.

Once you reach the top of the flagpole, you can see two lakes below the valley located symmetrically through the flagpole itself. One lake is located in Then Pa village, the other is located in Lo Lo Chai village, they are compared by tourists to a pair of dragon eyes. Many tourists, despite being afraid of heights, always want to witness this unique masterpiece with their own eyes.

5. Delicious food for you to enjoy in Ha Giang

When visiting Ha Giang, you can choose from a variety of dishes, especially specialties. They promise to bring you many new experiences. Some dishes that are loved by many tourists include thang co, five-color sticky rice, and egg rolls.

6. Note when visiting Lung Cu flagpole

Some notes when going sightseeing Lung Cu flagpole:

  • Except for the cold winter months, you can visit this tourist destination at any time of the year. Beautiful, dry, sunny weather will be the most ideal conditions.
  • Visitors need to prepare their belongings carefully before going, especially means of transportation.
  • Wear sneakers for safe climbing.
  • The pass is quite dangerous, so go at a moderate speed.

7. Some pictures of Lung Cu flagpole from tourists

Lung Cu Flagpole is a symbol of the homeland's headland – Ha Giang. When traveling to Ha Giang, you should definitely not miss this extremely famous check-in location and this place will definitely bring you many interesting experiences. Travelgoda.com Wish you will have an interesting trip!